How to Make Glowing Water

what's up everybody welcome back to

Malibu - every safety is number one

priority and today I'm going to show you

a very cool experiment the instant light

powder also called Chi Minh a

luminescent experiment but instant light

powder sound just way cooler so let's

check this out so right here we're going

to need instant light powder look at

this pretty awesome

so I got it online we're going to need

one of those little tubes and we're

gonna make a little cool experiment

let's check this out first we're going

to fill it up water in a beaker

it's a distilled water or natural spin

water we're going to fill up about 40

milliliters over distilled water just

like this then we're going to go about

is instant light powder and put it in

there but first let's turn off the

lights so we can see the reaction so

we're gonna put this stuff in there

about few grams like day two four grams

and look it's already starting to light

up and if I mix it look at this I'm

gonna mix it look how crazy this look

all lights up with this wow that's

insane I bet they use that in movies

look how beautiful it is isn't it insane

how beautiful it is it looks like it's

not even a oh it looks like a glow stick

but it's not look at this beautiful mess

amazing huh we should pull it from a

beaker to another the carpet that's

gonna look cool - oh my god this pot

this glow-in-the-dark liquid and put it

in here

woah look how awesome with this now

let's see what it looks like not in a

dark room but very light up boom the

check this out

Wow you see as soon as I turn the lights

on instead of blue color it's looks like

yellow color pretty amazing huh look

it's light up again how beautiful is

that so we got to hold it here so now

we're gonna go so now we're gonna go up

here a bust and when you have this short