in the hospital

Benny's over there he's pretty happy is

he actually has a bed this time I'll be

all the other two times with Layla and

Aurora he literally just had him on the


anyways it's about 5 o 6 a.m. it's

Friday August 16th we've been here since

like I'm about an hour go home cuz we

got you're like four oh four oh six four

wait been here about an hour they just

hooked me up to get a bunch of fluids so

I have my IV in I get up bleeding all

over the floor but my IV and he took

some blood and then I have the

contraction monger on but we haven't

officially started labor yet because I

have to get a bunch of fluid in me first

so do you guys have they're hungry


I can't even think about food right now

I'm so nervous I mean it's like almost

eight right after eight maybe 1938 19 at

around I think it was like 740 I was

given cytotec that way we can start like

actual labor cuz I'm not feeling any

contractions or anything I'm just super

in control just from sitting down but no

pain I've had a stomach ache like all

morning no I think that's just because

you're nervous yeah I think so too

Benny's family is all here but they went

into the waiting room

I can rest I think I'm gonna order some

breakfast cuz they said I can eat so I

can order breakfast probably sleep a

little bit she said it takes about like

40 minutes per ticket in it should be

kicking ass they said it's a possibility

it may just give me like period like

cramps or may actually go

kickstart labor for me so right now

we're kind of just waiting to see how my

boss my body she reacts to I guess so

so right now we're kind of just seeing

how my body reacts to it and if it gives

me like full-on contractions and I

actually do start going into labor then

I think I'm gonna get the epidural but

for now we're just waiting to see how

like I react to it like I said because

if it doesn't really do too much then

I'm gonna get put on pitocin but before

I get to pitocin I would get an epidural

because I don't you just wake up I see

my boo nothing you're good you just


excited to meet [ __ ] yeah I love you so

very much


these are her contractions it's around

the 8:40 on the top you can see like

around like 841 that's where her

contractions started they kind of just

slowly slowly started getting a little


they're coming like every what every

couple minutes just about

yeah it's stopped right there cuz we had

them plug in for a little bit [ __ ] go to

the bathroom little 9:30 oh it's only 9

10 G's but I just it's so hard for me

like one time a week I just can't go

back to sleep especially like when I

dream a date I'm tired but I can't and

then I could solely feel like the

contractions building up to as I was

just laying there and I was like she

said no way mama and I couldn't get

breakfast I called and don't like that

in my chart it says I wanna look good

but the nurse said that she can get food

so five hours in only 19 more to go yeah

with both the girls it they both took

around 24 hours so yeah I know

and it's weird that your contractions

are already starting pretty good they

just funny though because they just

skywrite it like there's just like

nothing make a little bit here and there

and then all of a sudden II was just


no I'm literally like shortly after she

left I started feeling a little crampy

I'm having another contraction right now

I have two contraction later on I don't

know if Lee said this but we aren't

tracking everybody's heartbeat but yeah

this is a contraction monitor

nothing crazy yet just like a tightening

feeling it's a big list though

interested this is my second

another thing is super tight


we're back now the last time we were

with you guys she was taking her

medicine to help speed up the process

here second

yeah and that was around 11:00 around

11:30 and it's 237 now and we just got

another update how far along are you

they just checked me a time now 2

centimeters and she said I'm a lot more

than now making progress but it's slowly

but surely just got my pitocin so it

hasn't kicked in yet I'm like just super

crampy it's 326 because I got pitocin

when I was in labor with Layla and it

was so bad my contractions were

literally like just stacked on top of

one another so we'll see how it goes

she says she um my nurse said she's kind

of easing me into it so we'll see but

definitely going to call her hip things

get crazy so I can get an epidural but I

think for now before it officially kicks

in I'm gonna try to get some rest

that's just me and penny in the room

right now I'm gonna get some rest too

babe yeah

now it feels really struggle

4:30 now Benny is over there

sleeping I tried to sleep but my

contractions are soaring to finally pick

up with the pitocin so I might too

uncomfortable to sleep let me see if I

can show them to you there's a chart oh

wow I'd say that was about like 30

minutes ago there was like a whole team

that came in here and we kind of just

talked about like the game plan for

Everly and how we want to do comfort

care which basically means we don't want

any like we don't want her to be like

poked and like hooked up to all these

machines we just want her as comfortable

as possible

so that means like skin-to-skin and

staying with us entire time so she would

never leave the room for anything she

would just stay with us entire time and

feeding her but I won't be able to

breastfeed her so she'll be able to

she'll have to be fed through a tube

through her nose

ever saying so we just kind of went over

all that just to make sure like that

were informed and

just kind of to make sure that we're on

the same game plan

yeah that's what's going on like I said

it's for dirty I'm probably going to ask

for an epidural soon because I know with

pitocin since I had that what they love

I know things can get a tenant really


yeah I was getting stuff


got that Boudreaux got the catheter put

in still hooked up they're taking my

blood pressure about every five minutes

I'm still contracting over there but I

feel absolutely nothing

I think that's Benny where'd he go Oh

more ice but yeah I feel absolutely

nothing anymore

feeling great not sure when my OB is

coming back but once he does get back

he's gonna break my water which is

another reason why I really wanted to

get the federal because things are

they're gonna get real baby almost six


it's 557 he just got checked and I'm he

said four plus almost 545 somewhere in

there so exciting well it feels weird

cuz I can feel my water they just broke

my water so I'm currently leaking it's

weird but yeah I'm excited

I'm nervous I'm scared

like I could cry you can laugh with me

come here

me forget


little babies

yes she does seems like a Foyet here

just let the girls

I mean there I love you so much

she did have a bitter nose

- chubby cheeks


there's your first hat in case you guys

oh my goodness look at that



unlike in this



that's a quicker sleeper we've had so



you go be with a little angels you talk

with you that we love you but we piss

big old feet


we have an every



was my pleasure and privilege to baptize

every leaf and the name of the Father

the Son and Holy Spirit

let's pray

Heavenly Father's we come before you bow

our heads in adoration and praise you

know you give and you take away we will

still praise your name and that your


that we cannot see it manifested in

trials we ask that you would be with his

family you would encourage them they

would see this not because of anything

but according to your will

I know I do not understand your will

and I'm not called to we're called a

trust and openings right now are we

trust what you wanted

I love you baby but always a favor