Pros and Cons of Bogota | Living in Colombia

this port on your new x-men hope so in

this video I'm talk about Bogota like if

Bogota could be your next expat home

first we will have a look at what poet

is and then I will talk about the pros

and cons of living in Bogota and then I

will tell you my personal perspective of

what people I think will be perfect fit

in Tata






so we're gonna start with the pros of

living in Bogota


so Bogota is a big city and one of the

advantages you have in a big city is

that you have a lot of great

international food so yeah Bogota is the

capital of Colombia so you naturally

have a lot of international people

coming in and they bring their cuisine

so you have from everything from Spanish

we even saw a Swiss restaurant and yes

Chinese Jamaican whatever you all find

that here in Bogota

so that's surely a big big plus for

living in Bogota as an expat so another

plus surely is that ya poet as I said is

a huge city so you have lots of things

to do you have many museums like like

almost any day or surely every weekend

something is going on here in the city

is some kind of a festival concert event

whatever you will have a lot of things

going on here throughout the year so

this is surely another big advantage

that you really never get bored in

Bogota then of course most of the people

that come here to Bogota they come for

business so prototypes a great place to

do business there are a lot of

international companies there are a lot

of startups everything like that a lot

of co-working spaces so truly a great

great city to live to work and also to

invest in like properties or business

models that cater business professionals

or something like that yeah really

really a great place to do business in

Latin America there another cool thing

is you're in Bogota you can really can

see like in comparison to for example

meta-gene or in Panama City or stuff

like that it's really a old city so you

see everything from older buildings that

built in like this 50s 60s or even way

before and you can see the newer

buildings like very new skyscrapers and

stuff like that so it's really you

really see that the city has some

culture has some some history behind it

and it's really for me personally I

think it's that

economic and the cultural capital also

of of of Colombia and not just the

capital because you hear all the

embassies so yeah you really can feel

that and if you like to be in an

environment like that

Bogota is surely a big consideration for

you to be an expert in in terms of what

cities what other cities there are in

Latin America yeah pocket I'll surely

one thing you have to consider another

cool thing is if you like to party

beaucoup tonight surely the right place

for you of course during the night it

gets a little cold but there are a lot

of spots like around the parque no anti

tres or in the sauna t where yeah you

will find a lot of bars restaurants also

in osakan yeah it's really have nice

restaurants clubs anything you can find

there in terms of having a good time and

on the weekends or even sometimes during

during the week in the in the evening or

night so yeah if you like to party

pocket I'll surely a great city for you

so I think the pro some it up it's

really a big international city with a

big influence from all over the world

you will find everything here it's very

very in comparison to a lot of other

Latin American countries it's very very

developed it's very very sophisticated

so yeah this is really it reminds me

more of like a European city than like a

city in Latin America so yeah if you

like that water surely a great city to

live in as an expat so what about the

cons of living in bare in Bogota of

course Bogota as I said is a really big

big city so and with a big city that

comes a lot of traffic so in comparison

to like meta-gene meta-gene is they call

it the city of eternal spring and Bogota

is a city of eternal traffic so it

really I have to say it really really


one thing that Bogota does not a good

job at is with the integration of public

transport so in Buda if you really have

to travel through the city and don't

just be able to stay in your

neighborhood that you can anything

do anything by foot yeah it really takes

a lot of time so yeah you really the car

there or take a text your nuber this

yeah really sucks in in poeta there in

the last couple of years that did a

really good job to integrate like bike

lanes they also have like bike rentals

that you can find on on the side of the

street so they also start with little

electric scooters so you can drive

around with them you can rent them off

the side of the street so this should

truly help in the future too yeah that

you be able to really yeah go from point

A to B a little bit faster but surely

it's with a bike and with a scooter you

just can go so far for everything else

you need the car and yeah that kind of

sucks here so yeah surely the biggest

downside of living in Bogota as an

expert the traffic then another thing

that could be a pro or con yeah depends

on you it's a little chilly in Bogota

during the day when the Sun is out it's

great it can be also a little warm or

even hot the other thing is that the Sun

is very harsh so that you you're up in

two thousand five hundred meters which

is around 7,000 to 8,000 feet so that

yeah the Sun is really harsh seeing a

lot of people with like red spots here

and on the nose because they burn

themselves every every day so yeah

that's that's kind of a big thing here

yeah it's it's cool it's cold during the

night it gets really cold you need to

have a good blanket and yeah the houses

aren't ready well isolated so yeah

this is surely a thing that's from a

day-to-day basis will affect you here as

an expert surely that yeah it's just a

little bit chilly cool or whatever so if

you're the type of expert that doesn't

like the heat at all but that could be a

great place for you because yeah as I

said it gets a little boring during the

day in the Sun but other than that it's

really cool and chilly and of course all

the downsides a big city has anyway so

if a lot of people you have a lot of

different people the culture is not as

vivid as you would have in a small town

or something like that

of course yeah but yeah this is normal

with every big city everywhere in the

world this is not just about Bogota

so yeah if you're more that a small-town

guy or something like that but it's not

surely not the right place for you so

these were surely the biggest downsides

of living in Bogota now I'm gonna

explain you what people or what type of

people I think could be best to live in

poeta as an expat so you're thinking

about living in positive but you're not

quite sure if Phuket is the right place

for you so it's really hard to wrap your

head around this big Latin American city

I think expat that suit Bogota very well

our business professionals so I heard

from a lot of people that prefer Bogota

over like meta-gene or other cities is

that they like that here are really

professional people so you have

international corporations you have a

lot of influential business people here

so if you like to be around that sort of

environment Bogota surely great for you

and surely as I said in the downsides

that you have to prefer cooler weather

if you like that the beach type or

something like teleport is surely not

the right place for you so yeah but when

you really enjoy a little cooler weather

Bogota is the perfect place because you

have a lot of times Sun but it's never

getting really too hot here it's really

another thing to be active retirees so

if you're retiree and we want to have a

scientist or something like that that

could be really it but people I don't

really see here are the easygoing Beach

types the laid-back beach type so the

people that want to build their organic

garden in their backyard or something

like that they're way better options

around there in Latin America than poet

alphabetize surely hustle and bustle

city yeah where you have to be and want

to be active so yeah this is really the

people I see fit Bogota very very well

and yeah I think that was already it for

this video

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