How to REPAIR a Pearl Ring | Liz Kreate

what I have here is my daughter's pearl

ring and earrings it's a set she's been

wearing it just about every day what

happened is the pearl and the ring came

off so now my job is to fix it for her

and while I'm at it I might as well

check these earrings just in case the

pearl pops out as well in the future and

the first thing I'm going to do is clean

them up and I'm just gonna take off the

glue you can see that's all coming away

the edges there or dirt so I got the

mangu and then now I'm gonna clean the

pearl now you can see that even the back

is quite dirty after taking off the

dried-up blue in the ring I put it in my

ultrasonic cleaner I've got a little bit

of water and I only poured a drop or

dishwashing liquid and I'm gonna turn

upon its full cycle

clean eye has stopped you know let's

just see how well it's cleaned up I can

still see a little bit of dirt at the

back there so I'm gonna leave that there

let's come up better there's hardly any

dirt inside it so I'm just gonna leave

it there to soak my jewelry's has been

now soaking for about an hour so now I'm

gonna heat it again now I've taken the

jewelry out it's gonna dry them and as

you can see let's come up bring it well

look how nice and clean and shiny the

gold s as well all the dirt is gone even

underneath so I'm just gonna leave this

to dry overnight and I'll continue it's

not been 24 hours and my pearl has

completely dry and also the ring so now

we're gonna take some glue I'm using an

e 6000 just take a little bit my

toothpick take the ring just dab it to

the point there

just got a little drop and with the

Pearl I'm gonna take some glue and put

it on a pin sure the glue gets inside

the hole of the Pearl I'm just gonna

take the curl Serge it through the hole

seeing the boredom to make sure that

this glue the corner that it's sticking

out so I'm just gonna clean it up and

push it in with it so now finish

repairing my daughter's screen so good