Architecture of Nature: Symmetry and Beauty in Maharishi Vastu Homes

we have a special guest

lecture today christian schweitzer he

is an architect and city planner

and master carpenter who is educated

in germany and he is

extremely talented he is the

the person who made real

what we call the master builder system

and you'll see a little about it but it

is a system whereby

houses and larger buildings can be the

exterior walls of them can be built

very quickly through casting the wall

in panels that are self-insulated

made of completely non-toxic materials

and have beautiful integrated ornament

in them and christian is the one who

figured it out and built the molds

he has designed many of

the most beautiful buildings

that those of you who practice

transcendental meditation

may have seen as capitals and homes

of our international organization in

europe in the netherlands and he's


many many many maharishi vastu

homes and larger buildings throughout


and in africa and he's quite a brilliant


and some years ago he gave a talk on

symmetry and beauty and that talk

really stuck in my mind and we wanted to

share it with you

celia promised you that this talk is


christian sadly is under a deadline

right now

and so he's going to connect with us in

about 25 minutes

but before he does we are going to play

his talk on symmetry and beauty

recorded earlier and i hope you enjoy it

and then he'll

he'll join us and break away from the

buildings that he's designing right now

and show us a little bit of what he's

working on now

and then answer your questions

i think you'll enjoy this maharishi

when heaven on earth is a reality

then people only will be attracted by

beautiful things

here we see a very beautiful vastu home

with a very well designed

and very refined elevation

why is it beautiful it is symmetric

and the center here is for example

highlighted and the details are done

very refined

why are classical buildings so

attractive and gorgeous

this mansion is just a box the cupid the

cuber tour

is very simple this interior design

looks attractive because it is symmetric

this vastu villa one of the first was

two houses

built in fairfield is brilliant

and excellent it is exactly

symmetric and one can see a very orderly

grid of columns

the facade and the details are refined

and classical elements like pillars

and gables are the basis of this design

so i want to speak tonight on the topic


vastu and beauty and how

to design nice and beautiful was to


even with a low budget

the first topic is symmetry to find out

what beauty is

the following experiment was done a


of different human faces were shown to a

group of people from diverse nations

all of them selected those faces as most


which were most symmetric symmetry is an


of orderliness and regularity is

considered to be pretty and beautiful

the principle of symmetry crosses

everywhere in nature

symmetry is omnipresent in nature


symmetry is the basis of nature and

the basis of evolution evolution

is not depending on mere chance but

evolution and growth

is based on symmetry a butterfly

is considered to be beautiful when the


color design and pattern on both wings

are the same birds need

two wings to fly fish

two similar fins to swim

animals and humans can perceive

symmetric structures

better than unsymmetric structures a

sabra or tiger for example

has complete symmetric stripes on his


only like this the animal can recognized

can be

can be recognized by the herd to be part

of the herd of lock

because only symmetric stripes are


by these animals in biology

visible symmetry decides on success of


visible symmetry is an indicator for

inner values

and the genetic fitness of the organism

when an animal is able to maintain

visible symmetry

then it is more resistant against

disease and mutation

very important symmetry is a

certification for health

a study showed that men with a

pronounced symmetric physic body

is less ill already small children

are sensitive for symmetry if you show

them a range of sketches

like stylized drawings or faces

they first pick up symmetric patterns


asymmetric forms that do not show any


in nature everything aspires to more


beauty and symmetry and this is called

evolution by the way it is

very interesting to note that the axis

of reflection

the axis of symmetry is the pramastan

the dnr in the center of a cell

maintains and preserves the intelligence

and contains the information that

structures the cell around

the axis of reflection is the gap from

which the form around

emerges when water freezes to ice

the water molecules always build a

reg a very regular crystal lattice

they always build a six-fold symmetry

from anumahan to mahadumayan

the self is finer than the finest

and bigger than the biggest in the

finest of the finest

and the biggest of the biggest we find

pure symmetry

all planets spin around the sun

in a symmetric way and the galaxies

show a spiraled symmetry

the absolute pure being is pure

absolute symmetry on this chart we see

deep in the heart of the theory

of relativity quantum mechanics

string theory and modern cosmology

a special principle is hidden symmetry

and a unified field the absolute is

supersymmetry all laws of nature

have their basis in symmetry

and on the other way getting more cross

the relative world

and structures are the result of

infinite breaking of symmetry

if one wants to bring the cosmic

infinite loss of nature

in to the relative life

and arts of architecture then one should

design symmetric buildings

here we have one quote from maharishi

the print give rise to invincibility

symmetry is the central principle

which is used in modern physics to


and formulate the loss of nature and be

and can be conceived as the principle of

referring back

again and again this is a quote

of maharishi's absolute theory of


next one more quote

