Designing an attractive Mansard roof

if you can't get your house to look

attractive then it's almost not worth

doing the renovation I'm Rebecca from

family home experts and I was recently

asked about a mansard roof so I've got a

client who sent me an example that I'm

going to go through here today and we've

modeled up both some before and two

options of us afters to show you how to

deal with probably one of the most

difficult roof forms to get to look

attractive from what most people would

consider a good looking house it's one

of those elements that we always look at

at the start of the design process

because if you only look at the floor

plan and layout you can end up with

something that's cost you a lot to do

but has no difference in appeal from the

street front and then when it comes to

the final end of your journey in your

house selling your house you don't want

to basically completely devalue your

home and have over capitalized when

people drive past on the street that's

the first step before they even walk

inside and if there isn't some kind of

street appeal to encourage people to

come in then you really find it impacts

your resale value and add family home

experts we find that most of our clients

are concerned about resale value because

at the end of the day they don't want to

over capitalize at some point they're

going to have to sell that house and it

might be five years it might be fifty

years but let's not ignore that so this

meant sod roof I'm going to put up a

picture now of what that roof looks like

on this original house and now I'm going

to walk you through on ArchiCAD the two

options that we have developed so this

is the first option here it's a

traditional take and it echoes back to

some of the Cape cod-style from the

Hamptons because this is probably one of

the few ways that a mansard roof is done

in a way that's a lot more appealing to

common tastes and aesthetics on what we

think looks good in the Cape Cod style

they've normally got shingles now we

definitely don't want to be using

shingles in Australia because they just

don't stand up to our weather conditions

but even so using that style as your

influence can really help you take it in

a much more traditional setting

so hopefully that shows you one way to

take it in a traditional approach we're

now going to look to a more modern

approach now both of these design

approaches once you've worked out what

look you want to do you've then got to

see how that translates into floorplan

because it might be that once you look

at what actually needs to be solved or

done with the house might change some of

these looks on the outside but if you

don't even know what look you're trying

to achieve you can't even make it work

from the floor plan one of the great

tricks with difficult roof lines is a

parapet so many years ago we had a house

that had a roof like this it was two

different angles so we had a really

steep pitch here and then a really long

shallow pitch here and it was quite a

strange roof form very 70s looking what

we did in this case was we actually

built a parapet across this portion of

the house so this stuff all ended up

getting hidden and then it just looked

like we had a skillion roof off the side

of a tall parapet form this parapet

approach is one of the last resorts to

use if you're trying to get weird 70s

roof form to work so hopefully that

gives you a bit of an understanding into

some of the ways we can I guess

creatively look at solving a house

that's perhaps less than attractive to

bring it up to a much more modern

aesthetic I hope you've enjoyed this

video we'll have another video up on

Facebook next Friday we also archive all

our past videos on YouTube and if you

have an issue you'd like us to solve in

one of the videos or you have a question

please send it through to us we love

getting your feedback hearing what

you've thought about our videos but also

what you love to see in future videos

I'm Rebecca from family home experts