USGA Handicap App - World Handicap System - 2020 Golf Handicap Changes

hello I'm Fredrik and this is a golfer's

walk today we're gonna work on getting

the golf handicap app on your phone so

the first thing you're gonna do is go to

the App Store or the equivalent on an

Android phone

where you get all of your applications

you're gonna go down to the search bar

and you're going to type in the letters

G H I n also pronounced as gin with an

abbreviation for golf handicap index and

you're gonna be want the gin mobile app

when you select that there'll be a

couple of options and what you're gonna

want is the USGA chin or the gin mobile

you're gonna want to get it and download

it onto your phone once you've done that

you're gonna go ahead and open it the

first thing you'll have to do is enter

your gin number and your last name and

then your account will come up if you

don't have a handicap index yet

I will put a timestamp in the

description that will tell you how to

the point in the video in which I'll

tell you how you can get your own

handicap so now that you're logged in

you'll have a series of options either

to post a score or to get to calculate

your handicap for the course that you're

playing that day there'll be also some

things that show recent scores that you

can check at a glance going back over

the twenty scores that are being used in

your calculation of your handicap so

there are some quick things down at the

bottom that says post score looking up a

golfer lookup which means that you can

look up someone's handicap so if you put

in their last name or their chin number

you'll be able to find it there's a

section for statistics where you'll be

able to see your stats anything from

your driving accuracy fairways hit per

average per round or greens hit per

round putts per round as well as your

scoring on

par threes vs. par fours or par fives or

percentage of fairways hit on par fives

things of that nature and we'll get to

that in a minute and then in the more

area there's a number of things here you

can see you can look back over history

your your handicap history so you'll be

able to look back if you wanted to it

various dates and revisions because this

is new there isn't a whole lot there the

main thing is going to be probably

what's listed as my card which is kind

of what was always known as your

handicap card where it states all of the

scores that were being used you could

print this off you used to get a print

off of this but now this is something

that you might show it's going to show

your last twenty scores what your index

is as well as the number of scores that

you've posted this year go back to the

home page and you look at the post a

score if you click on that you have

three options one is hole by hole next

one is hole by hole with statistics and

then just a total score so if you want

you can enter just your hole by hole

score instead of the entire score at

once which is will give you some

statistics basically things like your

scoring average by par 3 or by par 4 bar

par 5 and it will also you can also do

hole by hole statistics which will allow

you to gain other things like the number

of putts you have per round or your

driving accuracy or the number of greens

you hit it'll keep track of it for that

round to tell you how you did but also

kind of show you an average over time if

you want and just one enemy your score

you hit just a total score now currently

as of March of 2020 all the courses have

not populated in this program as far as

being able to enter hole by hole data

and so what may happen is if you wanted

to enter something say hole by hole you

would select the golf course that you

want so there will always be a recent

list so these are recent golf courses

that I have played and entered scores

for so I could use that as a quick list

to select something soft say I played at

my home course of media Heights and then

I'll have the option to enter

18-hole or a 9 hole score so in this

case you can select nine holes or 18 I

will enter for the purpose of this an 18

hole score the next thing is you're

gonna want to select the tees that you

play so I played the blue tees so now

I'll hit done and now it's entered this

now it says did you play at home is this

in a way or competition so this is my

home course I would select home because

it was not a competition if I played a

golf course that wasn't my home course I

would select away and if it was around

in which I was playing in the

competition you would select that and

they what they do is they adjust the

score slightly based on those into your

home course you'll generally play it

better than someone who comes in and has

never seen it before

and of course competition with the

pressure and the set up golf courses

usually scores are a little bit higher

so they take that into account you have

the option there to select the date

played so if you select that you can

select the month and the day in there

which will also allow you to go back in

time to get your scores that you may

have missed and then according to this

from the blue tees my handicap is a plus

one now if I want to enter hole by hole

scores I can I hit the enter hole by

and that says date plate is

outside of the active score posting

season for this golf course what that

means is is that if certain courses in

certain regions of the country they

don't allow you to post scores because

the conditions can be dramatically

different and the amount that you can

play is dramatically different therefore

the scores that you will post are going

to be not really in line with whatever

your handicap is so they don't allow you

to do that if you happen to play a

course say in Florida and you want to

post a score you should be able to post

it now if you're unable to post it for

some reason you can always contact your

the golf course that you play at talk to

the pro and they should be able to get

that entered for you so the next option

is if we want to enter just the total

score so if you want to enter just a

total score I'll hit my home club again

and I want to end

an 18-hole score I want to select the

t's it's going to be the blue T's again

it's my home course and now I have the

option of pushing entering the score for

the front nine so let's say 35 and the

back nine was 33 for score 68 when I'm

done I can hit post score if it's a golf

course that's not listed you can go

ahead and in the selected course you

just hit up here that little search box

and enter the course so I will type in a

local golf course that's not here

overlooked and overlooked golf course

Lancaster PA so I'll select that one and

now the same information comes up I can

select that I played nine holes I played

from the White T's on the front nine

I'll select that and then this is an

away course for me not my home it's my

away course and this was something I

played yesterday instead so I'll select

the date of yesterday and then I can

enter my total adjusted gross score of

35 and then hit done and then hit post

if you want to post the score that is

the basics of how this all works if you

have any questions please comment down

below I'll be happy to answer those if

you don't have a handicap yet and you're

interested in figuring out how to do

that I will get to that in just a minute

please hit like if you enjoy the video

and consider subscribing so in order to

establish a handicap you're generally

going to want to go through your local

golf course or golf club so if you

belong to a club they should have an

ability to establish a handicap for you

if not then what you're gonna want to do

is look up and find the golf course that

will do it so in the United States you

would go to the USGA org and if you go

up to the playing section there'll be a

section called handicapping and

handicapping home click on handicapping

home you're gonna scroll down a little

ways to where it says getting a handicap

index and this little scorecard there

you click on that what you'll find is

that there's two ways to search for

stuff you're either gonna look for an

allied golf Association which is

basically your state or regional golf

Association or you can try and look up a

golf course near you by putting in a

name or

a general location clubs that belong to

the Association in which you'd be able

to establish a handicap if you're not

sure I would just click on find an

association and then what you're going

to do is you're gonna scroll down and

find an association that is near you so

for me I'm in the Philadelphia area so

there is something called gap referred

to as gap which is the Golf Association

of Philadelphia you just click on the

icon for the association that you want

look at the information underneath about

what you're gonna be looking for is the

contact information here you just go

find the phone number and just give the

people a call most of them are very

helpful they're there to serve the

golfers in the community and they'll be

able to direct and explain to you either

a golf course that you can go to or how

you can go about getting you're set up

for a handicap what you're gonna be

looking for is your gin number your golf

handicap index number it's your ID

number and then your last name because

with that you'll be able to enter it

into the app for your phone to be able

to start entering scores if you've

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enjoy the walk