from this book invincibility

through symmetry

the important point is that it

that when it breaks down it will be in


of the breakdown of symmetry maintenance

of the original structures

means maintenance of the full original


breakdown of the structure is always


with the loss of symmetry that means

a structure is maintained when symmetry

is maintained

and the structure breaks down when the


is lost if one wants to bring the cosmic

infinite loss of nature into the

relative life

and arts of architecture then one should


symmetric building buildings

all considerable and famous architects

have understood this

if one wants to bring the transcendental

divine value

in his daily life then one should design

symmetric elevations and orderly


floor plans like this the individual

is connected with cosmic life

this applies for palaces for city


for gardens for all designs

symmetric forms in every age

has been a symbol for the divine

every leader every raja every king

has built his residence symmetrical

because it is a symbol of power

of divinity of beauty in every century

and in every country symmetry

is a timeless everlasting principle here

i want to show

one building that has now been finished


romania in transylvania and i showed

this at this moment because the


is very symmetric and also if you look

from the top

it is also symmetric it is like a cross

that means

it has also an gable towards the east

and one to the west

so this is a special design in vastu

that is called

chatu means four and muk means face so

this is a building that faces

all the four cardinal direction and that

is why it is so auspicious

in vastu and that is like an

u-shaped building but

classical elements like gables and

arches above the windows

are used i just want to show very nice

examples of faster houses

next slide we come here to the next

topic that is orderliness

maharishi says stapatia veda is creating

order in nature life

can develop only from order

orderliness is the basis for creating

and governing the human body

here we see buildings

from the past and you see the pillars

that are very very orderly in a very

orderly grid on the left side on the

building in

ancient turkey and on the right side

from italy from venice

and this elevations are showing a very

orderly grid

of pillars this design could be a very

typical vastus

design it is symmetric and an inviting


it has an inviting porch towards the

east you see if you orient

this building towards the east you see

how it is inviting

the first race of the rising sun it has


double story porch then towards the east

and it has underwings big windows to

catch this eastern light

and you see how beautiful this is next


this modular grid of pillars and arches

in a wellness bar

are most beautiful maharishi said

the most orderly structure is the square

the square creates order in nature

here we see on the left side the


the floorplan of the villa rotunda from

palladio the footprint is based on the


and is highly symmetric on on the right


we see from luis khan a country house

and the brahmastan the center is a

square and has four

more squares around facing the cardinal

directions such floor plans are

highly orderly and very auspicious

the square is even more strong

when it has layers of minor squares

within itself

when bigger squares are enveloping the


within here we see

a city planning master plan and this is


on a big square and it has in the four


again squares and in the center

it has a square roster and a bigger ring

of a bigger

square was too and then every single

house again

has a square was too and you see

every square was too has again a square

house or the design is based on on a


and on the left side you see an ideal

template of

a floor plan this floor plan is square

and has

nine smaller squares within

and the brahmatan is again a square a


of energy lines envelop our group or our


every vast tool reflects this grid

which embraces the globe and like this

living in a vastu is living in accord

with cosmic

natural law and this also has been

practiced in the past here for example

we see

um the city plan of kyoto

and you see in the center is a square

with a green brahmastan and then the


city planning followed this script

aligned to the cardinal

directions here we see bengalore

this is also the center and this was

started the center was started with a

square and you see

even in the square the center is not

built this brahmastan is left open

and then the whole city planning

followed this cardinal

directions here we see adelaide

in australia again this is downtown this


started with a square and it has

four smaller squares within itself and

if you more if you look more in detail

than even the premise tan is left free

and then the whole grid of adelaide

followed these

square lines following

the cardinal directions next slide

oh yes one very interesting this is


the footprint of this stupa is based on

a square

and has little extensions to the


directions and when one goes up the


in the center lines in the excesses of


then we see that this stupa is built up

by layers

of minor squares within itself within


so here we see three things

first a highly symmetric structure

and we saw that symmetry is the basis of


and that symmetry maintains an upholds a


second we see that is saying the design

is based on a square which creates

order in nature and is the strongest


and a square is also highly symmetric

and third we see the structure shows


of concentric squares within itself here

we see

uncovered this is a very huge huge

vedic structure and this angkor wat is

in cambodia

and about 1 000 years ago this was


by a huge vedic city one of the biggest


built on earth and when we look at it

so this design is also based on a square

and it has minor squares within itself

and it is highly symmetric to both


