How Long Is A Triathlon? Average Times for Swim, Bike Run & Triathlon Distances

morning train yeah it's just a little

30-minute swimming the OL swim spa with

the new Roca maverick x2 so training axe

I am almost embarrassed to say this but

I have never done a video explaining how

long a triathlon takes now a lot of you

know how long the distances are of a

triathlon and we're going to talk about

that today for the complete beginners

out there that are just totally new to

the channel welcome by the way but for

those of you who have been around are

starting to progress in triathlon you

might be wondering like well what is

average what is better than average at

what point can I say that I am a better

than average triathlete so today we're

gonna talk about the distances of each

triathlon and the average finish times

swim bike run and overall for Sprint

Olympic Half Ironman and Ironman so you

can all gauge where you all slot in took

a lot of work to get this data so

trainee acts if you have clicked on this

video you're probably looking for an

understanding of how long each of the

triathlon distances are now that's

fairly easy to find and we are gonna go

over that but how long does it take

duration in time that's a lot harder to

find so what we're gonna go through here

is if you're here you're probably

thinking about doing a triathlon so

we're gonna give you some information

about the distances of each triathlon

who should think about doing these

triathlons and how long does it take to

give you a sense of how long do you need

to be able to swim bike run in order to

do these triathlons so let's start off

with a sprint these are races that are

really really good to do for your first

race to understand what it's like to

piece together swim bike run how you

feel when you have all those people

around you in the swim how your legs

feel towards the end of the bike oh it

feels when you jump off the bike and

nearly fall over in your first race

because you did

do a single brick run it's not just me

this is a 750 meter swim a 20 kilometer

bike and a 5 kilometer run on average it

takes people 20 minutes to do the swim

40 minutes to do the bike and 30 minutes

to do the run for an average finish time

of an hour and 30 minutes so that's the

average but to give you some more

context I would be say an elite age

group er and I've done a race that had a

slightly long swim in a 105 finish time

with a 13 minute swim a 30 minute bike

and a 19-minute round I hope that mouths

work so the super super elite athletes

like Jonathan Brownlee who won the ITU

sprint distance race in Edmonton last

year finished it in 53 minutes

consisting of a eight-minute swim a 30

minute bike and then a 15 minute run on

the women's side of that same event

Emma Jackson won with a time of one hour

and one minute consisting of a 10-minute

swim a 33 minute bike and a 16 and a

half minute run now let's get into the

Olympic distance races a 1500 metre swim

a 40 kilometer bike and a 10 kilometer

run this is a decent race for a

first-timer to try but in my experience

it takes a lot more to build up to it

because you're going for more than two

hours so you're going through a couple

of different energy systems you've got

to start focusing on nutrition so

there's just more things to learn more

things that can go wrong so I like

saying that athletes just start with a

sprint even if their goal is really to

focus on a half ironman or an ironman

just rip the band-aid off with a sprint

so you can wrap your head around what

went well and what didn't but an Olympic

will also do that and it will add in the

nutrition factor the average finish time

for this race is a three hour finish

time with athletes taking on average 40

minutes to do the swim at an hour and 20

minutes to do the bike and 60 minutes to

do the run again for context a more

age grouper I would be in the 2 hours

and 10 minutes I think is my personal

best with a I'm gonna have to go off the

top of my head here cuz I don't remember

these a 24 minute swim a really hilly

windy one hour six minute bike and then

a forty minute run yeah I think that

math works though with the super super

elite athletes Christian bloomenfeld

last year won the ITU grand final

Olympic Distance race in a finish time

in one hour 48 minutes consisting of an

18 minute swim a 60 minute bike and then

a 30 minute 10 kilometer run that is

Belize and fast the women's side in that

same race was won by Katy's of Ferris in

2 hours and 2 minutes and she had a

19-minute swim a 1 hour and six minute

bike and then a 35 minute run half

ironman a 70.3 this is what a lot of

people are shooting for it's what gets a

lot of notoriety the Half Ironman in the

Ironman distance a lot of people will

start with a Half Ironman which is

totally fine even if you're starting

with an Ironman and not doing a race

before a lot of people will do kind of a

self supported just a Half Ironman on

your own and I really like doing that in

training and recommending that for

athletes on our team in training because

it gives you a sense of swim bike run

how's it gonna feel when you piece it

all together how's the nutrition gonna

be what are your legs gonna feel like at

hour five or six it's a little bit

harder to start with this but you still

certainly can do it the distances of a

Half Ironman are a 1,900 meter swim a 90

kilometer bike and then a half marathon

of 21.1 km/h time is six hours with a

45-minute swim a three hour bike and

then a 2 hour and 15 minute half

marathon personally I've completed a

Half Ironman in 4 hours and 28 minutes

consisting of a 32 minute swim a 2 hour

and 12 minutes bike and then a 1-hour 33

minute run they're about to plus some

transition last year in the World

Championships which is that

on a fairly slow course the Gustav Eden

ended up winning the super super elite

in a time of 3 hours and 49 minutes and

that race consisted of a 24 minute swim

a 2 hour 17 minute bike which is

actually very slow for a half ironman

but it was because that course was

really really hilly and then Gustav

ended up running a 1 hour and 8 minute

half marathon Daniela Reef won the same

event on the women's side in 4 hours and

23 minutes and her race consisted of a

26 minute swim a 2-hour 33 minute bike

and then a 1-hour

18 minute half marathon now keep in mind

this is one of the slowest Half Ironman

courses in the world and most of these

finish times are more around the three

hours 45 minutes or four hours 10

minutes for the women at that super

elite level and now let's get into the

granddaddy of them all Ironman this what

a lot of people are eventually shooting

for at some point in their career but

don't feel like you have to it took me

10 years to work my way up to it and I'm

thankful that I did because I gradually

learned as I went and never stepped up

to a distance of the race that I wasn't

prepared for every time I moved up I had

a little bit of a learning curve but I

never had a race disaster because I went

too far too soon Ironman themselves

actually say the number one reason that

people come into the sport do a race and

don't come back is when they do an

Ironman is their very first race and

what their research tells them is that

the bad experience of going up to that

super long-distance race ends up scaring

people away from the sport which is

unfortunate because it's a fantastic

sport that we can do for our entire

lives with that said I recommend people

build up but if you want to get into an

Ironman for your first race don't let me

stop you the distances of an Ironman are

3,800 meters swim a hundred and eighty

kilometer bike and then a full marathon

forty two point two kilometers the

average finish time is 12 hours 35


this is comprised of a average one-hour

16 minute swim a 6 hour 25 minute bike

and then a four-hour 54 minute marathon

my personal best time I've only done one

of these at challenge Roth last year and

I did a 64 minute swim a 5 hour 4 minute

bike and then a 3 hour 24 minute

marathon for a total finish time of 9

hours 41 minutes the super super elites

like Yann for Dino multiple time world

champion and 2019 world champion one

Ironman calling out last year in a

finish time of 7 hours 51 minutes this

is kind of about an average time this

was comprised of a 47 minutes swim a 4

hour 16 minute bike and then a 2-hour

42 minute marathon I saw it it was

incredible well the Women's World

Championship last year was won by Annie

how she too was really fast at 8 hours

and 40 minutes and how she got there was

with a 54 minutes whim a 4 hour 50

minute bike and then get this a 2 hour

51 minute marathon faster than most of

the men and all of the went like sheep

blazed it she just liked this tall she's


so you go new trainee act those are

average finish times those are the

distances of each of the races isn't a

little bit of thought on who should do

which distance of race at what stage now

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