A QUIET PLACE (2018) Explained

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today we'll be exploring the 2018 sci-fi

horror film a quiet place

starring Emily Blunt Millicent Simmons

no a tube and John Krasinski in his

directorial debut the film is

essentially about survival and the legs

parents will go to ensure their kids

make it through the dangers of a world

filled with monsters one of the great

strengths of this film is that there's

no needless exposition or prologue

explaining what had happened to earth or

how the monsters had got there the film

begins on day 89 in the aftermath of

their arrival and we as viewers are

dropped into the middle of a story

that's already ongoing the only brief

explanation that we get is from a

collage of newspaper clippings the

family had posted in their home and

notes that Lee the patriarch of the

group had been writing what we do know

immediately is that any sound that is

made essentially losing hyper-aggressive

extraterrestrial creatures they used

echolocation to map out their

environment to reduce their audible

footprints lead begun to soundproof his

family's home by laying soft sound

around their property and major walkways

painting all the non creaky floorboards

and teaching his family sign language as

for the aliens not only where their

bodies almost indestructible showing no

damage from explosions and weapons fire

but their razor-sharp claws were able to

tear through metal with ease which meant

that if you didn't have a plan you were

likely going to bite the dust this is

made absolutely clear from the onset of

the film with the tragic and sudden loss

of their youngest child bow that we

snatched up by one of the monsters after

turning on

loud toy that his father had forbidden

him from playing with and though Lee had

taken the batteries out of the toy and

left it in the abandoned store his

eldest daughter Gretchen wanted to make

beau happy and handed it back to him

what she could not have known was that

he had also taken the batteries and

while she was directly in front of her

brother when he switched it on Gretchen

was also deaf and couldn't hear this

leading to his unfortunate and shocking


since that day Gretchen had lived with

guilt and the belief that her father

blamed her for his passing and though

this was far from true is inability to

tell her that he loved her only further

fed this guilt in reality both Evelyn

and Leigh blamed nobody for the event

which they both saw as an unfortunate

accident I guess they'll feel the weight

in my arms

who are we


we can protect them

the death of their youngest son also

made the arrival of their first baby in

the chaotic conditions extremely

problematic forcing them to create a set

of rules to ensure their survival I

think we should also be noted as

terrified as the prospect of having a

child was for the family the arrival of

a new baby was a symbol of hope for both

the family and the future of the human

race giving them something more

substantial to live for other than

survival itself now the horrifying

aliens which I've named the listener's

had arrived on the back of meteors from

a hostile planet that had no light which

is why they had no eyes and used

echolocation to sense out their

environment the inhospitable nature of

their planet also led to the aliens

developing a nya invulnerable armored

exterior that was impervious to almost

all forms of attack I mean this exterior

was so durable that the creatures that

essentially survived traveling on

meteors in the vacuum of space for

hundreds if not thousands of years prior

to crashing on earth we also see a few

article clippings that emphasize this

point by revealing bullets and bombs

were not able to penetrate their armor

production designer Jeffrey B Croft was

responsible for the creatures

development and had taken all of

christen skis notes to create a somewhat

humanoid creature that had adapted to a

world without light references were

pulled from prehistoric fish snakes

spiders and bats to explore the movement

of the listeners while their exterior

was modeled around bug people which were

human cadavers that had been naturally

mummified in peat giving their tough

exterior a leathery look their bodies

were remarkably similar to the cloven

monster though there were numerous times

smaller than the massive kaiju their

long limbs also enabled them to move

with great speed and as mentioned

earlier their sharp claws were seen

ripping through metal with ease their

teeth were also modeled on the classic

character venom giving them a menacing

grin upon approach their heads which

looks similar to the demagogue in in

stranger things contained a massive

echolocation chamber that would open up

to increase the sensitivity of their

hearing this moment was also

incidentally the only time the

indestructible beasts were vulnerable

and is something the Abbott family would

eventually piece together

I've actually covered both the

demagoguing and the cloven monster in

separate videos and will leave a link

these below if you're interested both

Chris in ski and his sound designers

also explained that the creatures were

intelligent and communicated amongst one

another through sound frequencies the

creatures also gave off an

electromagnetic frequency that affected

electronics and we would see the lights

flicker whenever they would need one of

the most interesting things about the

listeners was that they actually did not

feed on any people and the reason they

hunted humanity and most of the other

life-forms on earth to extinction were

so that they could replicate the quiet

place that was once their home planet