i'm showing this sample because the


of this structure is over and over


with reliefs the structure is refined

and by the way around the perimeter of

the building

a hallway in the design of a peristyle

is built

and the vedic apex are shifted and

carved into the walls

so when one was walking around the


then one could learn and understand

easily the vedic

wisdom so here we see the

elevation of angkor wat and you also see

the hallway at the perimeter next slide

and here you see one sample of this


and all the main topics and the

philosophy of the vedic texts and

epics are chiseled here in

massive stone and preserved for

thousands of years

but let's come back to the topic of


what you see you will become

all high cultures have refined the


of their buildings by covering the


all over with ornaments

they knew that if a building is refined

then also the consciousness of the

observer will be refined

a home or building is seen every day

and like that the consciousness of the

observer is refined

day by day decade by decade

if you see beauty the soul becomes also

beautiful and full of bliss

and the individual radiates this beauty

yes here you

see from rajasthan some residences

or palaces and you just see the facade

is over and over

covered with ornaments and reliefs

chiseled in natural stones and since

thousands of years

these facades remain like this and all

the time

all these decades and centuries the

people have the joy of this beauty

full buildings this refinement means

being on the path and going in the

direction to enlightenment

a person with refined consciousness has


yes here we see from spain and sample

of unrefined pillar on the left side and

on the right side we see a traditional

vedic column next slide

on the left side we see a

building a residence building in

italy it is very refined and also


for me this is most beautiful on the

right side we see

a courtyard an atrium building again in


that is all over and over covered with


refined and nice ornaments and reliefs

yes next slide

and here we see an ancient

indian vedic residence and all these

topics we discussed now

we find here we find symmetry in this


it's a highly symmetric facade second

we find an orderly grid of pillars

and third a very refined facet with


vedic arches and pillars and in both

floors the center

is highlighted next slide

maharishi greatly encouraged


because when you look at beautiful

structures and

images every day your consciousness

becomes more cultured

maharishi said only the best is good

enough for you you deserve it

you deserve the nicest house

one quote of maharaja's latest

book the effects of architecture

differ from other forms of arts

because the individual is not only views

the structure from outside

but lives within it and experience is

its living effect that is why we

invented the master builder system

the master builder system is the


the of vedic ornaments and integrated

wall panels

here you see how we unstrip an

panel for investor fence here we see

a very refined porch of enricher house

here we see how this wall panels these

integrated wall panels

are unstripped from a rubber mold

and here we see one building as it is


here at meru and

here we see a more detailed photo

of the terrace in the upper floor

and the samran the stepped pyramid

such freedom such abundance

such enormous authority over space and


such a reality of living in cosmic


this is living in vastu quote from

maharishi mahashiyogi

so now we have discussed these three


symmetry orderliness and just now


and now to the next

topic and this is

smrt the memory quality

smrt represents the memory quality

of consciousness

the memory of wholeness

the memory of one's own cosmic self of


but also the memory of ancient knowledge

smithi is the memory of the wisdom of

ancient sophisticated or high cultures

that are expressed also in architecture

the architecture of all the high


have similarities the buildings are


with and decorated with ornaments and


pillar bays and pillar capitals

with horizontal colonized profiles and

with splints

one uses such architectural elements to

build a vast

home today then one consciousness is

drawn back to ancient

more holistic knowledge and this uplifts

and enriches the consciousness

of the house owner this

is the vastu house of mayor ed malloy

the mayor of fairfield and a photo

of the engine porch show two pillars

with classical language yes next slide

in more detail we see this porch and

this building is so nice because

it has in front facing the entrance

facing the rising sun a two-story pillar

which is speaking with the classical

form we see classical pillars

we see a very thick classical corners

profile on top of the pillars

and on top we see an gable

and that's why this building is so

integrated and so much beautiful

here on the left side you see the


of the peace palace as we designed it in

greece because on the right side this is

a greece ancient palace so also

we took reference to the local language

of forms and designed the peace palace

like greece palace or at least

took reference to the to this ancient

pillars and this peace palace is just

a box it's a very very simple and cost

effective building

but by just using such classical


it looks very integrated into this

local country and it looks very refined

and integrated

next slide yes

palladio was a master of reviving

the idea of the antique design

and here we see the villa rotunda and it

has a square footprint

with the extensions and gables to the

four cardinal

directions next slide

and that is what we also implemented in

a family house in malaysia

the footprint is also a square but it

has towards all the four cardinal

directions on the ground floor an


with classical arches

and in the upper floor it also has an

gable with extending classical pillars

