How Does The Golf Handicap System Work

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so I like this question it's it's quite

basic on lots of ways but lots of people

don't certainly newer golfers don't

understand this question so it's a good

question hi Michael job on your videos

keep up the great work thanks Michael

players players handicaps are referred

all the time and I understand that you

enter your score after each round to

calculate the number but I still don't

quite understand what they mean there's

a scratch golfer average par when

playing 18 what does a 10 15 20 handicap

player average on 18 hours please help

this topic always confuses me cheers

Mike right Mike handicaps interesting so

the most basic basically everything

about handicaps like you saying your

question there is if I play in holes of

a 10 handicap in theory I'll have 10

bogies and the rest par obviously it

never works like that you'll have a

double we might have a birdie and it

everage is out but that's the idea now

that's the par in the UK and I'm pretty

sure it's similar in other countries

around Europe we use a thing called

standard scratch so your handicap is

worked out to the span scratch not to

the par so some courses you'll play the

standard scratch states that because the

schools on these holes around this

course is generally lower than the par

we're gonna put the standard scratch

below par so if the power is 70 but the

standard scratch was 769 and I think in

the US they call it the handicap with 69

so 1 below par a scratch golfer would

have to shoot one under par to play to

their handicap now some other courses

are thinking about here in Devon you've

got some links courses the wind often

blows very challenging tracks when the

conditions are against you which is most

of the time in this country and the

standard scratch is above the path of

the Paris 17 the standard scratches 72

if I shoot level pass 70 shots after

scratch I'm actually 2 below the

standard scratch and that would get me

my handicap cut so your handicap is

distributed around the holes according

to the stroke index so I think in the US

when I was just over there they call it

the the handicap so if you are off a 10

handicap you will get one shot so one

shot comes off your school on

every hull where the stroke index is

from 1 to 10 from 11 to 18 you get no

shots you have to par those hulls if off

a 10 handicap do a bit of research go

online read some things about there's

loads of resources online talking about

handicap bgu and just search it just

search handicap system how it works but

the handicap is there the best thing

about this game and I play tennis as a

hobby and you don't really have a

handicap system in tennis and the game

really suffers for it I don't see how it

would work with one I understand what it

doesn't have one but it does suffer so

you need to find someone in tennis who

can hit an equivalent level to you

otherwise the game is kind of pointless

where golf Tiger Woods can play against

an 18 handicap and in theory they could

have a fun equal competition game they

could compete and that is the best thing

about golf one of the most impressive

things about the game age doesn't matter

size doesn't matter because handicap is

there to even it all out for us so

handicap done to par and lots of

people's heads it's actually done two

standard scratch in this country so when

you get card

look at the power par 70 but you want to

find it'll say where it is standard

scratch score SSS often on the card you

want to see what that is and that's what

you're playing to if you want to get

your hand get cut or move it up or

whatever you want to do there's

intricate things called buffer zones as

well you're allowed to shoot say 2 over

I think it is your handicapping is

different with each category of handicap

you lapse you over part and the buffer

zone saves you from going up but again

do some research much easier to sit

there and read some forms on it but that

gives you a general idea not that

confusing just give yourself some time

to read it your it'll make sense

actually the question face behind the

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