VlogMare: Typical Family Sunday

welcome to another vlog mayor t-bone and

I are heading out on this sunday morning

to do groceries and he and I actually

gonna have a fun little mother-daughter

day today Jeremy's not feeling well he's

starting to get a cold so it's going to

be me t-bone today we're going to get

some groceries for lunch we're gonna go

get some redhead mayor's yeah I have a

juice named after me so I'll show you

that and then I'm taking him to the

speedway this afternoon so it's gonna be

a fun one this little guy let's do a

little close up so you can say good

morning to tease oh wait for it hello

like anxiously awaiting us to leave oh

that's right mom but it's chilly this

morning staff to let the van warm up Oh

Canada we're back to that last night we

had a lot of fun we went to Leanne

you've seen her little sister share was

getting married a beautiful wedding I've

never been to a fall wedding i don't

think i was standing the colors are

beautiful there was a candy apple or

caramel apple bar stealing it for our

next party such a cool idea and a candy

bar which we also had at our wedding and

then just like a delicious buffet it was

awesome so having a friendly face so far

Margo I better listen to him


I'm sure many of you can relate to this

eating the crackers while we're doing

the groceries how we're doing iga today

okay look at all these groceries we got

a full cart happening here one son I

just say something I love what shopping

at iga is they bag your groceries for

you I know it seems simple but amazing

just one less thing I don't worry about

when I have this one with me home now on

the way home we stopped at pure and this

is my lunch show it to raw wrap the raw

crackers and then this bruschetta I'll

link the vlog below where i was live on

location and you can see this stuff

being made that rap amazing and then

this is the redhead mare the juice i

created that they now sell up here get

it it's delicious thanks for everyone

who's ordered it she said it's been

super popular so if you get it let me

know you think of it jeremy has never

tried the redhead mare are you excited

to taste it I know it redhead merit a

sling good one yeah that's good guess

Jeremy's approval try the redhead mare

what's in it beets carrots ginger lemon

and apple I can see that that's good

yeah Jeremy's seal of approval thought

I'd show you what about for groceries

today the yummy sounds come from this

one green onions for salad celery a bag

of avocados just looked amazing two

things of kale milk for Jeremy rice

krispies for the boys eggos for t-bone

what do we have gala apples some

broccoli jeremy is turkey for a sandwich

I'm gonna make tacos this week and this

is all I needed to get for it cuz you

already have shells

and chicken so that was exciting I

needed Earl Grey found some crema yogurt

this is the one I'm always talking about

Greek yogurt except this one other one I

thought was like more calories than ice

cream this one's 120 calories for 175

grams so this is what it looks like in

case you're wondering the lemons because

I have lemon water every morning ginger

for juice two clementines which I

thought think I've ever had bananas

goldfish what you've already seen

because Thomas may beaten sums some

white cheddar KD for the t-bone these

which I talked about in my salad video

these chicken skewers which are great

for salads sandwich bun for Jeremy the

peanut butter I've already opened it

Thomas had some for lunch this is such a

good deal it's a kilogram for 699 what

Thank You IG a olive oil Jeremy's veggie

thins I feel like if you've seen every

grocery haul lots of this is predictable

but whatevs you like to see ate grain

bread never tried this one's from

nature's oven I got some turkey

pepperoni and then some crab for salads

else do we have here okay cherry

tomatoes obsessed they prob whose eggs

some granola bars for Jer what do we

have here jam for Jeremy some chicken

noodle soup because he's not feeling

well orange juice chickpeas tuna and

then over here got baby spinach so I've

been putting this in my smoothies every

morning and then also this is baby

spinach and spring max for salads this

week yep I did and this giant bag yet

because I'm just going to make soup one

day this week with some bread so this is

our grocery haul for the week really see

it on icons and all good vlogging there

this is great

we are behind a truck look at this truck

everyone and a dirty windshield okay you

can't tell can you can you see from your

angle it's so far up there okay we are

currently in a line just to get into the

entrance to the speedway and a crazy

long long line it's insane I cannot

believe how many people are trying to

get out here it's awesome so exciting

but it's intense it's queasy 50 bone

it's like where are we what's happening

look at him drive dad there's a huge

line of cars behind us to what so