Minecraft Beta: Chemistry Lab (Education Edition)

hello everyone and welcome back to

another minecraft update video we are

currently in bedrock edition this is

beta one point two point twenty point

one and in this edition you can enable

education edition and this unlocks the

chemistry lab which brings chemistry

into Minecraft now disclaimer alert I

was not taught this stuff at school so I

know what a periodic table is I have

actually built one using these blocks

which represent the different elements

in the periodic table so when it comes

to things being scientifically accurate

I'm not your guy unfortunately but I'm

gonna walk you for all the things that

have been added with this and it is

pretty pretty fantastic pretty

interesting it comes with a lot of

practical uses in survival mode as well

there are items gonna change how you

play the game in survival minecraft but

if we scroll down here now those items

are actually accessible as you will see

we have all of the different elements of

the periodic table right here all of

these names so many of them are very

interesting and cool and that's all that

there appears to be but believe me there

is in fact more things to check out for

example there are sparklers underwater

TNT underwater torches hardened glass

blocks and a super fertilizer to make

plants grow instantly those are just

some of the things that have been added

and we're gonna check out every single

thing that's been added with this I will

open this chest and show you a couple of

examples there is some elixir right here

which can cure blindness if I remember

correctly we'll go over that again later

and I'll tell you exactly what it is

that it does we've also got these red

balloons which are filled up with helium

so what I'm going to do is I'm going to

spawn a pig and then I'm going to attach

the balloon to the pig and the pig is

going to go off into the sky you know

real practical uses peeps that's a very

practical use it's gone it's literally

gone I I want to do that a couple more

times oh wow don't run away just yet

look at that we're making pigs fly oh

they go up this so quickly don't they

now if you're watching this video and

you're part of the beta of the bedrock

edition you might be thinking I want to

check this out

self and I'll show you exactly how you

go about doing that you need to create a

new weld and then in the options for

creating a new world you need to

activate cheats and then simply select

education edition and this is gonna add

the chemistry lab to your game now if

you're thinking I want to know how to be

a part of the beta that is something I'm

not gonna tell you in this video because

it was a huge pain in the butt for me to

actually get into the beta and to get it

working and it's not the sort of thing I

can make a tutorial on but you can go

look up other guides and if you run into

problems you will know the headache that

I went through to get this to work but

anyway let's go and jump back into our


so we shall start by checking out two of

these blocks the first one is the

element constructor and look at these

textures man I love that it's got a

unique texture on each side these blocks

are extremely cool we have the material

reducer as well we're gonna check that

one out second so let's go and open up

the element constructor this is gonna

require no power no items being put into

it it's basically going to give you

stuff for free what you have to do is

configure the elements and you do that

by telling it the amount of protons

electrons and neutrons that are going to

go into this so let's start by adding a

proton and an electron and we've created

the very first element which is hydrogen

and I can simply just you know drag that

over and over again probably can shift

drag it for a stack no you can just take

one at a time but that's all you have to

do it's pretty cool stuff now let's go

ahead and make the second one which is

helium so if I go and add one extra

proton one extra electron and a nutrient

we get helium like that it's pretty cool


the third one is lithium which is free

of each and there you go we are making

the elements now you'll notice the

electrons have these rings around

outside are going to guess this is all

scientifically correct it would make

sense that it is because education

edition I don't think they're going to

half-ass anything here that is extremely

peculiar and interesting to me and so is

all of this but as we as we drag them

around randomly you see it's kind of

tricky to land on the correct one so

let's go and do one with a different

amount you can also click up here for

example if

I set this to 42 this one here to 42 as

well and then that one to 50 we should

create moly bdellium oh yeah these these

things start to have a crazy names let's

go make Ron diem if we put this up to

five on each and then it's 58 I believe

58 of those makes Ron diem I'm in and

you can make all of the different

elements of the periodic table over

there using this thing pretty

fascinating right now there is another

way to obtain these items as well if I

just go in here and grab a couple of

random items

let's grab some sand from down here as

well and we go over to this block which

is the material reducer we will be able

to reduce materials to there the

elements so this could be like entirely

accurate certain amounts of oxygen and

silicon makes sand I know this silicon

in sound that sounds like a legit thing

okay so brick blocks no stone bricks no

I'm guessing that one no as well so

maybe we need things that are a little

bit more natural for example dirts

perhaps grass would make sense as well

my friends I have discovered the errors

of my ways I have been putting in stacks

instead of single blocks if we look at

what makes up this carbon oxygen

nitrogen not even going to try to say

that one right there we can see what

makes up dirt block as well but not a

lot of blocks actually go into here for

example if I try orange stain glass not

having much luck maybe regular glass

would have been a better try so let's go

down here and slap one of those in no

doesn't accept it anyway that is the

other way that you can get yourself some

of these elements let's now check out

the next block right here this is the

compound create a man that texture is so


allow this over so much we can use this

to take some of those elements and

combine them to create other things like

Minecraft items like charcoal ink and

sugar can all be made in this and then a

whole bunch of other crazy items as well

which we can use to craft some of the

cool stuff I'm going to be showing you

at the end of this video so we're gonna

start off by do

is chucking in one sodium and one

chlorine and this is going to create

salt as you can see NAC oh it shows you

it right there we just we just made some

salt I've got no idea if there's any

uses for this and apparently I can take

as much as I want and then put those

back that's very cool now sometimes

you're going to need more than just once

if I to put in one carbon and one

hydrogen we don't get anything but if I

put in nine carbon and 20 hydrogen we

get ourselves some crude oil and notice

again it's the C and the H and then the

amounts that we have and I could take as

much crude oil as I want ah this is this

is insane right here so then we've got

some iron and some sulfur to make some

iron sulphide ah crazy look at these

little items right here

they look very interesting and then

we've got six carbon and six hydrogen to

make benzene I think that's how you say

that one now not all of them require

just two things and you can sort of put

them in I believe anywhere as long as

they're in there together right so order

and stuff is not too much of a problem I

got one down the bottom here that

requires four we've got carbon we've got

hydrogen nitrogen and oxygen or with

different amounts and you can put it

together to make luminol don't even know

what this stuff is but it but I'm

excited by it and now we have the lab

table time for some mandatory inspection

of all sides of the block well not the

bottom side but just like those textures

leave me alone in here you can put

together some of the things you saw us

craft in just a moment ago and and

combine those things to make other items

of which free of these I think are

actually really useful in survival well

at least they have a use if we go into

here though and just quickly create some

a manoa hopefully I'm saying that

correctly I'm sorry if I'm not and we

mix these two things together we should

be able to combine that into something

now that just started to animate after I

put in that other item right so perhaps

that's showing you when you're doing st.

