the best person to offer financial

advice is your CPA we know your tax

situation and can help you make

financial decisions you can set up a

retirement plan but if it's not tax

efficient you're going to go through

your money and possibly run out money in

your retirement classroom coming in and

we're looking at the documents and we

see mistakes financial advisers have

made we thinks our responsibility to

help our clients in all financial areas

not just taxation we're professionals we

have fiduciary duty to our client and

we'd be a miss not to offer them

financial advice when we see that he's

needed in addition to being a CPA I am a

series 660 365 and insurance licensed by

sheer I partnered up with Daniel

rodowsky he has a degree from Harvard in

economics he's been a wealth manager for

10 plus years and we're able to focus on

a holistic approach to our clients we

were able to provide sound tax advice

its sound financial advice and wealth

management we have found sitting in the

same room with your CPA and your

financial advisor is extremely

beneficial to our clients our fiduciary

responsibility is towards you we're

looking out for you one of the things

that makes us unique here at John

Harmons CPA

we offer free financial planning to our

class Daniel and I can put together a

financial plan to make sure you're well

prepared for retirement

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