now the abbot's were a farming family

which meant they were able to live off

the land harmoniously without creating

much noise an important skill we see

passed down from Lee on to his children

while much of the population had been

wiped out the abbot's actually lived

among a small group of survivors that

intentionally stayed in isolated pockets

to avoid the aliens at the start of the

film we see Lee lighting a fire and as

he looked on into the distance we saw

that there were numerous other farms

that did the same thing in a scene that

was reminiscent to the lighting of the

warning beacons in the Lord of the Rings

at no point do we actually see them

interact with the other families but I

think it's safe to assume they'd all

communicated with each other and shared

resources to modify their homes into

quiet safe havens with the arrival of a

new baby on the way the family had begun

to further soundproof their home they

also created a unique box coupled with

the breathing apparatus for their infant

should the need arise for them to

further insulate the sound that it made

we also noticed that Lee was working on

upgrading Regan's hearing aid to restore

her hearing hoping to give her a

fighting chance in a world where sound

meant life or death Lee ultimately

failed to upgrade her hearing aid with

the devices he had created all producing

a deafening high-pitched sound which was

unbearable to his daughter and even more

painful to the creatures who had an

overdeveloped sensitivity to sound this

ended up being extremely useful and we

saw a few examples of the hearing aid

inadvertently saving Regan and her

family in events that foreshadowed the

film's conclusion with Evelyn do to give

birth in a few days

Lee took his son Marcus to a nearby

river and attempted to teach him how to

fish and while Reagan was fearlessly

enthusiastic to join her father and

Marcus was terrified Lee decided to take

his son fearing that his daughter's

hearing impaired

would lead to another accident this in

turn led a frustrated Reagan to visit

the memorial set up for both leaving

Evelyn alone on the farm having lived in

silence for so long

Marcus was scared at all the sound being

made by the river but Lee was able to

explain that there was so much natural

sound being developed that they were

practically inaudible

for what happened


cuz she believes herself

alone in the house Evelyn began going

into labor unexpectedly and on her way

to the basement she stepped on a large

nail that caused her to drop a frame

instantly alerting a nearby creature

that made its way into their home

switching the lights to red to signal

that the creatures had arrived she then

made her way to the bathroom in an

anxiety inducing seed struggling not to

make a sound every step of the way

seeing the red lights on display Lee

arrived back onto the farm with Marcus

and instructed him to set off fireworks

as a diversion enabling him to find

Evelyn in the bathroom with their

newborn son Lee then promised his wife

that he would protect them all before

heading out to find Marcus and Regan who

had also recently returned to the farm

after noticing the fireworks sitting

atop of the grain silo both Regan and

Marcus attempted to signal their parents

by lighting a bonfire to no avail

a hatch door then gave way below the

feet of Marcus sending him falling into

the silo the sound of which also sent

the monster trailing Evelyn towards the

location of the children the two kids

ended up helping each other to avoid

suffocating but are attacked by the

vicious creature that responded to the

sound they were making luckily for the

kids Reagan's implant reacted to the

proximity of the creature by emitting a

loud high-frequency sound that drove it

away the kids then reunited with their

father only to have the monster returned

with furious intent severely wounding

Lee in the process Marcus then let out

an impulsive scream attracting the

creature back towards the kids which

viciously began to tear through the

vehicle they were hiding inside Lee then

use sign language to tell both of his

kids that he would always loved them

before screaming at the monster in the

ultimate display of self-sacrifice the

remaining Abbott's then retreated into

the soundproof basement where Regan was

able to see all of her father's notes

and the creatures and his

experimentation with several different

implants when the creature returned to

finish the job Ragan was finally able to

deduce that the sound being made by her

implant caused the creatures distress

leading her to switch it back on and

place it on a nearby microphone which

magnified its effect painfully

disorientated the creature finally

exposed the flesh beneath its armored

head allowing Evelyn to take it down

with a single shotgun hit to the head

the abbot's then see the two remaining

aliens in the vicinity on the CCTV

cameras sprinting towards them but this

time the family was prepared and we saw

everything [ __ ] a shotgun in

anticipation easily my favorite Thriller

of 2018 a quiet place skillfully plays

on our elemental fears with a race of

intelligent and ruthlessly cunning

creatures and a nuclear family that was

determined to survive them one of the

best things about this film is that in

the end both Lee and Evelyn had

succeeded in their quest to protect

their children and inadvertently ended

up discovering weakness to the creatures

due to the fact that they already lived

in a small isolated community it's

likely the Abbott would have passed this

news on to their neighbors as well as

others around the world through the

radio Lee had built in their basement

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