hi guys hello today we gonna let you

know what is the best time to visit

parents how is the weather

so what is the best time to do the Paris

that depends on what you like like I

said to me fall it would be the best

fall and believe it or not winter

doesn't I'd like to travel

yes so I feel a personal place yeah but

we explain you what well it's the

witnesses are yeah and we also show you

what is going on in the city when you go

in those seasons honor it's a great

season to visit Paris it's between June

and August it's nice in June July in

August it gets a little too hot and

humid but still it's nice because you

won't be freezing you can be outside the

only thing is - if you decide to visit

Paris and summertime is going to be very

crowded there is a lot of people at time

of the year so keep that in mind the

prices are high the hotel prices are

high the temperature is usually around

70s and a little babies yeah and depends

also the year because some years are the

holiday yes so we're exact summer time

it's nice not for me

love it

they lose the fall the fall is our from

September to November to miss the

perfect season to travel because I love

the weather that during the fall it's

not hot and it's a little bit cold which

is perfect to me I love cold weather and

a lot less tourists you pay you pay less

for hotels and airplane tickets

yes it's low season sole keeper and so

temperatures in Paris during the fall

it's from 40 to 65 height so you gets

colder at night but these are very nice

walk around

if you go in spring I love spring

because flowers blooming everything the

temperatures are from the forties to the

60s one but the only thing that you

should consider is it's a little rainy

that time of the year so pack your


ring time is from March to May

and of course there is winter which is

when you save the most money you have

the winter goes from December to

February December is usually more

expensive because of Christmas in New

Year's but then January February you

should have like a very nice

you should get very nice deals but

you're also going to be freezing so in

fact your jacket yeah

chic once because you're going to be

scarred so you have the opportunity to

have that really beautiful coat in your

boots yeah and also a lot less tourists

so you have to have the attractions just

for yourself the only really good well

the kind of the only thing that you have

to keep in my winter and is that if it

gets darker sooner so the days are

shorter that's the opposite in

summertime the days are very long so if

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