Explaining Science Project Written Report

hi everyone it's cool right here today I

want to go over your written science

reports that I graded this weekend great

job for getting them in they were super

fun to read I just want to go over some

common things that I saw that I think

you guys need to improve upon so that

your final draft is perfect and flawless

okay so the first thing this is how I

graded you this is the rubric I use your

title page look really good

abstracts were hit or missed you have to

make sure it's less than 400 words so

that means it's one paragraph okay it's

really short straight to the point no

fluff and you're just answering these

basic questions so what was studied how

was it studied and what was learned in

this section you need to put what your

hypothesis was and put if it was

accepted or rejected I know you don't

want to give the answer in the very

beginning but this is where you do it

you have to describe everything in a

short thing and was it accepted was it

not okay this goes at the very beginning

it's very short

next thing you guys had in your in your

report was the introduction most of you

had done this before and just turned in

the same thing make sure you don't have

the heading on the left-hand side that

says the old date your name you don't

need that you just need a title that

says introduction one thing that I saw

that was missing from a lot of people

was supporting your claim with evidence

so in this section you made um a

prediction you had a hypothesis but you

needed to now support that statement

that claim with evidence from your

background research so why do you think

that's going to happen okay support it

with the evidence that you got from

researching it what made you believe

that that's going to happen mm-hmm your

method section looked really good

make sure your materials part is

bulleted and your procedure has numbers

numbered lists also you need to have a

procedure of what you did some people

wrote this awhile ago and they said they

are going to water their plants with two

cups of water but in reality you only

watered it with a quarter of a cup so

make sure you change that to what you

actually did data analysis

a lot of you had a good graph and a good

data table but you're missing a couple

things so this kind of hurt your grade

you have one paragraph explaining the

observations the things you saw during

the project so what did you notice that

happened over time what was different

between the control group and the

variable group and then you need a

paragraph explaining the graph so not

just saying oh this this line goes up

and this red line goes down no no no you

have to be more specific what is the

difference between the control group and

the variable group what patterns or

trends do you see in this graph so when

the person reading it they can see your

graph but then in writing you're

explaining everything they need to know

so that they can understand it without

having to think too hard you're just

laying it out in a super simple and easy

term discussion section you guys do a

good job stated your hypothesis was

accepted or rejected again you need to

interpret your results more dig deeper

same thing you need to support your

claims with evidence so when you're

making statements support that with

either information from your background

research paper or information from your

data table okay from your the

information you got from there okay so

what happened why do you think that

happened okay that's a key part that

you're answering the discussion section

why and then need to answer these

questions as well reference lists don't

just put down the web address it needs

to be MLA format there's examples online

okay that's long we'll see about that

details something I some things I notice

your headings so the titles for each

section those have to be clear and at

the top every section every page is a

new section unless one section went to

the next page but you're not starting

your introduction at the bottom of your

abstract no that goes on a brand new

page and you need page numbers okay

don't forget about that so this whole

thing was out of 85 points

blow a lot and if you want to see some

good examples online I combined a couple

of your guyses that I thought were

really good examples they showed the

things I was just discussing they were

supporting their claims with evidence

they were backing it up making their

statements credible so I'm in a semester

two period three class is our class

click on resources I'm gonna click on

science projects and on here you can see

rough draft example and it's a mix of

both ok so notice how this abstract is

short right to the point I found that

the results were slightly inconclusive

because ok supporting themselves

background research good example I

thought this was a good data table that

you guys should check out as well as the

graph but this person is missing two

paragraphs explanation explaining what's

going on in here what's the difference

between the control and the variable

group okay and then the discussion as

well so just keep in mind that this

discussion did not come from the same

report as the data table so they're

different but they're both good examples

okay so you can find that on edu the

next thing we're going to be working on

is creating your display board so I just

want to say a couple things about this

you're just splay board the headings are

clear and big they're easy to read

headings are things that say like

procedure results conclusion ok those

need to be at least size 32 the title

needs to be at least 150 so the title

goes up here here's another example

ok the title is nice and big the goal of

this is that you can see and read

everything from about 3 feet away all

other writings should be about size 16

size 18 notice how these display boards

are simple and easy to read they don't

use more than four colors this one uses

black white blue and green that's it

nothing more

this one only uses three colors also on

your display board no need to have the

data table you just need the graphs I

want the data tables in the final draft

written report so next

Thursday you're coming to class with

this display board along with your final

draft written report and an artifact so

go ahead and click on the next video

good luck