How a Kayak is Made - Bonafide SS107 - Made in the USA

what's up guys is gene Jensen and I am

driving actually riding in my car I've

got a driver today this is Scott this

guy that takes a lot of pictures I mean

and a whole bunch of other stuff and in

the back we have Fletch Fletch is the

owner of one of the kayak shops here in

town called Westwood supply Co Westbrook


Westbrook supply company so I want to

talk to you a little bit about what

today was all about we came up here we

jumped in the truck this morning early

drove from Atlanta to Greenville South

Carolina to check out the new bonafide

SS 107 which is a 10 foot 7 inch kayak

that they just started molding yesterday

and we got to go through it and watch an

entire day of the craziness at that

place and got to watch them mold a few

kayaks and and and got to play around

with with the 107 and I got to see one

basically born and we filmed it we took

pictures we did a bunch of things this

kayak is so cool I mean we got to watch

it get poured to get the you know the

the powdery plastic get poured into the

mold got to watch them close the mold

put the mold in the oven then take the

mold out and and I'm you know and take

the mold off and there was the kayak and

then I got to build one which was really

really neat so what we're going to do

right now is we're going to to move over

and kind of put I probably have to put

it to music when I edit it but anyway I

gonna put a whole deal is show you guys

the whole process from beginning to end

of one of the very first bonafide SS 107

s and and it's gonna be pretty cool so

you guys enjoy this real quick and we'll

be back to you with you in just a minute








all right so we are back I got a put in

a flinch I'm gonna give you the phone

next I'm just going to turn around but

as a shop owner and how long have you

been selling bona fide at bonafide

kayaks so almost a year what is your

impression of the company as a whole how

they treat you guys and everything else

they're great to work with I love the

fact they're just right up the street

and they're accepted the details that

finish on their boats I think is

unmatched in the industry so for me as

dealer that's really important knowing

that the boats I'm sending out are

quality and you know every nut and bolt

that's gone over on that boat ready to

go out the door yeah that's that is

pretty cool it's a and it's there if

from what I understand they're just fun

to sell you know they pretty much sell

themselves from ain't just me talking to

other shop owners and stuff like that

doesn't take much convincing but my

favorite thing is to cease you want to

put somebody in it for the first time

like Scott over here you got mine a few

months ago right there right in your

backyard with a piece a kayak anglers we

want to fish the tournament and as a

matter of fact the first I was got to be

the guy who took the first selfie with

you that you were now a bona fide man

yep that West that's right because

nobody knew at that time because I just

barely got one so but yeah I threw him

in it and he loved it he absolutely

loved it but uh but anyway so the really

cool part about this video and I'm sorry

for you guys that that hate me doing

high high promotional videos for

anything but I am so excited about this

this little kayak because even though

it's a little kayak

everybody says that it's super stable

it'll hold a fat guy like King Jenson

it'll you know

and Chad Hoover so

over the next couple of days day after

tomorrow I've got a trip with Chad

Hoover we're both going to be in 107 s

the next day I've got a trip on my own

down the Flint down the Etowah River in

Georgia and then I'm going to take that

and a 127 to La Crosse Wisconsin for the

Driftless one of the Driftless water

sports convergence I'm gonna be doing a

seminar there and everything else so I'm

kind of excited about it

but I got to build my own kayak today

and it was an orange kayak I did not

bring in Norns went home with me that

kayak is special I signed the paperwork

as the Builder and whoever buys that

kayak wins a fishing trip with me and

probably Chad Hoover because he liked to

tag along on my fishing trips

I'm Kevin document they said you made

your experience with gene and Chad so

that way you don't have to take your

cell phone out and take a photo

I'm coming and we'll document the entire

day for you and we'll put together our

super sweet video something that you'll

be able to hold on to and and make some

memories we're gonna it's gonna be fun

we're have a good time yeah so it's

gonna be pretty cool so that's the

reason why I came up here my idea was to

come up here build a kayak do a real

quick giveaway make somebody happy and

grab a couple of kayaks so I can promote

them and show them off and take them to

shows and things like that do the things

that I guess a professional fisherman

promoter whatever you want to call me

like me that does but anyway and and and

just have fun with the kayak so whoever

buys that kayak good luck look for it it

is an orange kayak orange bonafide SS

107 I know that they are 700 kayaks

back order and they just stole have

started molding them yesterday so

everybody who has them on back order

they are on the way and yeah it's gonna

be great so like I always say be sure to

introduce somebody to fishing introduce

them to my channel let me help you teach

amount of fish school reporting to get

out of the water going catch some fish

and have a great day we'll see you oh

and by the way Scott's not driving me

home because I'm drunk I'm driving him

home because if I'm sitting in that seat

we're going to trash can in that

floorboard yeah he gets carsick

so he's dry make jokes all you want to

but this beard is hard to clean up

especially since we ate just eight

Longhorns so I'm not drunk just crazy