Facelift Before & After - Ponytail Lift™ - Upper Lip Lift - Kao Plastic Surgery - Mommy Makeover

okay so the heaviness of it offline lid

that's ever retrieved without cutting

lawyer they look to be a skin pinch she

could come up a little bit a corner of

her mouth to come up all that open up

just slightly

then we're gonna reduce the length of

upper lip so there'll be more to show

so we stopped at backing with cheated

forehead brow area the lips and let's be

done with no incision that's visible and

that's a benefit of the coin silver

we're marked up here so we're gonna do

the plenty to the left and what we're

gonna do we're gonna modify the muscles

the frowning muscles so this is a

surgical Botox really so semi-permanent

so we'll be able to weaken the muscles I

don't think you'll be completely Botox

free in the future but it will be

definitely less splint

and then it's been up to the signs

that's the corrugator muscles seu


oculi muscle good yeah for this drum


okay good and the frontalis really all


right let's go down a little bit lower

than the left and the ponytail look all

right okay so we are ten days out right

correct yeah ten days out ponytail lift

and then lift and it looks pretty good

Wow what do you think I think that

everything is going to change the game

changer no changer get you a pair that's

right yeah

GameChanger display beautiful beautiful

there's really nothing to the front

you're like I know it's pretty damn

beautiful you're a god

two and a half weeks right