Dear Year 13. How are A level grades going to be decided and how does this affect university places?

yeah thirteen this is probably the

hardest on you guys

it's when we harden your leavens but

they they have time to we see in

September and hopefully get their

college places where is there is a lot

riding on these results for you your own

results are going based on teacher

judgments which is going to be a

combination of things the exact

combination of what it's going to be

hasn't been fully announced yet so the

exam boards and teachers teacher

representatives are still in discussion

about this but it is probably going to

be a combination of your predicted

grades your mock grades and a teacher

judgment on how well you're working in

class now I taught many many years and I

am constantly surprised by at least one

or two students in the class who have

been a solid see the whole way through

and then get that head down and they do

work and I bring and I ate out of the

bag at the end and that is not going to

happen this year because it's all going

to teach judgment and the pattern is

going to be similar to other years so

it's not as if you are all going to get

aids and they styles suddenly overnight

because the exam boards of call won't

know that happen they are going to have

to give reasons and I know a lot of

teachers that remember I saying keep

rising keep sending in like evidence

keep sending in like keep doing practice

papers and sending in evidence trusts

because we are going to need to prove to

the examples who you are worthy of this

grade and is not clear yet they're

greater than me out before the end of

July so the examples I'm not going to

have time to go and check everyone's

mocks and there just isn't enough time

to get that all done so we don't know

what is going to happen yet now in this

video I'm going to talk about what to do

if you're happy with your grades and

what to do if you are not happy with

your grades if you're happy with your

grades you've got five months off which

might seem a good thing except you have

five months off going in six months off

for some of you and fragments of stuck

in your house with your nearest

and dearest or nearest and not to

dearest which you know if you've got

your own bedroom and are going to

console that's probably a nice few

months for you if you share your bedroom

with your multiple younger siblings

you're probably going to be doing

childcare for the next few months and

try please try not to go completely

insane while you're stuck inside the

house get up every morning have a shower

eat properly try and get some exercise

done put some makeup on if it makes you

feel better and even if there's nobody

there to see it if it makes you feel a

little bit better and a little bit more

human then do it because this is going

to be a tough few months to get through

and if you are not happy with your

grades then it is completely fed if

you're angry about the situation it is

completely fair to feel that it's unfair

that the government had taken something

away from you that you've worked your

whole life for and you are allowed to

feel like this but the government has

done this to prevent thousands of deaths

so please by all means mourn the loss of

the exams that you are not sitting but

after you've done that please try and

put things into perspective now there

will be an appeals process for this and

exams can be sat in September which if

you are relying on your grades to get

into university is going to be too late

for you now there unless they we

literally released a statement what I've

been calling this video the universities

haven't said anything yet but a lot of

universities over subscribed that places

so they will give out more places based

on predicted grades they will give out

more offers based on predictive rate

than the Antioch places or because they

want to ensure that those places are

filled now if everyone who gets an offer

gets a place universities eventually

oversubscribed so there is going to be a

conflict going on there and how that is

going to be resolved has not yet been

cleared up for us if you do not get

before the end of July if you did not

get the grades you need to get into

University and you have to resit in

September and that is going to be a bit

late for you Chancellor University Place

will have already gone which is sad

we sad I'm sorry there's literally

nothing I can say to make you feel

better about that you obviously have the

option of like doing year 14 doing year

13 again if your school will have you or

if you can find a college and schools

are unlikely to accept students who are

just doing one or two a levels because

they didn't get funding so you're

probably going to have to do all three

or repeat two or maybe do another one so

the schools get funding from the

government for a year it did say in

there that Jesus could sit their exams

in September or summer 2021 and my

impression is that someone 2021 was

aimed at the high level students that

aimed at you guys that's philosophies on

a happy September it's going to be too

late to do anything about it and

repeating a year is gonna be the most

viable option philosophy um if you do

end up repeating in the air then I will

be here I have lots of other stuff on my

website to help you and it's gonna be

really really tough guys and I'm really

really sorry that this happened for you