this is a non-stress test at exactly 32


this one monitors contractions and this

one baby's heart beat on that machine

over there

it's just monitoring contractions and a

heartbeat I don't have to push a button

I've seen some videos where every time

you feel the baby move you push a button

this is a non-stress test and I'll just

do like I said the contractions and the

heartbeat and they're checking on this

monitor and I get it done for 20 minutes

and literally that's it

I've already and then we're done I'm

getting contractions right now I've been

getting Braxton Hicks contractions but

they're not concerned you can kind of

see on that paper oh yeah you can't see

the contraction look it does

and then that's the baby's heartbeat

what the baby's heartbeat was between

152 I think in 164 so here's my little


buddy I just wanted to show that again

this is called a non-stress test I have

to get these two times a week from 32

weeks on until I deliver the baby

because I'm I have gestational diabetes

and high blood pressure so they're just

making sure baby see and baby is in the

95th percentile oh he's already five

pounds and nine ounces at exactly 32