How plastic is made animation

welcome to Gnp animations in this video we are going to learn how plastic is

made from crude oil it involves many steps but in this video we are going to

see five steps step 1 extraction of crude oil step 2

refining of crude oil step 3 production of Ethene step 4

polymerization of ethene to get polythene step 5

polythene converts into plastic pellets to make wide range of plastic

products in the process of crude oil extraction the pump which mainly contain

power shaft cranks working beam horse head polished rod extracts oil

from the earth

inside the earth the pump has casing valves etc this complete extraction

process has maximum safety precautions because crude oil contains many

flammable chemicals the extracted crude oil is sent to the factory and

transported in the form of cans and the next step is refining the crude oil the

crude oil is sent through the preheater that boils the crude oil and sent to


by the refinery process we get reside lubricant oil diesel kerosene petrol

naphtha LPG etc and naphtha is our main product in plastic production they are

collected in different sections Ethene is the most important substance in making

of plastic and Ethene is made from naphtha to make Ethene naphtha is sent to

naphtha cracking center there naphtha is heated up to 800 degree centigrade by

using steam crackers in quenching process naphtha is break down into

hydrocarbons then it is compressed and refined we get Ethene propylene butane

petroleum ether etc by this process we made our important product in plastic

production that is ethene

and the next step Ethene is converted into polythene by the process of

polymerization first the Ethene is compressed and coolled then it is now dense

almost like liquid it is sent to the reaction chamber in the reaction chamber

initiators are added initiators means a substance which start chain reaction

then polymerization takes place by this process the Ethene converted into

polythene the polythene sent to a chamber that adds antioxidants and

stabilizers then the polythene is get into the extruder which converts

polythene in to polythene strings the polythene strings are passed through the

grinder for palletiser which converts polythene strings to polythene pellets

means plastic pellets these plastic pellets are sent to other factories

they melt the pellets and molded into a wide range of plastic products and this is

the story of how plastic is made from crude oil

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