Taste Test Yellow and Red Watermelon | Gardening

all right it's time to cut this thing

open and see what color it is

wait we know it's a pink one i don't we

don't know

i think it's because it's a moon and

stars cross it's a hybrid between the

moon stars and i think a yellow


so moment of truth i thumped it this


sounds full of water

very nice is it red

oh it crossed with that a hybrid melon

that the other one crossed with

yeah look at that seed color looks good

mmm smells good all right taste test

real quick

i should have held one to end up here

i'll hold these two up

all right maybe you can see this better

it's super drippy dude

all right so cut this open rebecca you

want to try something

he's doing his homework i said oh okay

all right oh it smells good

mmm is it just as good as the other one


i feel like i'm gonna say that on every

time or every i know you gotta have one

bad water this is the sweetest one i've

ever had


try that we're pretty successful at

growing good watermelons though

getting sweet watermelons thumbs up or


whatever too sweet that's why you

get watermelons what do you think blake

it's pretty good

pretty good is it too sweet yeah

yeah what's up too sweet

tastes good it's like a raw watermelon

oh wow

well you're no help get out get out of


i love it what about me can i try it by


yeah take it over while it's chill

because it's warm that's what it is it's

warm we'll put these in the refrigerator

and eat them in a minute

what do you think we'll cool them off

actually this is less sweeter than the

other one but still really

sweet yeah i like that one better than

the other one

because i thought the other one was too

sweet this one

i think this one's at a good uh mature

or ripeness

the other one's a little too soon i


this one's like perfect yeah the other

one was really sugary like

it literally tasted like someone poured

a bunch of sugar on it

this one's like a perfect sweetness i

think i think i like to texture this one


like the other the other watermelon that

we opened in a previous vlog

that one we're thinking about making

sweetener out of it because that's how

sweet it was i dehydrated some of it and

it was like pure sugar

yeah i'm gonna dehydrate a piece of this

and see what it's like are you gonna

open this one too

um because i'm gonna can it yeah

let's open it all right we got one more

to open let's see

we got a ton out there right now so yeah

i hope this one's a yellow one all right

drum roll watch your fingers oh yeah

here's the dehydrated watermelon

it's super duper sweet like cotton candy

cotton candy

it is exactly like cotton candy like

when you smash the cotton candy down

all right drum roll what color is it i

have this

yellow yay

boy we love the yellow watermelons

let's do a taste test between the two

now all right that's good

all right he went straight for the fork

all right well that was less less sweet

less sweet yellow watermelons are our


they're the best hands down all right

give this to mom

i think

let's see yeah

not just a better flavor all the way

around that's cool i don't know what it


give me a red one blake i gotta taste

test them together

and this one has black suits yeah this

one's easier

let's taste these two together


good this one

feels sweet but doesn't have that super

kick of sugar

like that one does

and once left the yellow one has a

cleaner flavor

like this one the red one almost you

could taste almost like a fermented

fruit flavor in it

but the yellow one's cleaner like i

can't explain it

oh really see i thought the yellow was a

tv this one tastes more like

uh melon almost but like real clean

i like this one the best almost like a

slicing cucumber would taste

but super sweet i still the yellow is

still my favorite


well those are our taste test for the



i made a mess

someone turn the camera off so i can go

crazy i know that's what you're trying

to do


super pretty hold that there you go


got it

do it again blake and it's so scary

now do me now