Rock cycle video | Learn about Types of Rocks | Rock cycle for kids

hello friends today we'll learn about

types of rocks and the rock cycle

rocks come in many different colors

sizes and shapes geologists divide rocks

into three basic groups they are igneous

sedimentary and metamorphic let's learn

about each type one by one igneous rocks

inside the Earth's core there are a lot

of molten materials and metals they melt

because of the temperature inside the

melted material puts too much pressure

on the Earth's surface

sometimes the surface breaks and due to

this the magma comes out when it comes

out it's called lava it gets cold

gradually and changes into the basalt

rock the rest of the magma that doesn't

seep out stays inside the earth the

leftover magma inside changes into

granite the type of igneous rock you may

have seen statues made of granite

because it's so strong now the

sedimentary rocks they're formed when

sediment compresses sediment is

comprised of tiny rocks plants and dead

animals they reach the sea and stay in

the seabed over millions of years more

and more sediment builds up and compacts

that compacted sediment eventually

becomes sedimentary rock

examples are sandstone and limestone

metamorphic rocks these are the changed

forms of igneous and sedimentary rock

they're formed by great heat and

pressure they're generally found inside

the Earth's crust where there's enough

heat and pressure to form the rocks for

example slate changed from clay and

marble changed from limestone now the

rock cycle it is the process by which

rocks of one kind change into rocks of

another kind magma is sent to the

Earth's surface it cools and forms an

igneous rock next this rock breaks into

small pieces of sediment as sediment


and hardens over the years a sedimentary

rock is formed slowly this sedimentary

rock goes deep into the Earth's crust

when the heat and pressure get high the

sedimentary rock will metamorphose into

a metamorphic rock and the cycle will

start all over again

now you know a lot about rocks please

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