Rocks for Kids

can you guess what this video was about

yeah we gotta gave it away didn't that's

right we are learning about rocks in

this video rocks are all around us you

see rocks all the time and some rocks

are huge like the rocks that make up

this massive rock formation they're huge

but then sometimes rocks can be really

tiny wee wee tiny little baby rocks

rocks are amazing they're all around us

all right so what are rocks well

rocks are solid chunks of one or more

minerals rocks are mineral chunks there

are solid chunks of one or more minerals

now most rocks are mixtures of multiple

minerals like these rocks other rocks

are made up of just one mineral like in

this picture this is a picture of chalk

chalk is a type of rock made of a

mineral called calcite the next time you

play with chalk just think wow this is

made of calcite these are like sticks of

calcite chalk is a rock that's made of

calcite so rocks are solid chunks of one

or more minerals and they are super fun

to learn about that's why geologists are

so cool geologists are rock experts they

study rocks as their job

geologists disagree about how many

different types of rocks there are but

we can all agree on this there are so

many different types of rocks to make

things more simple rocks are put into

three categories three major types of

rock sedimentary igneous and metamorphic

can you say those with us sedimentary

igneous uh-huh and metamorphic yeah now

this is pretty interesting the category

that a rock belongs to tells us how that

rock was made here will show you with

our first category of rocks sedimentary

rocks alright so what are sedimentary

rocks sedimentary rocks or rocks that

are made up of little particles they're

made up of little particles the

particles are called sediment can you

say that with us sediment yeah sediment

an example of sediment is sand yeah

sand is a type of sediment it's kind of


seashells are an example of sediment as

well so there are lots of different

types of sediment but they're particles

that could come from nonliving things

like sand or they could come from living

things like seashells that's fun

sedimentary rocks are made up of little

particles called sediments and you can

even tell that from the name sedimentary

sediment is in the name so if you forget

just look at the name sedimentary

sediment is in the name so the way

sedimentary rocks are formed is by

sediments collecting at the bottom of

bodies of water like lakes and oceans

the sediment is pushed down by the water

and over time the sediment starts to

harden into Rock

water is what really makes sedimentary

rocks without the water the sediments

would never Harden to become sedimentary

rocks they need water just think in that

water right now sediments are getting

pressed down and are hardening to become

rock the molecules in the water help the

sediment stick together kind of like


that is how sedimentary rocks are made

okay we have two categories left hmm

let's learn about metamorphic rocks next

metamorphic rocks are made when a rock

goes through a lot of heat or pressure


remember sedimentary rocks need water to

be formed they need water metamorphic

rocks are different metamorphic rocks

are rocks that need heat or pressure to

be formed here's a simple way to

remember that the word metamorphic has

another word inside of it the word morph

that's interesting the word morph means

to be changed so when you think of rocks

that are changed by heat or pressure

think metamorphic metamorphic rocks

morph they are changed by heat or

pressure metamorphic rocks are formed

below the earth's surface

that's cool and here's the thing okay

they make up a lot of the Earth's crust

which is the outer shell of the earth

much of the Earth's crust is made of

metamorphic rocks so we're not talking

about this type of crust we're talking

about the Earth's crust okay

you can see that the Earth's crust the

outer shell of the earth is broken up

into these things that almost look like

puzzle pieces scientists call these

plates here is a map of these plates

okay and they have a really cool name

scientists call them tectonic plates can

you say that with us that's so cool

tectonic plates these huge plates move

and push against each other and there is

a lot of heat and pressure there oh

that's why there are so many metamorphic

rocks that form in and around the

Earth's crust Wow

mystery solved and this is cool the heat

and pressure not only changed what the

rock looks like on the outside they

change what the minerals themselves are

like so the rock actually changes form

that means the heat or pressure morph

the old rock into a new rock a

metamorphic rock

now sometimes sedimentary rocks get

pushed into the earth and are around

pressure or heat then the sedimentary

rock turns into a metamorphic rock it

morphs or changes into a different rock

it has become metamorphic so heat or

pressure create metamorphic rocks and

they usually form deep under the surface

of the earth in and around the Earth's

crust all right now we've come to our

final rock category igneous this is

really interesting igneous rocks are

formed when molten rock cools and

hardens you might be wondering what does

molten rock mean what is molten rock

well this is molten rock molten rock is

liquid rock and there's two forms of it

inside of the earth molten rock is

called magma that's right Matt

but when it comes out from inside the

earth it is called lava lava is molten

rock - lava is molten rock that is no

longer inside of the earth

so igneous rocks are formed when molten

rock cools and that molten rock can be

magma or lava do you remember how

metamorphic rocks are formed from

pressure or heat well igneous rocks are

kind of the opposite aren't they igneous

rocks are formed from molten rock

cooling isn't that interesting

metamorphic rocks are formed from

pressure or heat and the igneous rocks

are formed during this cooling of molten

rock sometimes metamorphic rocks are

heated so much they turn into molten

rock when this molten rock cools it

becomes an igneous rock that's pretty

cool a common place for igneous rocks to

form is a volcano the lava that erupts

out of a volcano cools but the magma

below a volcano can cool as well forming

igneous rocks


remember rocks are chunks of minerals

they are mineral chunks and they are

grouped into three different categories

the first category was sedimentary

sedimentary rocks are formed when

particles called sediments joined

together it is almost like they want to

be friends as they form a new rock the

second category was metamorphic

metamorphic rocks are formed from heat

or pressure it is almost like when

someone gets angry their face actions

words can be changed or morphed finally

the third category was igneous igneous

rocks are formed when molten rock cools

off this molten rock can be either magma

or lava igneous rocks are like when

someone was really angry but decides to

take deep breaths

to cool off igneous rocks are formed

when molten rock chills out

we've talked a little bit about this as

we've learned about these types of rocks

but rocks change scientists call it the

rock cycle igneous rocks can break apart

into sediment and become sedimentary

rocks sedimentary rocks can be pushed

into the earth and become metamorphic

rock and metamorphic rocks can turn into

liquid rock and cool into igneous rock

that's amazing isn't it that is called

the rock cycle it's fun to learn about

rocks next time you find a rock find out

what type it is and think about all that

that rock has gone through rocks aren't

just chunks of minerals they tell a

wonderful story about how the earth


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