What Is A Golf Handicap | Golf Handicap Explained

are you a little confused about the

handicap system in golf well that's

alright everybody is alright so a

handicap system I'm not gonna go into

deep detail about how it works there are

a few formulas to figure out your own

handicap plus you know the handicap you

have per the course rating so just give

you a simplified version especially if

you're new to golf just to kind of give

you an idea of what the handicap system

is in golf and what it's used for I just

want to give you a brief explanation of

how it works and sorry my camera shaking

a little bit I'm driving right now

probably not the most responsible thing

in the world but hey I consider it's

like a conversation if I'm talking with

someone in my car it's not like I can't

drive alright so handicap basically if

you're not a very good golfer or you

know not a pro golfer you have a

handicap pro golfers don't have

handicaps they are freaking good they

have a handicap of zero or some people

call it a scratch golfer they don't need

it if you are an average golf player and

you want to compete whether it's even

just with your friends you want to do a

friendly bet or if it's in a local

tournament then you have a handicap

system to kind of equalize the playing

field so the handicap is supposed to

help you in those tournaments make it

more equal so if you average a hundred

on a golf course you know we around one

hundred hundred five or something like

that and you probably have a handicap

around 26

meaning if you scored 105 or so on a

course then you can - 26 - your score

and then that will kind of equalize the

playing field if someone is a better

golfer you and their handicap is ten and

they got like 88 then they can - ten and

they'll have a 72 so it kind of

equalizes a playing field when you have

the handicap now to get your handicap

I would suggest especially if you're new

golfer get an app similar to or just get

this one I'm gonna do a review video on

this Sunday but get the swing by swing

app it's pretty sweet it kind of figures

it out for you you put in your score and

it keeps track of all your scores and

the courses that you're playing on

because I use it as a GPS as well and it

will give you a pretty good estimate of

what your handicap is you can also use

the GHI an app which would be official

going through the USGA and you can get

your handicap through there and post

your scores so how the handicap works

just again simplified version there are

formulas you can look them up if I

explain them in video it probably would

be too much anyway so basically to get

your handicap in this is USGA standards

you can have your last twenty scores

they will take your best ten and

multiply that by point nine six so

basically 96% of your best scores or the

average of your best score so of your

ten of your last twenty the best ten

sorry that's a little confusing so by

multiplying by 0.96 you're not just

having the average of your best 10

scores but slightly better than that the

handicap is supposed to be there to help

figure out what a golfers potential is

not necessarily just giving your average

score so once you have your handicap

figured out through having the best top

10 of your last 20 scores and

multiplying that by 0.96 and again not

to go too complicated into this but that

will also depend on the golf club or the

course that you're playing at and the

course difficulty so that will have to

be put it put into your score as well or

your handicap so once you do have your

handicap and I'm not saying hey yeah

your last twenty scores then you

officially have a handicap your handicap

changes constantly you always have to be

entering your handicap which is why I

like using an app just to always keep

track of my scores but it is constantly

changing but unless you're improving a

ton or working on your swing or maybe

not at all you know it might not change

that much

you'll probably stay around the same for

a while so once you have that handicap

then if you're playing in a tournament

or just with somebody's again if you

haven't a friendly wager or whatever

then you would use that handicap and

apply it to the course rating so there's

a course rating which is basically the

average for a scratch golfer and then

there's a slope rating which is the

average for a bogey golfer and again you

can look up these formulas but an easy

way to remember it is you have you do it

according to the slope rating so if the

slope rating of the course is like 120

you divide that by 113 just remember the

number 113 which is basically the

average slope rating for all courses I


so let's say the slope rating for the

course is 120 divide that by 1 13 and

then multiply that number by your

handicap that you already have and then

that's your course handicap and then

when you're playing on the course with

your buddies and you figure that all out

your friend has a 10 you have a 14 and

your other buddy has like a 26 handicap

after you figured out your course and

e-cat then you can - those that handicap

to your score at the end of your game

and then that just equalized two things

so if you're playing with the buddy

who's like a two handicap and he always

keeps your trash and you never want to

have fun or like have a competition with

them because you know you're gonna lose

you're not gonna bet make any bet to

them cuz you know you're gonna lose but

if you have the handicap all figured out

then you have a chance if his handicap

is 2 and yours is 26 and he's only -

thing - from his end score then when

you're - ting 26 you actually have a

chance and you can actually make it fun

so that way all golfers no matter their

skill level can have fun competition and

play against each other so hopefully

this helps if you're a little confused

on a handicap system again this is just

a very simple brief explanation of the

handicap system you can go look up all

the formulas if you're more interested

it can be a little complicated that's a

good thing about using those apps for

figure out your handicap because that's

not too difficult and then you can work


applying that to the course and using

the course rating as well so hopefully

you can get that figured out have fun

if it's too complicated of course or

anything just go with the simple

handicap but the whole point is to have

fun be able to compete with other people

at different skill levels and I hope you

enjoyed maybe I'll do a video soon

explaining more how to apply your

handicap to the course rating so I'll

bring out a scorecard and I'll show you

but for now I just wanted to give you a

simple video for new golfers who don't

understand the handicap system so you

can understand what people are saying

they're like well what's your handicap

well I'm a 12 and you're like well I

don't know that I am I usually score 115

so just to help you out a little bit if

you have any questions or comments

please comment below if you have a

better way of explaining the handicap or

a really good link to website I'm

totally fine if you post that I just

want to help people figure out how to

use the handicap and make golf

competition more fun so please like this

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anything golf and hopefully you enjoyed

keep swinging my friends