corrects and maybe each of these

different types animate depending on

what type of thing you're creating but

if I combine wow I was not expecting


we've got ourselves some super

fertilizer now here's what we're gonna

do we're gonna put that over to one side

in a chest and we'll be checking it out

at the end of this video there is more

to be made though first of all we've got

to make water and this one's a classic

h2o and there it is so we've got some

water and these things together should

make us a heat block of all things so

let's just chuck them in there and then

see what it says aha look this one on

this side now animates oh that is so

very cool by the way there are only four

things you can make in here as well so

hopefully we will see that middle one

get animated as well and different

particle effects this time that was

fantastic and we now have the heat lock

we're gonna put it in here for later

peeps we're making some more stuff it's

sodium Act eight this time and we need

four of it to go into here to make an

ice bomb of all things there's the

animation let's click combined and

particle effects now it's time for a

little bit of water and the old sodium

hypochlorite let's just go tuck that in

there and we've got this animation over

here so there are four different things

you can make and we haven't seen the

middle one animates but anyway particle

effects time that was really cool and

we've made ourselves some bleach so for

the next set of items we have to do a

whole bunch of crafting so let's start

off with some of the easiest stuff first

of all TNT mixed with sodium makes

underwater TNT and then magnesium and

torches makes underwater torches again

we're gonna check these out later on so

using the compound creator I've made a

bunch of different types of chlorides

and now what we can do is combine those

chlorides with other items

first of all torches to make color

torches so that gives us a blue torch we

can get a red torch a purple torch and

last of all a green torch awesome and

then the other thing we can do is put

sticks magnesium and then each of these

chlorides on top of it to create

sparklers are different colors so we've

got orange and then these are just like

the other ones this one's gonna be red

isn't it yes so they kind of match

purple and last of all it will be green

yes awesome okay so we made some

sparklers and torches and and you know

we're gonna we're gonna check it out

later on and now for the last of our

crafting we can make hardened glass

which simply takes longer to break

that's all there is to it

you need some aluminium oxide and some

boron trioxide and then it makes

hardened glass which I gotta say looks

seriously cool here's another thing you

can make with this polyethylene stuff

and don't tell me I didn't actually make

enough apparently I didn't make enough

overall I did make the right amount I

was just missing something so if we do

that's look at that an orange glow stick

let's make a purple one and a cyan one

as well so there are four different

types of potion you can brew as well so

we've got some awkward potions and with

silver you can turn this into antidote

which will cure poison the next one has

Cobalts in its of all things and that

makes the elixir which can be used to

cure weakness we then have eyedrops made

with calcium and this will cure

blindness these are all effects in the

game of course we're talking about here

and then last of all we have bismuth

which makes this tonic right here which

can be used to cure nausea so those are

the four different types of potion you

can make with this stuff as well and now

my friends we get to have fun with the

contents of this box I'm going to start

off by cloning the box and then breaking

it if that lets make several clones

breaking it so we can get all the items

now the torches are probably going to be

the least interesting right because

they're not going to emit actual colored

light because that would require

changing the engine so it's literally

gonna be a different colored torch each

time one of these allows me to access my

inventory like survival mode so

there's the blue one there's the red one

we've got the underwater torch over here

so if we go down underwater funny enough

down to the bottom of the ocean where it

is dark and mysterious and look at that

Oh with particle effects as well

