Subareolar Breast Abscess (SBA) : Causes, Diagnosis, Symptoms, Treatment, Prognosis

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my topic

what is it the South Area or breast

abscess you you know this is one type of

the breast infection that can occur in a

non lactic lactating woman you know now

it may sound ever breasteses so as soon

as so there were disturbances and these

abscesses are infected lumps that of

just under the areola you know which is

a color scheme around the nipples you

know so that colored part is known as

and if the abscess is in that part and

the woman is non lactating it's known as

some error or breast abscess and this

excess is there is swollen area in the

body that is filled with pus you know

and pus is a liquid filled with the dead

white not sends you and the swelling in

the fossa due to local infection and the

local infection is where the bacteria

invade your body at certain point and

really mean there you know and the

between you do not spread to other parts

of your body in the local infection you

know and in the past you know these

infections were called like elective


fistula you know or maybe the just cause

disease and

after the doctor who first wrote about

this one even so there was an ocular

just consider that we've all known as

the suppose disease you never know it's

no more commonly known as a suburb or

Western system now the next thing is

what are the symptoms

well when some like ever of breast

abscess possibly waves you know you may

notice some pain in that area you know

and it's not likely be lump under the

skin and some swelling of nearby skin

and paws mabry know after lump if you

push on it or if it's cut open you know

and if it's not if it's not clear you

know the infection can start to form the

fistula and a fistula is then abnormal

whole family out of this skin you know

and if the infection is sweet enough the

nipple like in volume can occur you know

so this is when the nipple is like drawn

into the breast tissue rather than

popping out you know and you may also

have a fever or maybe general feeling of

illness you know it's a sign of

infection the next thing is what are the

causes of some excess you you know the

sepsis is caused by a block the Parkland

inside the restroom and this blockage

can lead to an infection under the skin

and it's usually occurring the younger

or the middle-aged woman who are not


lactating which means they have not

breastfeed in general and some of its

factors may include like a nipple

piercing you know smoking and diabetes

so these are the risk factors you know

you know the sepsis is the in the breast

often occurring like you know next thing

is the difference between the like

severe recessions and mastitis you you

know the abscess is in the best often

occur these which occur in the lactating

woman you know which means that the

world breastfeeding you known as

mastitis you and it's an infection you

know that causes a swelling and redness

the breast area you know and this one

among the other symptom you know and

massage can occur when a milk dog

becomes clogged you know and if it's

left untreated it can lead to the

abscess in the breast you and the sub

ever abscess involves the nipple tissue

and ever claims you know and they

usually occur in the junk and the

middle-aged woman who are not lactating

now next thing is the diagnosis you know

yeah if you have the symptom of this

mission and you approach to your doctor

you know he will perform a loss to the

history of the mental conditions of this

medical mission you know and ask about

the symptoms and then he will perform

the physical dimensionally known as the

breast examination you know see that

lumps you know he will calculate that

long he will see if then he passed maybe

coming out you know ended in that case

he will collect the sample and send it

to the lab you know so what type of

infection you have you know and you

don't really need to know exactly what

kind of the bacteria causing your

infection so as some bigger you're

resistant to certain medical

so this is one is the culture question

and this fellow will help you doctor to

choose the right treatment or the right

handy biotics are you and the blood

tests may also be ordered to look for

the infection and to check your immunity

you know and then you're up to me under

the I'll toss one of your breasts and to

see the structures under the skin which

are being infected you and cosine the

abnormality symptom area you know and

for the further if needed you know you

may revise the amore

especially for fear or the recurrent

infections in to pinpoint the reasons

you know and what's diagnosed and what

are the treatment options you know well

the first stage of the treatment is

taking the antibiotics so depending on

the science of their excess and level of

discomfort in your doctor may also want

to open up their cells to drain the

pasta you know and this would mean that

access would be cut open in the doctor's

office you know and most likely some

local anesthetic will be used to numb

their before then see and you know and

if that action does not go away with the

course of thank you but you seem in that

case the infection comes back repeatedly

after the initially cleaning up you know

so you may need surgery in their case

you know and the do penis surgery the

chronic abscess and any infected glands

will be removed and if the nipple in

volume has occurred you know the nipple

can be reconstructed during the surgery

and the surgery may be done if you

doctors are in the bottle of issue and

many surgical outpatient center you know

and maybe in a hospital you know and

depending on the size and severity of

nitrous system so these are the

treatment options once

diagnosed with this condition you know

and the next thing is the about the

possible complications you you know the

abscess and the infections can recur

even after you have been treated with

antibiotics you know and surgery may be

required to remove the affected lines to

in order to prevent the recursion and

the nipple inversion can occur and your

nipple and areola can also be deformed

or may be pushed off center by the

abscess you causing them like cosmetic

damage you affecting the looks you know

and even if the infection is

successfully treated with antibiotics

it can happen even that and there are

surgical solutions with these

complications and the most critical

problems are that says don't indicate

that breast cancer you and any infection

in the woman who is not breastfeeding

has the potential to would be a rare

form of the breast cancer okay so if you

have these kind of abscesses or any

infection should consult your doctor for

further evaluation and generally the

outlook is good you know and most of

abscesses are treated with antibiotics

so sex successfully ended by having the

abscess drained you know and sometimes

or recurring or severe infections

requires surgery and most of the time

strategy is successful in preventing the

sepsis and infection returning bacon so

canosa's generally is good you thank you

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