yes this in malaysia is being built now

this building we are building

in italy near padua

and we took also a typical italian

design we call

this building which is also one of our

portfolio houses

the villa rotonda villa toscana

and you see the symmetry

we see the refinement of the facade and

classical elements i think this will fit

very nice to the

in the italian countryside

this is one of our portfolio houses

and again this building can be built

very very

cost effective because the basis is just

a box it is just

a rectangle footprint and we put in


four pillars classic pillars and these

pillars they also fit very nicely in

in our time they are not overdone they

just have a


upper arctic

yeah and the railing on top is done in a

very contemporary

very modern way it is just rectangular

little pillars and rectangle

handrail but nevertheless just by adding

this little porch towards the east and

having a semi

round window in the upper floor and a

little gable

above the center to highlight the center

this building looks absolutely nice and


i want to thank christian even though

this this portion was recorded

for explaining to us how

the elements of symmetry and beauty

and memory are components

of what brings bliss to us when we see

them in nature

that they bring invincibility also in


and that when we gaze upon them

they help us to evolve

and so building buildings that use these

elements are actually

good for our own progress towards

the realization of our full potential it

was a comprehensive

though very brief talk by christian and

i appreciate it very much

and christian is connected with us now

and he is ready to join us

and he i believe will be showing us

a couple of projects that he's working

on right now

thank you very much christian and

welcome yes

i'm so happy that you listened to that

nice lecture so you had some questions


the presentation and lectures the first

question is

in vastu why is there more emphasis

on squares than circles and spheres

it's a very interesting and very

intelligent question

and did you know that every two minutes

the energy reaching the earth from the


is equivalent to the whole annual usage

of humanity that means all the energy

all the cars all factories everything


all the lighting all the air


and everything what is used on earth

in one week in one year is equivalent

to two minutes of the sun that means the

sun is the greatest

influence on earth and then the question


uh which time is uh they are interesting

and that is always when there is a

change when there is a gap and that is

the sun rise because there

uh the night changes into

the day yeah and in the evening there is

the sunset

and if you then connect these two points

from the east to the west you get one

line here from east to

west and due to spinning of the earth

around its own

axis you get the axis of the earth

that's the north and the south pole

and then you have this cosmic loss of

this latitude and longitude which

are covering the whole globe

and from history

always it was known that in contrast to

the circle

which symbolizes the heaven the square

points to

earthly existence of stability and


uh perfection and that is what we want

the square brings on to

down to earth and that is what the

people want when they build a bus to

house they want to have stability

in success in life i can uh explain

one uh example when i gave a lecture in

in south africa and immediately one

person uh

stood up and said uh originally all


buildings fought from people living in

the savannah or in the

in the desert or forest they built

square houses like a tenth

yeah and then they could orient them


and then after some time some

some westerners came and they said oh no

it's much easier

to uh build round buildings yeah

and then they started to build ground

buildings and what happened

the children who grew up in these round

buildings when they went out to the


they could not find back the way yeah so

they could not orient themselves anymore

and that was earlier when they were

living in a square building

when they went out they educated in

their brain this sense of orientation

very well

and they could orient themselves also

when they had been outside

so uh building a square building yeah

or a rectangle building is educating

what is already in the brain

and that is the sense of orientation


and in vastu all these four cardinal

directions they have a specific

quality and in a round building

you cannot orient yet there is no

quality yeah

all the uh wherever you look it's the


yeah it's not orientation

maybe john you want to add something to

this point

in order for the interventions that we


on the surface of the earth the

buildings we construct that we then

occupy to not be out of

harmony with the actual environment with

the actual

architecture and energy

pattern on the surface of the earth a

reality known by physics

the walls that we construct ideally

will be aligned with the cardinal


and at that at the simplest form that

means that a building would be a

square however maharshi vastu buildings

can be

much more complex in shape

because you can combine many squares and


in the footprint of a building there's a

follow-up question to it

earth's magnetic field changes

over the years how does this affect

vastu so this magnetic field is not the

main focus

the main point is that

you know when there is a change in

nature yeah then

there is some transcendental value is


to us yeah and the biggest change is in

the morning

from darkness to light yeah

when the sun rises and that is a gap and

always when there is a gap

yeah then some trans and very auspicious

healthy transcendental values are coming

to us

that means if you are facing east and

looking towards the east and orientating

the building the long side of the

building towards east then you will

