Florida Weather: December

what to wear how to beat the heat and

what you need to know today on wild

Florida we're talking Florida's weather

in December hi I'm Jacqueline the wild

Floridian if today is your first time

visiting the channel we talk about

wildlife weather and habitats from your

backyard to the theme parks on today's

video we're talking florida's weather in

december the month of december dry cool

how cold will depend on winter storms

pushing south christmas can be anywhere

from in the freezing temperatures all

the way up to the 70s in the month of

December that average temperature is 61

degrees Fahrenheit with a high of 72 and

a low of 50 we only have about two and a

half inches of rain at this time of year

and our sunshine hours are at about

seven the water temperature as always

warmer than average temperature outside

is at 77 degrees which brings the West

Indian manatee to our coast and makes it

the best time of year to come and see

them but more of that during the need to

know section


what to wear well it's the Sunshine

State and as Olli sunglasses and

sunscreen are a must at jackets pants

shorts shirts yes this time of year all

of the above the weather can range from

hot and humid down to freezing depending

on where you're at in the state and what

polar vortexes are hitting up in the

north and lastly you crazy northerners

you're probably gonna want to go

swimming so bring that swimsuit and jump

on in the water I mean it's gonna be

really warm just not warm enough for me

how to beat the heat in the month of

December well for her it's cold it's a

great time for outdoor activities and

December ties with January as the

coldest months down here in Florida what

you need to know well December is both

the low and the high season for our

theme parks outside of Christmas and New

Year's which are packed at the parks the

early weeks in December can be actually

great time to visit the theme parks the

weather's great the crowds are low and

the lines are short which you also need

to know is that Christmas and New Year's

week wow those parks get so packed that

they actually hit capacity and

oftentimes we'll have to shut the park

down today past guests and for the whole

morning actually for the rest of the day

on Christmas Day and New Year's Day so

if you're wanting to get to the parks on

those special days and the theme parks

especially Magic Kingdom be there really

early or pick another activity so

instead of hitting up the theme parks

why not go out to the Orange Coast it's

orange season orange seasons the

opposite of hurricane season it goes

from November to June and at this time

of year the fruit has hit its maturity

and it's starting to drop off the tree

so go out to the orange groves pick some

fresh oranges and enjoy one of the great

fruits of our state and now for some

Christmas activities think about going

and seeing one of the holiday boat

parades around the state the biggest one

Winter Fest in Fort Lauderdale is a

great parade where boats put lights on

from bow to stern and they travel along

the waterways for your enjoyment another

activity is the surfing Santa's in Cocoa


lots of people getting dressed up as

jolly old Saint Nick and hitting the

waves and another thing is is have you

ever visited Christmas Florida it's only

25 miles from Orlando and a fun activity

is go send a letter from your home or to

Santa with the Christmas postage stamp

from Christmas Florida and the last need

to know let's talk about manatees now

during your summer months you may be

able to find manatees outside the state

of Florida from as far north as

Massachusetts and west as Texas but from

mid-november to mid-march you will find

the highest concentrations of manatees

in the state of Florida actually in the

world in the Homosassa and Crystal River

area that's about an hour and a half to

two hours north of Tampa and that is one

of the things you need to do while

you're visiting is go see the manatees

or go swim with the manatees you can do

those activities and I highly recommend

the Houma state Homosassa state refuge

up in Homosassa just south of crystal

river you'll get to see a lot of rescued

animals along with the great manatee so

come enjoy this wonderful wonder of

nature and the state of Florida I hope

you found this video helpful and that

you learned about what to wear how to

beat the heat and what you need to know

in the month of December if you're

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doing in Florida in the month of

December alright I hope you have a great