The Center For The Intrepid: For Wounded Vets, All Rehab Under One Roof | TIME

as a rifleman in the US Marines

Sebastian Gallegos could hit a 6-inch

target from 300 meters away today he's

learning to scramble eggs my wife does a

lot for me and so I try to like make

eggs for her I got eggs all over the

kitchen and I got shells in the eggs and

I was trying to pick them out but

they're already cooking

I really frustrated when people see me

struggle reach in there position your

terminal device and slowly close over

without crushing the egg this time

around Gallegos is cooking with a new

prosthetic which he controls by flexing

the muscles in his shoulder he's still

getting used to it

fortunately he's in a mock kitchen on

the top floor of the Center for the

intrepid a state of the art

rehabilitation facility located inside

the Brooke Army Medical Center near San

Antonio the primary purpose of the CFI

is to help soldiers with an amputation

or Salvage limb return to

high-performance activity whether it's

running a marathon or returning to

active military duty Gallegos and the

600 or so soldiers that come through

here each year are given a luxury that

isn't afforded to many wounded warriors

they go through almost all aspects of

rehab under one roof from occupational

exercises like this to intense physical

rehab like simulated surfing

right down to the design and creation of

the prosthetic limbs everything happens

in one building and it makes life easier

not just for patients but therapists -

it really facilitates communication

among the different disciplines

lisa-marie summer help scale a ghost

master a variety of daily activities we

don't have to worry about knowing can

the patient communicate with the

prostitutes what the issues are that I'm

seeing when he's doing a task I can go

downstairs and I can pull Ryan and say

hey this is what I'm seeing can we make

some adjustments to his settings on his

prosthesis we're gonna try this one this

is a stiff fabric truss thesis

adjustments happened two floors down in

the gym if you have to have the vacuum

to pull you into it it's probably too

tired today

Joey masseur and his prosthesis John

Ferguson are tweaking the socket size on

his artificial limb I think I'll sit on

a plane and I had my knee bent it kind

of created that suction at the bottom

unless the Hickey after losing his leg

in Afghanistan two years ago

masseur says his rehab here has been

motivated by three goals

I wanna play catch with my son I wanna

do my little daddy dance with my

daughter which is on my feet we're

dancing and I want to dance on my

wedding and as soon as I knew that those

three things could be accomplished

everything else is gravy after a few

quick measurements his old prosthetic is

taken down the hall and used to

construct a better fitting socket we're

trying to keep the same alignment that

we had with any luck this mold will

eventually become the carbon fiber leg

masseur will walk out of here on like a

Legos he has seen the benefits of this

one-stop-shop approach to rehab

you know what the bounce around between

clinics and

and different hospitals and doctors

offices it's all like right here

but masseur says the greatest value of

rehabilitating in a place like this is

being surrounded by fellow soldiers now

it's real easy to slip into that dark

spot in that dark place but when you

come here everybody's working their butt

off and trying their hardest wanted to

be better and get back to the Norman it

really helps and every accomplishment

here is one step closer and normal

whether it's swimming an extra lap

getting used to a new body part is way

to guys or scrambling an egg for time

video this is Jacob Templin in San