How To Recover From A Pulled Muscle

how's it going everyone my name is AJ

and today I'm going to answer a health

question nobody likes to have their work

in it's cut short or put on hold for

days weeks even months over a pulled

muscle so if you did tweak your bicep

back shoulder hamstring or any muscle

for that matter what is the fastest way

to get it feeling back to normal I'm

going to answer this question based on

clinical relevance and what science has

shown if you are interested to see where

I pulled my information from feel free

to check out the description below and

without further delay let's get started

before I tell you exactly what to do it

is very important to determine how badly

you pulled this muscle muscle pulls or

strains are grouped into four different

grades based on their severity a 2012

article published out of the british

journal of sports medicine developed a

comprehensive muscle injury

classification outlining various types

and subtypes of muscle strain injury

based on this chart if you are

experiencing any of the symptoms from

muscle strain grade 3a or higher you

need to either see a physiotherapist or

go to the emergency room you've probably

done some serious damage to your muscle

which is beyond what myself or dr.

Google can help you with if however you

are confident that your muscle pull is

not as severe as grade 3 let's proceed

to the appropriate stats step 1 rest the

muscle stop whatever activity you are

doing and try to immobilize the injured

area do not try and lift weights again

do not go back on the sports field do

not pass go do not collect $200 it is

critical that you do everything you can

to prevent further tears inflammation

or damage if you don't spend enough time

resting the injured area you will end up

doing more damage down the road which

will in turn slow down your recovery

step 2 apply ice and pressure once you

have immobilized the muscle find

something cold and apply it to the area

this could be an ice pack frozen peas or

whatever you can get your hands on the

goal is to reduce bleeding and

inflammation of the injured muscle which

will in turn reduce swelling and pain

apply ice for ten minutes two to three

times a day for up to seven days or

until the swelling stops step 3 hydrate

one of the big reasons why your muscles

cramp up or get pulled is because they

aren't getting enough water drinking

extra water will not only help speed up

the recovery process but prevent future

muscle strains as well step 4 low

intensity movement after a day or two

when the pain and swelling has started

to settle it's time to get that muscle

moving again start by doing short

sessions of very low intensity cardio

gentle calisthenics and static stretches

doing so will help elongate scar tissue

in the muscle and stimulate the nervous

system so that the healing process can

be accelerated aim for about five

minutes of each session two to three

times a day for a few days

step 5 apply heat now that the swelling

is stopped it is important to keep the

muscle warm and loose just like warming

up before a workout prevents injury the

same idea applies for muscle strain

therapy applying heat will increase

blood flow to the area help with pain

relief and restore some of the range of

motion you had lost after the injury try

to apply heat for 10 to 20 minutes twice

a day for the best results step 6

progressive muscle contraction when the

pain is all but gone it is now time to

perform isometric contractions of the

muscle progressing to multi-plane

dynamic loading we are trying to restore

total range of motion and strength by

increasing blood flow and stimulating

the nerves innervating the muscle

perform these types of movement

accompanied with a dynamic warmup until

the pain is all but gone and you feel

like your strength has returned to

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