Visiting DisneyWorld in December

hey everyone this is well for my walk

back with another Disney month-by-month

video and today is our final installment

of the Disney month-by-month video

series as we talk about Disney in the

month of December now I'll say this

about Walt Disney World in December it's

all about Christmas in the month of

December the lights the decorations

throughout that all the parks is

fantastic and all the special events and

happenings going on not only in the

parks but in all of Walt Disney World as

a whole as well but let's get right into

it let's talk about Disney in December

let's start with whether your average

high temperature in the month of

December is usually around 73 to 75

degrees so your afternoons are going to

be comfortable for the most part your

evenings and your mornings are gonna be

in the low 50s so it's gonna get a

little chilly plan accordingly with that

be sure to pack your shorts pack your

t-shirt but it's also probably a good

idea to make sure you have that

sweatshirt or life jacket just in case

so now let's move on the crowds because

this part is going to be really really

important the first two to three weeks

in the month of December historically

the crowd levels are minimal wait times

for rides and attractions are low

getting into a restaurant it's a little

bit easier than what you might normally

get it's a great time to be down there

there's first two to three weeks now

with galaxy's edge opening I will say

that you might see a spike in the crowd

levels for those first couple years the

galaxies is just opening because it is

considered to be a very popular

attraction and land that is opening so

keep that in mind but for the most part

historically it's not a bad time to be

down there now the last week of December

from probably around December 20th to

the beginning of January January 1st

through the 2nd those times are really

really busy at Walt Disney World

the parks become unbearably crowded the

wait times for rides are astronomical

you're talking three and four hours for

some of the most popular rides you feel

like you're jammed in there like

sardines the parks will actually hit

capacity from time

to the point well they won't even allow

more people in the parks that's how

crowded they get that last week of

December into the beginning of the new

year I recommend you skip that week if

you can but it's up to you ultimately if

you do or don't want to deal with the

crowds if you don't want to deal with

crowds stay away from this week this is

the worst week to visit Walt Disney


out of all the he will run room only

discounts in the month of December and

from time to time will run free dining

also in the month of December so check

with your local travel agent or Disney

Direct to see about availability for

those discounts now as for closings and

refurbishments Disney steers clear of

closings and refurbishment as best they

can in December that being said Typhoon

Lagoon normally will go down for the

winter for refurbishment keep that in

mind but you do have Blizzard Beach as

an alternative Disney really wants to

keep all of their rides and attraction

to open the best they can to really help

eat up some of those crowds that are in

the parks during this time especially

that last week of December now you will

have your occasional new attraction

that's coming new construction

expansions there's a ton of that going

on right now at Walt Disney World so you

have to keep that in mind but closings

of refurbishment are going to be at a

minimum for sure when it comes to

special events December wins the year

when it comes to this category every

special event going on is in full swing

in the month of December some of the

ones that are near and dear to my heart

are the candlelight processional over at

Epcot the Christmas tree trail down at

Disney Springs and of course the

Mickey's very Merry Christmas party over

at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom all

of these are fantastic and this is just

a few of the many special events

happening all around Walt Disney World

in the month of December be sure to

check them out

most of them are free to the general

public if you have a ticket to the park

some of them are special ticketed events

as well be sure to check into that with

Walt Disney World Action book your trip

but the special events in December

amazing most of them if not all of them

are can't-miss event I'm going to put a

link in the description below to a video

that we did of the campus

then at Disneyworld during the holiday

season be sure to check that out as well

and overall there may not be a better

time to visit wall to the world than it

is in the month of December

other than the last week of December the

entire month is fantastic to visit the

crowd levels are low the wait times are

low the weather is comfortable and

beautiful there's hardly any rain to

worry about it's just an incredibly

wonderful time the parks are decorated

so many special events are happening

some discounts are happening as well

it's just a great time to be at Walt

Disney mode and we highly recommend it

for you but now it's out to you guys let

me know we'd love to hear from you have

you visited Walt Disney World in

December let me know in the comments

below which is all of it or let me know

what your favorite month is we

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