World Handicapping System Explained I Golf Monthly

hello there you as golfers are probably

aware that there's a lot of change about

to come up in the world of golf new

rules for 2019 and the following year a

new handicap system as well that we're

going to be playing to over here in the

UK at the moment Kong who looks after

our handicaps and we have the standard

scratch scheme where your performance is

evaluated against the standard scratch

and then the competition scratch of the

course rather than the par what's going

to come in is the slope system that's

currently used in America and 80 other

countries worldwide the slope rating is

the relative difficulty of that course

poses to the less skilled golfer so the

less skilled golfer typically the US

Jeff found finds harder golf courses

harder than good golfers find hard golf

courses the difference expands out so

there's a bigger gulf between how a good

player can get around a difficult golf

course and how a less skilled player can

get around a difficult golf course so

there's a slope rating that has a value

between 55 and 155 with the average of

about 113 and the higher the slope

rating the more strokes a player would

receive on that particular golf course

that's it in a nutshell I wouldn't claim

to know 100% about slope rating but

that's the essence of the system and

that is coming over here as well from

2020 so that everyone around the world

is playing to won handicapping system

we're filming this video on the Algarve

at Villa more on the Millennium course

there and I would imagine a lot of the

courses out here in Portugal already

have slope ratings there's probably a

lot of visitors from all around the

world so a lot of the courses over here

would already have those we don't have

those in the UK by and large at the

moment the process is that well underway

in the UK and I know that some of the

home nations are a little bit more

advanced in that than others but

hopefully by 2020 everything will be in

place ready to go one of the things that

happens under the slope system or

certainly when I've played with American

colleagues on press trips is that every

round counts whether it's a friendly

game or a competitive game so your

bounce games count and that is going to

happen under the world handicap system

as well from 2020 quite how that's going

to pan out and be monitored we don't yet

know but

the the idea of the system is it's all

your golf you play rather than just the

competitive golf so from 2020 that's a

big difference going forwards hopefully

that will end up with more people having

handicaps that are a better reflection

of their ability and one of the ideas of

this whole system is to encourage more

people to play competitive golf so more

handicaps that reflect your ability the

more people will be encouraged to

compete because I think they've got a

chance of competing now another thing on

that side is the increase in maximum

handicaps which is actually already

coming into effect

so you may will have people at your home

club now with handicaps well above the

old limits of 28 for men and 36 for

ladies everyone can now have a handicap

of up to 54 so you may have had someone

win a competition at your club already

off of much higher handicap obviously

there are two sides that argument I

would imagine a lot of established

golfers are worrying that every

competition is going to be won with a

net score of 20 under par and they'll

never have a chance others are maybe

looking at it from the idea of well

these these new golfers who may be and

not encouraged at the moment of place

they know they can't even play 228

perhaps this is a way for them to get

involved in the competition system from

an earlier date and become part of that

competition network that Club golf needs

to thrive and survive

so to size that story let us know

comment below if you've already had a

competition at your club won by someone

with a handicap of 50 how did you feel

was it good was it bad let us know below

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gather nothing is yet 100% set in stone

elements of it are there others are yet

to be completely finalized one thing

that is definitely going to change is

that handicaps are going to be based on

a rolling kind of 20 round spell of golf

and it's going to be your best eight

rounds from within that spell that

counts so that's going to mean that the

days of the pointone increase for a bad

round are gone from 2020 is that good is

that bad do you think it bear in mind in

most competitions probably more people

go out point one than come down is that

going to be a good thing we're one bad

round doesn't spell a bit of despondency

and doom and gloom in the bar afterwards

as you add you had another point one two

your handicap let us know below what you

think of that change

it's it's going to be interesting we've

got a lot to learn haven't we over the

next couple of years both in rules and

handicapping things are changing I guess

some people really want to know exactly

how everything works with the

handicapping system others just let it

all wash over them and they shoot their

scores and their card in and whatever

will be will be I think that will

continue but there will be a you know

10% 20% of gulfs who really want to

understand exactly how this is all going

to work we can't tell you exactly at the

moment but there will be a weather and

abnormal course condition factor added

into the mix somewhere we're not quite

sure how that's going to work out yet

that is really what the current system

tries to do by the competition scratch

score when the conditions are such that

the whole field struggles the

competition scratch should easy for me

to say I'll try that again the

competition scratch score should reflect

that and when conditions are

particularly easy also it should reflect

that I know the system has its lovers

and its haters I personally think that a

system that doesn't try to factor in

difficulty on the day is flawed so I've

always been very supportive of it I

think you go from one day to the next

being the same goal for the because of

course conditions you haven't been able

to shoot the same scores it's not

because you become a worse girl for it's

because the conditions on the day were

more difficult so I'm very supportive of

that and it'll be very interesting to

see exactly how they decide to factor

that into the whole equation one other

thing in this 8 bit score some 20 is

there is going to be another element

factoring in memory of previous

demonstrated ability quite what that

means remains to be seen hopefully the

overall aim of getting everyone with

handicaps more reflective of their

ability is part of that equation there I


one thing to say is handicaps are going

to be because of this eight best scores

out of 20 if you go on a really hot

spill or if you go on a really cold

spell your handicap is going to change a

lot more frequently than in the past

so it's either bringing in volatility if

you want to be on the negative side or

greater responsiveness if you want to

view that in a positive side I think

people are going to view that

differently personally I think any

system that reacts more quickly to

suddenly improve and perhaps you had a

lesson and suddenly Eureka you found

exactly how to hit the ball and your

handicap tumbles down much more quickly

under than

system than it would have done under the

old system there's a lot still to be

decided there's a lot for me to get my

head around a lot for you to get your

head around and that will all be

revealed over the coming weeks and

months but for now you've got rules to

think about before this a handicapping

will take care of itself in due course

we'll let you know more as and when we

find out about it so keep watching keep

watching our YouTube channel will update

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is bad news good news are you welcome it

with open arms are you dreading it

let us know and we'll try and answer as

many of your comments as possible thank

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know them