Foundation Repair 101 - Slab on Grade

what's up everyone welcome to another

episode of fortune builders TV and we're

on site again today

for pretty cool little show so here's

the deal we just bought this rehab and

what I wanted to do after cleaning it

out is I wanted to show everyone a

little bit about foundation so we're

going to talk a little bit about slab on

grade foundations I've done some shows

in the past on like raised foundations

and post and pier type foundations and

so this is an example of what happens on

slab foundations when they they have

problems cracks for example Dave showed

you one in this house and believe it or

not whether you've seen foundation

cracks or not this isn't that bad it may

look like it to some of you on camera

but the truth of the matter is it's just

the separation isn't that bad but what

has to happen is you have to address why

it happened right and typically what

happens is its water and mismanagement

of water so I'm going to talk about

quickly is just some basic things to

think about when you're looking at slab

on grade foundations first and foremost

you need to hire professionals I'm not

an engineer and I always enroll and hire

a structural engineer to come look at

the house and he just left actually

because they're qualified to make

certain assessments and look at things

that if you're not an engineer you don't

you don't know how to do so the thing is

you got to look at it you got to get an

engineer you got to get a professional

and then what you have to look at doing

is addressing what caused the crack and

like I said typically it's water so the

things you have to do is get the water

away from the house and this house

doesn't have gutters and it doesn't look

like it's had gutters for a long time so

starting out you're gonna do gutters the

other things that are really common or

doing like a walkway around the house

and that's to get moisture away from the

house a lot going on right now and that

actually will address that will start to

address the water management of the prop

of the property so that because what

happens when water sits against the

house when you have certain kinds of

soil the soil settles and then the house

settles and when it sells in certain

spots you get cracking and now what's

happening is the house is starting to

crown a little bit they call it when you

can see the ends of the foundation sort

of bending over and again it doesn't

necessarily mean you have a huge problem

it could mean depending on the type of

soil you have and if you're on a hill

then you've got even more problems but

this is a pretty level lot so is the

neighborhood so let's talk about what

has - the ways you can fix this type of

foundation well there's a lot of ways

you can fix it but well it's very common

is you have to remove about a foot on

either side of the crack so what they do

is they we're going to come back a foot

on either side of this crack now we're

going to cut away from this crack okay

and then what we're going to do is we're

going to take rebar and we're going to

dowel into drill into the existing

foundation and we're gonna epoxy inject

it in so that it sticks so we're gonna

have rebar crossing this crack with a

foot of separation and a new good you

know the existing slab and then we're

gonna repour this concrete and what that

does is it ties the foundation back

together and and that's what we're gonna

do with this repair you know so that's

that's one way to fix the foundation

there are other ways that you can fix

this you can remove whole sections of

the foundation which don't don't need to

be done here but sometimes that that's a

fix for the the crack depending on where

it's at okay so that's important when

the the cracks are even smaller than

this you don't have to you can actually

do what's called epoxy injection which

is taking a special kind of it's not

glue it's way more powerful than that

but you actually just inject it into the

crack in it and it binds it sticks the

two pieces together now this is right on

the borderline of the separation where

you can do that so we're not going to do

that here we're going to spend a little

bit more money and we're actually going

to do the do the removal and we're going

to do rebar and we're going to

tie it all all back in together okay now

when you look at this kind of work

honestly it's it's just concrete work

now that's very simple that's

oversimplifying it because you have to

have a professional with an engineer

devised like a detail of what needs to

be done but at the end of the day it's

cutting concrete it's rebar in its new

concrete okay so the repair is on

something like this depending on the

length of the crack don't need to be

that expensive this is actually a crack

that runs from almost to the front of

the house to a little bit before the

back of the house so just on a quick

estimate it's probably 15 to 20 feet and

something like that for that work is

gonna be it's gonna be in the range of

about eight to twelve thousand dollars

okay that's going to be for the for that

to repair that crack okay now you can

get charged a lot more and sometimes you

can even spend a little bit less but

that's a pretty good range and you can

look at but that's going to be for this

this repair so the other thing that I

mentioned you have to do is you have to

address water management on the property

and so what we're gonna do outside is

put gutters around the whole property

because there aren't any gutters here so

what gutters will do is they'll take the

water you know channel them to

downspouts and get them away from the

house because right now water comes and

it just sits against the house and

there's a little bit of grade where the

comes towards the house so that

basically all the water in the property

right now even coming off the roof is

coming down and sitting around the house

which is not a good thing because then

the soils can settle in the house can

settle so gutters and then the other

thing we're going to do is what what we

call you know moisture barrier is one

term for it it's really just a like a

three foot wide walkway typically around

the property and what that does when you

slope it away from the house it's when

water comes against the house it doesn't

get into the gutters it actually falls

away from the house so again it's just

one more level of protection now we've

got a little concrete here but there's

like a there's a flowerbed right here

which we're gonna fill in so that again

water slopes away from the house okay so

that's a that's really basic some really

basic foundation things that I wanted to

talk through there's certainly a lot

more that goes into certain types of

foundation repairs but those are a

couple of things to be to be to look at

for to look for and where you're gonna

see commonly

if there's a foundation problem is when

there's like hard flooring for example

when there's tile in the kitchen it'll

start to pop now when there's carpet

sometimes you won't know that so you

have to depending on if you think

there's a foundation problem you're

gonna pull that carpet back and take a

look okay I'll do some follow-up videos

once we start doing the repair here

because there's a lot more they can they

can go into foundation repairs but I

want to give you some basics so next

segment Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal okay so our Deal or No

Deal we're gonna keep it pretty simple

today you know using a professional or

not using a professional for certain

types of work that we do on our houses

for example foundations and absolutely

100% using professionals that we hire to

give us input and foundations are one of

those things that you know until you've

doubled them you don't you don't know so

you got to hire people that know what

they're doing and that starts usually

with an engineer okay and then finding a

good contractor that's dealt with

foundations and done repairs and one way

you can find those type of people are

you know asking right asking an engineer

what contractors are they worked with in

the past and vice versa

asking a contractor what in that has

done foundation work what engineers have

they worked with and there's a lot of

different reports that an engineer can

do depending on the what he or she sees

phase one phase two type of reports or

they can just provide a simple detail of

what they recommend for the repair and

then they the contractor follows that

detail and it gets stamped by the

engineer and it can be used to go on to

your plans it can be used to provide to

your buyer for the show that you did the

work properly but absolutely using

professionals and not just guessing

because foundations and till you've

dealt with them even even after you've

dealt with them like we have now we

still enlist an engineer because it's

the right way to disclose it and and and

it just allows the professional to come

in to give you their opinion which isn't

definitely important when it comes to

foundations our next segment is a quote

of the week let's go there

four of the week

our quote of the week we're gonna go

deep giving your son a skill is better

than giving him a thousand pieces of

gold it's a Chinese proverb what that

means to me and what I want it to mean

to you is that knowledge is power right

we I sometimes will ask people when I'm

teaching would they rather have a

million dollars or will they rather have

the knowledge of a Bill Gates or Warren

Buffett or another highly skilled in -

you know entrepreneur and I'll take that

knowledge from that person any day of

the week and twice on Sundays because

giving someone a million bucks yeah

that's a lot of money for most people

but you that money can go away can be

spent but knowledge you know knowledge

is yours knowledge is yours and that's

what I try to do with these videos and

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