Party Conventions Formalize Nomination of Presidential Candidates

it's August and September time for the

Democratic and Republican parties to

officially crowned their presidential

candidates for the November election

the 45th quadrennial National Convention

of the Democratic Party will now come to

order every four years the u.s.

political parties hold conventions they

follow procedures that formally select

each party's presidential candidate the

conventions begin with a seating of each

States delegation these delegates are

pledged by the results of the state

primary elections and caucuses to

specific presidential candidates all

those in favor signify by saying hi

the next order of business is the

adoption of the party's so-called

platform a set of principles and

positions the party will stand for it in

the coming election sometimes there can

be a lot of contention over these points

if they're controversial the official

selection of each party's presidential

candidate starts with a formal

domination of all who contended for the

top spot on the ticket this usually

takes place on the second-to-last day of

the convention the next candidate to be

nominated this evening for President of

the United States is Senator Barack

Obama of Illinois after the nominations

the next procedure a bit of theater

called the roll call of the states takes

place while the person who clinched the

nomination is almost always already

known the delegate totals for each

candidate or announced

here's Hawaii in 2008 we proudly cast 26

votes for the next president of the

United States

Senator Barack Obama one vote for

Senator Hillary Clinton determining each

party's presidential candidate is simple

the contender who holds a majority of

the delegates wins the nomination

unsuccessful White House seekers often

pledge their support at the convention

to the one who will get their party's

nod this was 2012 Republican

presidential candidate Mitt Romney four

years ago supporting the party ticket we

have a prescription for every American

who wants change in Washington throw out

the big government liberals and elect

John McCain and Sarah Palin for both

major parties the final evening comes to

a climax with a candidate's acceptance

speech the conventions end with a splash

of confetti and cheers the next morning

the candidates start to roughly two

months of strenuous campaigning that

leads to the first Tuesday in November

and for one of them the White House

Jeffrey young VOA news