Interview Tips: What to do at a Second Interview

Hey so you made it to the second

interview congratulations but what the

heck happens at this interview well

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so let's get started okay so second

interviews can kind of run the gamut but

one thing that tends to happen is

they're normally a little bit more

casual normally they're a bit more about

seeing if you're a good fit for the team

sometimes it's bringing in more team

members just to get to know you so while

it's more casual or more of a get to

know you conversational feel please

still remember it's an interview a big

mistake people make is they start to

kind of over share they get comfortable

and they say things they maybe shouldn't

so remember that even though it's more

conversational it's still an interview

and you need to be professional

now what if they ask you questions that

are similar to what they asked you the

first time

you don't want to give the exact same

answers right then we sound like a

scripted robot you don't want to give

the same answers but you do want to stay

within the same vein so give a an answer

where the story or example is different

but your opinion is the same or the idea

is the same so you want to give a new

example but to the same idea so maybe

it's that you're really in your answer

is something about how you're really

innovative and you gave one example of

something you created last time give a

different thing you created this time so

you don't want to bring up completely

new ideas or completely different things

than what you did last time but you

don't want to bore people by telling

the exact same thing they heard they're

bringing you back to here something a

little different right they don't want

to hear the same thing if they were

gonna hear the same thing that's just a

waste of their time another tip for the

second interview is that you can

reference other people you've talked

with in the company so maybe since the

last interview you spoke more with

someone in HR or one of the members of

that team or somebody else in a

different department about their

experience this is a great chance to

talk about how you know oh I spoke with

so-and-so and they told me this new

project they're working on and that

sounds really interesting to me because

so it's a great way to show that you

have been paying attention to the

company and what's going on now if you

don't know anyone in the company maybe

between the last interview and this one

something came up in the news about them

or they debuted a new product or

something like that if there's anything

like that that you can add in this is a

great opportunity to do so bottom line

just remember to still practice before

this interview think about what more you

want them to know about you how you

still want to show enthusiasm for the

position and keep it professional even

if it might be more conversational so

that is it for today pretty short video

but wanted to address some of the

questions I've been getting about second

interviews and let me know in the

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