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today we're gonna talk about quite your

flag in but what that hi everybody and

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today I want to talk about quality of

life in Bogota

so you may have seen that we have been

in Bogota for some days to see finally

finally the capital city of Columbia and

we had an amazing time and so yeah I

thought it would be great to talk about

our experience and especially about the

quality of life experience there so

let's start if the people so Bogota is

pretty international you can hear it on

the streets and a lot of people speak

English due to the corporate companies

you have there in Bogota and roll laws

which are the people from Bogota I'm

doing pretty open and outgoing and they

warm up the warm up pretty quickly to

everyone if they're really curious about

where you coming from

so when you say I'm here in accent

they're most probably will ask you where

you're coming from we experienced that

too so the activities in Bogota Pakistan

is a huge city so there's a lot to

experience and a lot to see and so yeah

you can go with the metro cabaret to the

Monterey Bay and you can go and see and

Candelaria and other beautiful places

and on top of that Bogota is pretty huge

but also in the neighborhoods like in

the outer parts of Picatta you have a

lot more to see like the salt mines and

a lot more so it's really great for

activities there so the other activities

that you can do in Bogota they are not

really far from Bogota so maybe let's

say an hour two hours depending where

you're going

so it's really

the way to go out there because we have

been to support for example which is um

about an hour out of pocket town and

it's beautiful it is really similar to

Swiss to the Swiss Alps so it was really

beautiful to see that and also this is

the main quarter of Alpena and Alpena

was founded from like in the 40s 50s -

Swiss people - Swiss guys came to

Columbia and the other went to Ecuador

looking for a place to stay and the one

that came to Columbia especially to

Bogota he fell in love which took place

there and support because he was like

wow this is so similar to Switzerland so

let's stay here and make some cheese so

this is one of the biggest cheese

factories and milk and like dairy

products in Colombia and it was great

for me as Swiss - to see that because I

really felt a little bit of a Swiss

swipe there and it was amazing to see

that and this is like really out it's

like more village I'm feeling there but

you're still so close to Bogota and that

was amazing


but you also will see when you go to

Phuket ah is they have a lot of public

transportation a lot of cars but also a

lot of bicycles and the bicycle paths so

it really reminded me of Amsterdam

because Amsterdam was like I heard from

Betty Ann and Maria whom where our tour

guides kinda in Bogota they told us that

Bogota was inspired by Amsterdam someone

from Amsterdam like to make to traffic

more fluent when you can go with the

bicycle so they have the bicycle paths

you see also a lot of rough rap piece

with a bicycle Rafi yes like that

you come and you order food this is the

company that brings you this is Rafi so

this was amazing because usually here

you go the motorcycle or car and

territory for bicycle which is super

amazing and so yeah you see a lot of

people I'm going to work or doing sports

on a bicycle whatever but you see a lot

people on a bicycle there which I think

think that is great

the other thing that is great is to seek

l'viyah Cyclovia means that they will

close a Main Street or a lot of Main

Street so that people can walk on the

street they can walk their dogs they can

go to bicycle it doesn't matter like

it's really free for everyone to just

walk there so no cars allowed which is

amazing for the people that wants to

have a walk or whatever but not that

great for the people that want to go out

with the car

what I so far I can say that aloft the

most in Bogota was was I came because

they have a lot of bars and restaurants

and I loved to write there and even

though you're going out on a Saturday

night they're not a lot of people so

it's not so crowded compared to other

cities so that was amazing and on top of

that they have every Sunday are like a

really huge view market so they have

everything they have special herbs they

have art crafts they have you can even

adopt a dog there if you want to so that

was amazing it's really huge so you can

really spend a whole Sunday there and

after like walking on the sick lavinia

when you want to so it was really it's

really amazing what they have for the

people living there but to offer them so

this I really appreciate about Papa


so bogus beggar is pretty special to me

because like in the morning it's kind of

chilly during the afternoon usually the

color the Sun comes out and it's getting

pretty warm and that Sun really strong

so you need to keep an eye of your skin

so when you s you have a sensitive skin

or you tend to burn like really fast so

you really need sunscreen believe me so

the thing is that due to the altitude

the Sun is stronger so you really need

to watch out you even see people like

usually they're a little bit here a

little bit pink because they burnt

themselves because the Sun is so strong

and they're not used to especially like

tourists so yeah you really need to know

that about the Sun there so yeah like I

said like in the afternoon the Sun comes

out it's getting pretty warm and really

good like I love the weather during the

afternoon but at night it's for me it's

cold so you really need to check it your

little score of at least I do

and so yeah this is important to know so

if your person that likes more the cold

matter but also appreciates when it's

getting a little bit warmer so I think

for guitars for you because Bogut is

exactly that so you have the cold or the

more like shitty weather but also the

warm weather especially at the afternoon

so you have a combination so yeah if you

like that kind of weather Bogota is

surely for you

let's come to my favorite topic food so

the food in Bogota is amazing so they

have a lot of things that they have in

other cities in Colombia too but so far

I was really impressed by Bogota and the

food there because it's international

like the people there so you have like

really like diversity of food like the

restaurants are like Indian restaurants

then you have Mexican and but a lot of

them and everywhere so this is amazing

like we went to a Chinese restaurant oh

my god the food is delicious and so the

prices are not really higher so yeah

like for a high-class restaurant of

course you pay more but you get a lot of

food and for what you get I don't think

it's overpriced

at all so I really like that about

Bogota the food so they have a lot more

different kind of foods compared to

meta-gene for example in my opinion

so last but not least the city overall

so what I first noticed was a lot of

skyscrapers a lot of huge companies and

banks and stuff so it's really a huge

city where you can do a lot what I loved

especially it was to nature they have a

lot of green lush green there so they're

really take care of the garden so you

see a lot of skyscrapers we have

beautiful gardens around like

surrounding the skyscrapers with

beautiful flowers and stuff and this I

really appreciate that also they have

beautiful parks they're really lush

green where he can go have a picnic walk

your dog whatever they have a lot of

opportunities there to do that because

they just don't have just one main part

you have a lot of them and this is great

on top of that the buildings Wow

I love the diversity of the building so

you really see like the modern city of

Bogota and you see like that the history

you see like the older buildings so you

really feel the history from past times

and you feel them now so you can really

see the differences between the new

buildings and the old buildings and I

think that's beautiful because it can

just drive along the street and you see

a lot of difference and it sometimes it

really reminds me of a European city and

sometimes it's more Colombia so this is

really special to me and I really love

that about what I like the diversity of

the buildings they have like the modern

and more historical and a lot of museums

that you have there so you really have a

lot to do a lot to see in Bogota and

Chile like I said if you like to better

a little more chilli and you like um

greenness and you like huge cities in

particular so you will love Bogota

that's for sure so there are a lot of

Bogota related videos

soon about the pros and cons and

neighborhoods and stuff so stay tuned to

see those two and so yeah that was

pretty much it for today

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