Are There EVIL Messages in Backwards Songs?

Hey Hey Im Stevie Tee. Thank you for joining me today.

So in my last video we took a look at some songs that many people believe

To have subliminal Messages When You Play The songs Backwards.

And we had a Lot of fun testing them Out to see if they were true or not.

It was Just the fun video well Guess What the fun is over!

Now we're gonna get to the downright evil stuff!

Because Today we're gonna take a look at some songs That have Been Accused of Having Satanic Messages in them When you Play them Backwards.

otherwise Called back Masking and Then we're gonna test Out These songs to see if they do

*sneezes* OH Oh my gosh the lights do it. To me the lights do it

To me so as I was Saying we're gonna take a look at some of These "Satanic"

Songs and Then we're gonna put them to the test to see if the accusations are true.

So let me Just open up my laptopedge and we'll Get right down to Business.

The first song we're gonna look at is By a Little-Known Band Called The Eagles with their song Hotel California.

Welcome to the Hotel California. Such a lovely place, such a lovely place

Such an Ugly face

Now at the end of The second verse,

Leading Into The Chorus We Have the line in the Middle of the night Just to hear them Say,

Now They Say When you Play that Line backwords

you Get this Satanic message


And I'm like How are you Supposed to get anything out of that? All right, I think we have to give this one the vocal

test without music I got a good old Mike in the microphone here and what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna Record The supposed

Satanic vocals and Then I'm going to reverse That

and When we Listen to it it Should Sound like the original lyrics again, and if It Doesn't we can Safely conclude

That This song Does not Have Satanic Messages. So let's test it out.

Yes Satan Hears This he had me believe in him. Reverse..

and Review

That Doesn't Sound anything like in the Middle of the night Just to hear them Say.

That Was like some Foreign language or something! So I'm burying the hatchet on this one too the eagles laying down Satanic Messages.

I'm not Buying it

Now even an innocent rock Band Like Styx is being Accused of Having Satanic Messages. Wait Let me

You Mean to tell me that the band that sings, come sail away come sail away

Come sail Away with me. Has

Satanic Messages in Their songs

Come-come on.


But That's What They're accused of in their song Snowblind, and in this song They sing the line Try so hard to make it so.

and When you Play That Backwards, You apparently you Get this Satanic message.

You Know What this one Doesn't

Sound too far off though I'M still skeptical because to me it sounds more Like You Said, Satan moves

Through Our voisage!

Like What is a Voisage? It's definitely French.

So let's give This one the vocal test and see what We Get.

Satan Moves through Our voisage!

OK let's reverse that

and See what we Got.

I've tried so hard to make it so

(nonsense) Ok one more time. I've tried so hard to make it so.

(More nonsense)

Alright And Since This One Sounds totally incoherent in Our vocal test we have to conclude that This one is also BS.

Now there's something i want to record Just to hear It backwards i've Always wanted to know What this Sounds like Backwards?


I Just had to test that out. I apologize.

And The Next song is By

Soundgarden Which

rest in Peace Chris Cornell You're a Legend. and you're especially a Legend for coming Up with this song Called 665.

Like Obviously They're Making a Mockery of all This Satanic

subliminal Messages By Calling Their song 665 instead of 666.

So in their song 665 there's a Lot of obvious Backwards vocals, It Sounds Just like Mumbling.

But Now when you Play That Backwards, you Get some Hilarious intentional subliminal Messaging.


Love You Santa Baby! Soundgarden Doesn't Have Satanic Messages in Their song They have SANTAnic messages in their song.

You Know i want to do a little experiment you know when you Play vocals Backwards They have this.

Distinctive sound to them They sound like (backwards talking)

something Like That What if I recorded that and Played It Backwards Would It Sound like I was speaking normal English?

Let's try it out!

(backwards talking)

All right so let's reverse that and we'll see if we Get Any Coherent language Here.

(nonsense) OK, so apparently not. But it was a worth a try. That was hopefull.

Now there's a Black Metal Band Called Behemoth Now apparently When you Played Behemoth Music for Words you Get

Satanic Messages.


Wait a minute! Um Behemoth is a Black Metal Band obviously They're gonna Have satanic Messages.

And The last song we're gonna be looking at is the most well Known subliminal message song in history.

Stairway to heaven By led Zeppeli. Now legend has it if you Play This verse Backwards you Get these Satanic


And Again a Lot of That is incoherent, especially That Last Part.

There Was a Little Toolshed? I didn't Hear that at all. I heard There Was a Little tushy made a Supper Sassy.

See, what if My interpretation is the Correct one. No one will ever know.

But Hey we'll give This one the Benefit of the doubt and give This one the vocal test as well.

Oh Here's My Sweet Satan

The One whose Little path Would Make me sad whose Power is Satan

He'll give Those with Him


There Was a Little Tool Shed where he made us up for Sad Satan

So there we Go Now we'll Just reverse that. So let's Play It and see what We Got.






Well Wouldn't you know It once again That Sounds nothing Like the original verse.

So to all those people think Led Zeppelin has satanic messages in their music? You guys are little smoking too much.

Cause I think we've proove in today that someone make backwards music It's a pure chance.

Everything depends on the individual interpretation of each one.

But what do you think? I want to hear your opinions.

Do you think there's truth to these subliminal messages or do you think these people need to find new hobbies?

So comment below and tell me what you think.

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So I will see you guys....

Next time!