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austin so let's start with the cons

the first con is the traffic traffic in

austin is bad

austin is a little city that didn't want

to get big but it did get big

in fact austin's population just crossed

a million people

we're the 11th city in the country to do

that so austin

is a pretty big town unfortunately our

roads haven't really been set up to keep

up with that population

so if you're going from north austin to

south or south to north

there's going to be some traffic jams

you're going to be sitting and waiting

for a while

or you could just time your trips around

the traffic so rush hour is going to be


but if you're going north to south or

south to north around noon

or even at like 10 pm you should be

pretty good some other ways that we're

working on fixing this

are expanding our light rail system so

we've got a baby little light rail we've

got a pretty robust bus system in the

city of austin

but if you're living outside or in those

suburbs there's not really a good way to

get around

so traffic in austin number one con

con number two about living in austin is

the heat

oh my god the heat in austin it is so


austin is a humid subtropical

environment so we have

long hot summers and pretty short and

mild winters

but the summers are hot like last year

we had 88 days

of temperatures over 100 degrees that's

for july august

and pretty well into september every

year i think oh it's going to start

cooling down

the summer's gonna start getting nice we

can go outside again no

it's like six more weeks of summer i

think we actually need like a summer

groundhog day instead of having it in


austin needs it in like august it is hot

but it's not hot all the time here i

mentioned we have short

mild winters we actually do get some

snow in austin

january is our snowiest month and we got

a whopping

.2 inches of snow in january so watch


bring your parkas it's gonna snow here

the third

con about austin is the lines

it's not a trip to austin if you don't

wait in line somewhere and i mean

waiting in line to

order a burger or a pizza or a beer

or pretty much do anything so instead of

walking up to a bar

and just placing your order as you catch

the bartender's eye there are literally

signs above the bar that say like

line forms here for beer or line forms

here for burgers

so get used to waiting in line that's

how we do everything in austin i don't

know who decided this

i hate it i don't think we need lines to

do anything but hey that is the way it

is so

get used to waiting in line all right

our last con for austin

is the housing market this is also a pro

so we're going to touch on in a minute

there's a big con so the housing market

in austin is

crazy our cost of living expenses are 60

higher than the national average which

in and of itself

brings the cost of living in austin up

to 20 higher

than the national average so it's kind

of getting to the point where all the

cool folks who used to be able to keep

austin weird like

musicians and artists and the people who

cook your food

and our teachers those folks who are in

the city making it cool

they can't really afford to live here

anymore so they're having to move a

little bit out to the suburbs

and it's harder for them to get back and

forth and really to do what it is they


if you are buying a house in austin you

have to act fast

austin is in a seller's market right now

so if you find a home that you love

you're probably going to be competing

with a couple other people to win that


and you're likely going to have to pay

above the asking price for it

okay so we talked about the cons done

with that now let's talk about the pros

and what makes it so awesome

to live in austin pro number one is that

there's so many ways to have fun in


if you like being outside we've got

trails for running

hiking walking mountain biking the

colorado river runs this city and it's

dammed off so we've got

a bunch of different lakes and you can

go canoeing and stand up paddling and


fishing austin loves being outside so so

many restaurants have

awesome patios really good margaritas

refreshing beers

austin's definitely a town where you can

have so much fun outside

and if you're more of an inside person

we have so many awesome

movie theaters where you can get like

really good food and delicious cocktails

and see some independent films and

old films and stuff that they're not

just showing at any movie theater

so it's kind of like you might have

analysis paralysis trying to figure out

what to do here

which is a good thing so there's just so

much awesome stuff to do where you can

have fun here

the second pro about living in austin is

that austin supports

independent business so those businesses

really tend to thrive here and there's

just a community surrounding them

and supporting them so everything from

like restaurants

to sewing stores to bakeries to services

all that good stuff it's the little

folks who are just doing it by

bootstrapping it

or getting a few investors together and

creating something from the heart

those are businesses that do really well

in austin so yeah we've got walmart and

we've got carabas and all the big names

but it's the little ones that really

have heart and soul and people who have

roots in the community

that folks in austin really love to to

get around and to support

so if you are thinking about starting a

small business austin is definitely a

place to consider

the third pro about living in austin is

the live

music austin's a live music capital of

the world i'm sure you've heard that

before if not

you heard it first here you could really

go see a show

every single night in austin austin just

supports artists and musicians so much

that when the musicians come they love

our audiences they love performing for


and so everyone keeps coming back and

that's why we have this huge music


to go see anyone that you could possibly

think of anyone that you've ever heard


they're coming to austin the fourth pro

about living in austin

is the craft beer scene so texas was a

little bit slow to start

and to grow the craft beer industry but

in the past few years austin has just

been exploding with the breweries that

are here

so we have over 60 breweries in the area

you could literally go to a new one

every weekend and still not get them all

done in a year

and by the time the year's up there's

going to be like 70 breweries in austin

so there's just such an awesome variety

at the different types of beer and

different types of breweries that we

have here everything from

huge producers to really small tiny

breweries that only serve beer in their

tap room to their neighborhood

lots of them have food food trucks they


adopt a pet and craft markets and things

like that the craft breweries in austin

are just so ingrained in our community

they're really part of what's keeping

austin together and keeping it weird

it's just really cool to see this

section of the economy come together

and grow austin the fifth pro

about living in austin is the austin

housing market

so i know i said that was a con it's

also a pro hear me out

once you buy a home in austin you are


your value keeps appreciating and going

up your mortgage payments stay the same

and when you are ready to sell you just

have these offers

in your lap and you just pick the best

one that works for you

austin's a huge seller's market it has

been for a while

it's going to keep being a seller's

market it's just a great idea to invest

in austin real estate right now

now i'm going to share a secret with you

about austin that most people don't know

that i didn't even know until a few

years after we moved here

austin loves willie nelson so willie

played a show here in 1972 and a lot of

people say that was the day that the

austin music scene changed

forever a few years after that he did a

pilot tv show where he played

live music on tv and that turned into

the longest running music show in

american history called

austin city limits if you haven't seen

it just search it on youtube it's such a

cool show and it's such an awesome part

of the austin community and the history

of austin music

austin loves really so much that outside

of the moody theater at the austin city


there's a one ton eight foot tall bronze

statue of willy

it's on willie nelson boulevard and it

was unveiled

on 4 20 2013 if you know anything about

willie nelson then you know why that

date is

significant and on willy's birthday

which is april 29th

our local radio station plays all willy

24 hours the entire day

austin loves willie nelson today we

talked about the pros and cons of living

in austin

texas but if austin isn't your jam and

you want to look somewhere

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you love to do and that you're

passionate about

that's what we're here for finding the

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playing guitar on your porch or going

for a run with your friends

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