'Having an X-ray' a video designed for people with learning disabilities.

x-ray department young corrida to the

end turn left at the boxer it's down the

corridor ocular take third Dokdo 8 9

thank you very much my name is it baby

thank you trying to take a seat from a

David Osher Charlie 18 please

in this way we'll get you changed this

cubicle so we'll just need you to take

your top half our office down on for me

okay that's it I'll pop that Pierce and

Sue and let you get changed

just here

get to stand up against this ball that's

it pop each in on the time lapse little

flick and then what I need you to do is

just bring your hands around to your

back just lift them slightly that's it

they'll actually shoulders down that's

lovely and bring your elbows forward

that's great hold on you all right there

yeah nothing so I'm just going to be

moving the machine okay lovely nice and

still David okay

big breath in David hold your breath

breathe normally well done

okay David well done so I'll take you to

get changed now it's just through into

this cable

I'll let you get dressed okay I'll just

check your phones and I'll come back to

you in a minute all right

it will finish now okay the way

ostriches are me when you're ready

all right