catch all these auspicious

transcendental values which are coming

from this direction

and that is independent from the

magnetic field yeah

because the earth is spinning all the

time towards the east

for example uh when we are at the


the equator has a perimeter of 40

000 kilometer and then we are turning

once around in 24 hours

that means on the equator we are moving

with 1

600 kilometers per hour

constantly towards the east so there is

this cosmic law of movement it's a huge


where we are facing every day and every

night over years

um and for example if you are sitting in

a car in an oral

aeroplane you always want to look


the direction of the movement there are

people when they look to the side or

backward in the train

they get a bad stomach yeah so

the magnetic field is not a point but

what is a cosmic principle

yeah we are looking much much wider much


cosmic yeah in all these movements

of the earth and the sun and the whole

galaxies there are so precisely

rhythms and you can calculate them so


and if there would be only a little

thing a minor thing wrong

in this huge uh mathematic complex

then the whole solar system would go

wrong yeah

and this precision what is in the cosmic


loss we all bring into a wasper house

that is why the people feel so happy

and so you feel this good fortune in a

busker house here

immediately when they when they move in

they can they settle down

they see um i'm so full of bliss they

even don't want to

to leave the basketball house yeah

because their this cosmic laws

are built in every part of that house

very good

thank you must a vastu house

always be two stories um

of course it can be one two three four

five stories

yeah um you know

nature finds many ways to express itself

yeah we are not limited in any design


uh shape of the roof or um

we just should follow the principle

which was explained in

in the lecture that it should be

beautiful that means symmetric

that there should be some orderliness


we can always adjust to the local style

yeah john is this correct yes exactly

uh christian you've designed some very

beautiful single story houses even


in your lecture you showed only two and

three story houses

good there's another question would you

explain the term

axis of reflection and

how it is seen in nature and


and why is the brahmastan considered to

be an axis of reflection if you see

anything which is symmetrical

there are different kinds of symmetry

but the most common kind and the kind

that we see in the human body

and the kind that we typically see in

the facades of buildings

is called bilateral symmetry which means


you can draw a line of usually a

vertical line down the center

of the structure and what you see

on the right side and what you see on

the left side

are mirrors of each other so

bi meaning two along a line or

lateral so that is bilateral symmetry

it's one of about

nine kinds of symmetries that exist

the second half of your question was

what is the relationship between the

promised on and this

line of symmetry well the brahmasdan

which christian spoke about very lucidly

in this presentation is

point and it is at the core

at the center of most and perhaps

all of the orderly structures of nature

and the structure unfolds out of that


and from a cosmic from a vedic


we can understand that the point is the


of the infinite organizing intelligence

that is

unmanifest at the basis of nature it


into a point and then having collapsed

it can express itself it can arise out

into a structure with physical form

and therefore the point at the center of

a structure

is the junction is the connection

between that structure and nature's

organizing unmanifest intelligence

which maintains the relationship

keeping that structure a part of the


of nature and when we look at a

structure that has bilateral symmetry

then we know that the brahmastan must


along that line of symmetry remember

in christian's talk when he

showed a couple of diagrams

that show how because the earth rotates

to the east

around the north pole and south pole it

like all celestial spheres planets and


has a grid on the surface of it

the grid is composed of

squares or rectangles that are aligned

due north south east west this is a

reality in quantum physics and

it is a reality that organizes

the environment on the surface of the


there's another question about many

vascular homes

are rectangles or l-shaped structures

not squares maharishi's own home

is a long narrow rectangle

would you comment on this

yes so in vastu we have a

different task for example if you build

in the middle

of a village or town yeah and the plot

is small then it's

maybe more appropriate to build a square

buster with an atrium in the in the


but if you build somewhere in the

countryside where you where you have

more land

then it is also very auspicious that you

build a

longish building more rectangle with the

long side

facing east and tried to place the east

facade as much as possible

everybody who entered marissa's house

and had the experience

there that is a long building with the

long side facing east with a lot of

windows towards the east

and if you then look out towards the

east you get such a

great feeling um because you are always

facing the direction where the sun rises

and we just discussed that the rays

which are coming in the very early


just coming from this gap between

night and day they are so enlightening

they are so healthy

and in ayurveda it is even said the

first principle if you have a disease

um you should go and go out and sunrise

and make their

walk and talk and in the vascular house

yeah so you don't have to go

out and walk all the time just that

raster house is doing that for you

it catches all these auspicious healthy

qualities and brings it to the

house yeah and some even say

that this race of the rising sun