I like that ever so much that's really

really nice

it emits lights it's got a nice nice

effect as you move away from it as well

that's cool and of course it doesn't pop

off so that's interesting we're probably

going to need to give ourselves that

flint and steel for this next one

because I would like to let's put the

purple torch away I'd like to grab our

underwater TNT and place that down here

so water usually stops TNT from working

right so this time it's just TNT that

does work even when there's water going

into it let's use more than one block

let's put down quite a few and then move

away and there you go awesome stuff now

we have a glow stick that apparently

glows when it's shaken so if I hold down

right click we're shaking it and we've

used it a little bit is it sort of

active now I think it's kind of active

maybe we need to go down to where it's

darker I've never seen this stuff before

peeps okay so we can't shake it anymore

let's shake this one ah look at that the

stick is glowing that's cool and so's

that one actually I didn't really notice

did I so give it a little shake oh man

and now it's nice and visible so this

bleach that we got in our inventory is

simply used to remove dyes from stuff is

it a one-time use it is so that's

probably not worth messing around with

but you can convert colored stuff back

into normal stuff this next one we're

going to go into game mode survival and

I've never seen this screen before until

today it's really good I like it and now

we're gonna break the hardened glass

which will take a fair bit longer than

usual as you can tell glass is usually

pretty quick to break do you know what

else we should do we should check and

see if it is TNT resistant there we go

I reckon it's not going

be that resistant oh it is well I spoke

too soon there you go interesting stuff

ok I need me some some grass or some

dirt near some water we're gonna put

down some seeds and then we're gonna use

our super-duper fertilizer what was it

called again

super fertilizer I was pretty close

there's no duper and look at that

basically bone meal that goes all the

way to the fullest growth we should we

should try that on saplings for trees as

well and see if they will instantly grow

and under what conditions as well so

let's go put like a sapling down just

over here and see if we can instantly

grow it we can fascinating what if there

are other blocks around it or other

trees is it gonna grow instantly every

time it is no not that time you saw it

there X is asking questions and finding

flaws with the super fertilizer so it's

not that super it's pretty strong but

not strong enough alright so the ice

bomb is supposed to turn water into ice

do we do we throw this oh yes it is a

projectile that could be pretty fun for

minigames right so we can make ourselves

a little ice lake and then what we can

do is put down the heat block which

should start to melt the ice as well I

like the transparency of this and it's

animated as well so it says that like a

tortured or emit light and melt the ice

it could be the ice is created from the

ice bomb isn't the same type and

therefore it's not melting it Oh No

there we go it's it started to melt

there in the middle the first one that

we placed it's now melting so sometimes

they say save the best for last I've got

a feeling these sparklers are gonna be

the best it's right quick umm that's not

quite what I was expecting I was

thinking more particle effects although

we do get some that sort of follow us as

we move around how does that look like

in this right here

I like the fizzling noise that's cool

and is that slowly like burning out okay

interesting so our glow sticks well

actually now if I'm not holding it and I

go back to it it continues fizzling


and we know what the deal is now don't

we I should I should be dual wielding

this let's go let's go put one in there

got me some sparklers feets Wow that is

superb I love it awesome awesome stuff

right well there it is it's been a very

interesting video we've gone through all

of the stuff in the chem lab if you have

enjoyed the video leave a like as always

thank you for the support and in the

description box down below you can find

the guide to the chemistry lab as well

if you'd like to look at that but anyway

that's it for me this video thank you

for watching I'll see you soon buh-bye