Foundation Leveling - From Start to Finish


hello and welcome to another video with

average guy's garage well today the

average guy has got to take care of his

garage and she does a gap here in the

sill he's been a crack in the foundation

that's been ongoing for at least ten

years one of the things you have to do

if you want to save any of your ferns or

plants is to dig those up and

temporarily move them because they're

going to be digging five piers along

this side of the house here the length

of the garage one on this corner and

four along the side there and then

they're going to drill into the concrete

right here and put one underneath this

part of the slab right here so you can

see there's a couple of cracks in the

foundation here so all of that and this

one actually extends over to here this

was the original line of the foundation

for the garage I don't know whether or

not they're poured with the house or

separate from the house we'll just take

a take a little look here at the what's

happening this is a four-foot level and

it's leaning to the left at the top if I

pull it away to level it up it's about

that much off in four feet at the top

it's even more pronounced so it's about

an inch right there and over on this

side put this up here I start down here

at the bottom this is where most of the

subsidence is happening you can see that

gap right there it's probably two inches

it's twisting this board right here and

it's pushing away on that fascia board

all the way down so contracted out a

company they're going to be here in

about an hour and the best I hope for is

that they will be able to stop the

subsidence by putting those peers in the

piers are going to go down six feet with

a 18-foot cap on top 18 foot give me a

break six feet down with 18 inch caps

and then metal shims so they have all

the hydraulic tools they're going to

level it up and hopefully that will take

care of the issue one problem was when

the it started

give his problems here on the inside I

don't know it's too bright to tell but

this the garage door vertical was was

moved that same one to one and a half

inches and made the garage door

impossible to open so in order for the

men to get their work done today I had

to remove the garage doors individually

those steel doors doesn't make it safe

to to lift it up because you don't know

it's gonna hold it you don't want that

falling down on your head so that's it

the garage door man supposed to be by

later also to get this door fixed right

so I'll take some videos during the

process of the workers if they will

allow me to here's a cutaway view and a

view from the side of the piers they're

going to put in you can see each of

these is a six inch by 12 inch high

concrete cylinder going down six feet

then an 8 by 8 by 16 inch cap another

cylinder and then steel shims here to

level the foundation and hopefully going

down that deep

gets us down to some solid ground

because almost every home built here in

Southeast Texas it's built on sand and

not on to the clay so this should get

down to the clay

they have got some holes dug under the


your gas line getting ready getting

ready to jackhammer the hole here

there's a cylinders back there 2010



lift it up probably two inches on that

side and then let it back down

of cool pretty cool

that must be forced

thank you

there's the concrete chopped up for the

front part now they got some of the

cylinders down and then they've got the

square block a little bit two cylinders

on top of that

cool they put that block there so they

can put a jack on one side and then a

cylinder on the other and then shim it

up leveling out nice

it's already looking good and that gap

that fascia board was forced out a lot

but now it's uh it's got a good gap

there from the wall straightening Becca

now they're simultaneously pressing on

some pump jacks to bring their wallet

and there's the one underneath the front

that crack in the slab here has closed

up a lot too it's hard to see with that

dark line is that's a little bit of


it's looking good it's closed up a bit

and there's the front with the two

cylinders and the metal shims in place

it's working the way back on these five

then backfill we're ready to go

it looks good thank you

a little bit of rain start a little