A Typical Family

typical family normally will walk

anywhere from two to three hours in one

direction just to get the water and then

he got to walk back typical family would

be say they get up in the morning and

would be the woman and the kids and they

would take that little hike every

morning and bring in water for the

family to use I have to think how much

can say a woman and little kids carry

can't carry that much Mikasa

first of all the lack of water the lack

of good water highly affects a child

reaching the age of five for quite a

while over 25 percent of the young kids

would die generally due to diarrhea

stomach ailments things like that just

by having poor water hole function of

global partners start with was to bring

water into the village we use a gravity

feed system which means we can run water

5 10 kilometers and you can gain - 10

feet in elevation you can run those

pipes for miles through valleys and

everything so when we bring water into a

community it just helps something