well Melania just took down Alec Baldwin

in the ultimate revenge for his Trump

impression mary-kate at Liberty writers

reports that good things come to those

who wait

as was the case for Melania this week

when alec baldwin finally handed her the

perfect opportunity to get revenge for

his long-standing impersonation of her

husband on SNL according to the biz pack

review baldwin claimed during an

interview that a quote friend told him

the first lady enjoys his impression of

president Trump they stayed here quote

someone told me who's friends with

someone in the White House or formerly

in the White House that Melania Trump

loves SNL and she loves my impersonation

now those were Baldwin's word he said in

the interview right yeah my best

friend's cousins boat captain who works

at 31 flavors decided to tell me shut up

Alec now anyway they're right here he

can he continued that she told this

person very high up in the White House

brass that that's exactly what he's like

now isn't it be so easy for Alec Baldwin

to go ahead and make just this absurd a

statement make this absurd claim how can

any one fact check that you can't okay

so what does Melania Trump do well she's

got something to say about that she

actually responded to his assertions via

her spokesperson who said this about his

comments that quote they were not true

not true which is why mr. Baldwin has no

actual names to go with his bizarre

assertion of course he's not bringing

out any names he's not saying you know

Mike Smith said this not at all that's

why it's a bold-faced lie and Melania is

calling him out now President Trump also

condemned the personation from over the

weekend in a series of tweets earlier in

the year we've got one here all watch

Saturday Night Live this is from October

hit job time to retire that boring and

unfunny show Alec Baldwin portrayal

stinks media rigging election

I'm watching Saturday live unwatchable

totally biased not funny and the Baldwin

personation just can't get any worse

absolutely sad now on Monday Alec

Baldwin claimed that Trump must be

horrified and be beside himself that the

first lady finds an impression his

impression funny okay of course Baldwin

is promoting a book called you can't

spell America without me the really

tremendous inside story of my fantastic

first year as president Donald J Trump a

so-called parody of course he's put his

plug in a book what are your thoughts

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