what are the family types nuclear

families often called the traditional

family this type of family consists of a

mother a father and their biological or

adoptive descendants

it means that in nuclear families both

adults are the biological or adoptive

parents of their children single-parent

families this type of family is defined

when there is only one parent in the

household raising the children

this is due to high divorce rates

and adults choosing not to marry


extended families an extended family is

formed by two or more adults from

different generations of a family who

share a household

it consists of more than parents and

their children living together it may be

a family that includes parents children

cousins aunts uncles grandparents foster

children etc

the extended family may live together

for many reasons help raising children

support for an ill relative or help with

financial problems childless family

childless family is simply a couple or

group of people from all kinds of

backgrounds who for whatever reason have

never had children

many childless families choose not to

have children because they concentrate

on their careers

or like to travel instead of children

childless families usually have pets