Start Capacitor Vs. Run Capacitor Why You Can't Store A/C Power In A Capactor

hello YouTube this is Philip 20 again

today and what I've got for you is a

simple test I have a 80 to 100 8 micro

farad 330 volt 50 or 60 Hertz

capacitor okay and the rated temperature

for this is 65 degrees Celsius that's

pretty hot I don't know what it isn't

standard Fahrenheit but that's pretty

hard so I want to do some tests here is

our capacitor but if you can't see it it


88 to 108 now this device right here is

a device that I use for auditing my

house power consumption this is a bit

different than what you'll find as a

kilowatt meter so a kilowatt meter is

probably a lot better than this this is

a simple test for electricians that you

know heat pump technicians or

refrigeration technicians as well to

check the power consumption of a heater

for like a wall air conditioner or

heater you know making sure everything's

drawing the correct and on average now

this one has a specific location that

you can test there's x1 which means one

revolution of wire that is rotated

inside of this piece that would be

considered connecting the power

consumption just like that so if we do

that we'll have what you'll see is 0.5

amps okay

now you would say ok 0.5 amps s that's

nothing no big deal but then you come

over here

and do a quick test of the voltage okay

so you've got a voltage test for your

test leads right here once you got your

two voltage test leads in you flip it

over and then it shows 116 volts so if

we do point zero five times one one six

and that's five point eight watt power

consumption that uses more watt power

just plugging this in than it does to

run my kitchen lights my kitchen lights

use less power than that right there so

we know it's 101 to sixteen volts now I

tested it it right here with this one X

now we got a tenth as say X 10 X 1 X 10

let's see if we get a different reading

with it that right there so since it's

got 10 revolutions inside of there of

the power wire it's showing us zero

point seven one and that means it's zero

point seven one multiplied by 10 so this

number had been multiplied ten times so

instead of doing 0.7 0.7 3 amps its

point zero seven three you divide that

10 times okay and that's going to tell

you point seven three amps which we say

those five point eight watts with 116


it's the point zero seven three

that's instead of five point four watts

it's eight point four watts and this

capacitor is starting to get hot I can

feel the temperature on I'll be right

back with a thermal imaging camera all

right this is the capacitor and look at

that that thing's getting really hot

was that 110 degrees almost 109 110 so

we know we're consuming power right just

by plugging this capacitor in 8.4 watt

power consumption now in perspective

this type of setup would not add

additional capacitance to my

refrigerator if I installed it and

there's a reason for that this capacitor

has a frequency that goes up and then

down and then up and then down because

that's why it's getting hot that's why

we're getting hot we're using the

capacitance continuously and that is

consuming the power to change the

frequency of the alternating current

which happens 60 times a second and that

means you're gonna be taking you know 60

times a second back and forth to 115 116

volts okay adding a capacitor to a

circuit like this is not only dangerous

because it gets hot and it could explode

depending on how you put it in if you

put it in a metal box and ground the box

it's probably fine but if you don't run

the box and this thing gets hot enough

it's gonna explode because it's under

continuous load and it never

shut down these capacitors are supposed

to be in line to a start circuit to a

motor and your standard box fans would

not benefit from this your DC motors now

they could benefit from direct current

because it doesn't change the frequency

up and down if 60 times a second it

stays the same polarity so the polarity

reverses an alternating current back and

forth 60 times a second whenever you set

it up and you run it the only thing

you're doing is powering the capacitor

back and forth it's discharging and

charging 60 times a second so remember

eight point four eight eight point four

six eight watts of power consumption out

of a 88 to 108 micro farad capacitor now

you got to remember the voltage is 330

voltage alternating current it will

charge fully to the 88 to 108 microfarad

at 330 volts alternating current

this is 110 volts alternating current

right here

so since I'm running less than a third

of the power that this capacitor runs at

oh well you know a little more than a

third I mean it's pretty close to a

third but we're only using one third of

the capacity because the capacitor will

not charge until it reaches the maximum

voltage that it damaging voltage which

is 330 volts on this one you would never

want to exceed 330 volts on this

capacitor because it's going to shoot

right through the there's a there's a

median inside the capacitor I can't

remember the name of it but it's gonna

damage it if you go past 3 her and 13 so

you're looking at a power consumption

device it's doing nothing but consuming

the power in my house it does not add

capacity because it's discharging and

charging 60 times a second and it's only

continuously making a load on the

inverter so is this something I would

put in my house no there's something

else that you could use it's called a

hard start capacitor if you're having

trouble starting your compressor there's

a device called a hard start I'll go get

one for a heat pump and show you this

this here is a super boost hard start

capacitor it's a sub co-brand which is a

very reliable brand for severe low

voltage or hard starting compressors so

if your system has a lower voltage than

what is mandatory to run an air

conditioning system you can use this to

start it because it might may not start

and what's nice about this capacitor it

is a 277 V AC so and it'll run one

through five horsepower motor okay

now this is designed for a heat pump

this is designed to plug into a 230

voltage alternating current circuit no

wiring changes are necessary to this

type of system if I was to connect my

system to this what I've got to do is

plug these two terminals in to the run

the Hermetic for the compressor and the

common so your Hermetic will go here in

common would go here the benefit of this

is it will start your compressor quickly

the drawbacks of this is it will kill

your compressor

quickly so I mean over a period of time

you're gonna lose your compressors

resistance inside of the start windings

which is going to kill it and nobody

wants their compressor go bad because

they're expensive to replace so if you

take in consideration of this what's

special about a hard start versus just a

capacitor this thing's getting nice and

hot now is the special thing about a

hard start is it has a relay inside of

here this box inside of this box there's

a relay this relay detects load from the

capacitance this load only turns on for

a very short period of time and then

turns back off when it's completed load

a load I'm talking about lock rotor amps

lock rotor amps is a certain amount of

amps that the system will draw during

startup you'll have running load amps

which is the amount of amps the system

should not exceed and then lock rotor

amps which is the amount of amps that

you should have during startup so let's

talk about running low dams running load

amps is something sample it's a

straightforward picture of how much

energy the compressor should not exceed

so if you ever go past that means either

you got a condenser coil that's very

dirty or you got it overcharged which

nobody wants an overcharge system so

let's say law programs here I put my

test lead on one of the wires right

there okay and then I tied this

capacitor into that capacitor right

there it will draw a good amount of

power it'll draw it quickly let's see if

we can test

so in all real-world aspects adding

capacitor to 115 volt circuit is not a

good idea the reason is because you're

consuming energy and just for even a

very short period of time you're

creating a lot of heat and just a second

I'll show you again the thermals

I mean who needs heat in her house first

you got to remove it and then you know

it's not beneficial if you have a hard

time starting a compressor use a hard

start these are designed to start

compressors if you need help with

finding a hard start give me a call I'll

show you what to look for for your

application thank you again

this is filled 20 with guns games and

racing and our hard to start y'all later