yeah this uh this is nutrition which the


sends to us that is these are divine uh

wagons nutrition which come to us in

life in our

physiology and

heals our physiology that is why it is

so important

to have this eastern quality yeah i

think this answers this question

when this when you have a long building

yeah with a lot of glass and windows

towards the east

that is highly enlightening

and bringing one physic

one physiology and personality to


yeah so you have this option investor

you can have more squad building

but it's also nice to have a longish

building yeah

just depending on which land and plot

you are building


there was uh another part to the

question which was

the uh participant was wondering whether

there may be l shaped

last two structures and the answer is

yes but only

very very limited circumstances

while christian has just very vividly


the benefits of an eastern orientation

there are also some benefits to a


orientation and so therefore it is


to design an l-shaped building in which

the main facade

is oriented to the east but the

secondary wing

is oriented to them another question is

it's very interesting that columns are

so appealing to the eye

it seems that almost any building with


looks beautiful is it the regular

rhythm of the spacing of columns that

appeals to humans

i think this the answer is already

mentioned in the question

um so what we can see in every high


whether it's in egypt or greece or mania

or the maya always when there had been

a high developed sophisticated culture


the itec started with the rhythm of

columns yeah

with colonized profiles with arches

with decorative ornaments because

that is most uplifting yeah to the

physiology physiology

and if you look for example to the

very small items they're like

like atoms yeah and like how these

electrons circle around the atomic

nucleus and build up

the very ordinary structure you see also

that is

orderly rhythm of the same thing yeah if

you go to the smallest to the smallest

you see that

and also from the biggest of the biggest

it seems to be a

law of nature yeah and if you repeat


these things get uh much more strong

you know it's like a coherence like we

we have in this

one percent effect of the

transcendental meditation group yeah

many of the pictures

showed ornate details

is that necessary in boston

it's not necessary you can certainly

design a modernist building

a streamlined building and christian in


has designed many beautiful modernist


if you invoke this element of

ornament it has

effects upon you that christian

described what you see you become and if


gaze upon refinement it brings


to you however that is not

essential and indeed

there are modernist buildings which are

highly refined

and which are absolutely beautiful and


surely bring refinement to

the countenance of the person who views


there is no conflict here you may have

your modernist house

are vascular principles and their

applications different or the same

in the southern hemisphere of the world

for example australia

this is a very smart question

asked by someone who's thinking deeply

and the answer is that they

are the same the difference

in the environment north of the equator

and south

is that the sun over the course of the


spends depending on how far from the

equator you are

portions of the year in the opposite

side in the northern hemisphere in the

summer it's in the south

in the winter it's in i'm sorry in the

winter it's in the south

north and somewhere to the north and the

reverse in the southern hemisphere of

the globe we all know this

and so it's natural to ask whether

this difference north and south has any

effect upon the design of maharshivasi


however the answer is no and why is that

it's for a combination of two or three


one is everywhere on the globe the earth

rotates to the east

the sun rises in the east and so the

eastern orientation

is the orientation that connects us to

natural law

and there is always the north pole and

south pole

and the unfolding

of qualities of natural law in a


on the surface of planet earth which in

turn give rise to the

quality associations with different

sectors of a house

the placement qualities in vastu

are true everywhere on earth

we're seeing some buildings

on the screen now that christian


uh if you're sharing your screen it

looks like you are

we're seeing some of this current work

designed for this

is what we are building now up at megu

at the moment

that is our main focus

really lovely christian yeah

one of your one of your masterpieces


a question that came at the very end

that we did not answer

was can one have an

architect design modern

and the answer is certainly and in fact


is quite a master of modern design he

has designed many

modern foster buildings and

eventually he fell in love again with


architecture and this is the language

he's working in now but it is

certainly the case that one can design

in really any style because the

principles of vastu

are deep deep laws of nature

deeper than any style

and on that lovely note i want to also


christian very much for having connected

with us and for having shared with us

his thoughts on beauty symmetry order

and memory

and john i just wanted to say if anyone

wants to be in touch because we got

several questions right at the end from


in europe and i typed quickly and

answered to them but if they need to get

in touch with

us again or one of the european uh

vastu architects please send an email

to info at maharishi bastu.org

or just go to the contact form on our


and we will get you in touch with the

right person

ah that was a really beautiful peek into

the architecture of nature from the


of maharishi vasu thank you for your


in maharishi master architecture

which enhances peace and happiness

in life goodbye for now

bye bye bye what's the pleasure