Lenticular Cloud Over My Home For 2 Hours - Timelapse

beautiful lenticular man look at this

either we have clothes the mid levels of

the atmosphere

the Hang almost stationary over the one

area usually over hills and mines

especially the air can get left it aloft

and that will actually pass through the

cloud errors can rake through the trophy

well I think it today it's west to east

one say to the other for it and keeping

the cloud stationary here in a long time

this ones are very large particularly

tickle Aras or out of humanist

secularist at the mid levels but

quite foreplay to : then ticklers are

lefties this is one of the biggest I've

seen in a long time it's actually just

not far over my home here ahaha I'm

in the time-lapse I don't know if it's

doing it justice are not as quickly bang

- sentence together

letter for lammeter in here it's

quite a lovely unexpected sight today

you see the smooth laminar ship to the

Floyd the one passing through it

it's very big this is the way tangle to

you and my phone here I can't get it all


that's gorgeous I hope this time-lapse

is good I really do not miss a gorgeous

time would be nice sculptured by the

wound on the side in the disco shirts

doctor both not as gorgeous

beautiful lenticular cloud right over

Mahara slowly subtly here and bolding

and hopping all afternoon this one

here's an agency the camera are shooting

the time lapse of weight angle

this is night turned to absolutely

gorgeous that it's just constantly

evolving and come sculptured look at the

shape in the backside

okay Rowan did that is gorgeous I wish

it was actually the cool location the

country right now are over our leg but

up in the backyards that'll have to do

it's just a huge flying saucer tape clay

does a lot of people call him the hover

over the one area but this is just

magnificent I actually think this is one

of the nicest I've ever seen in my life

you don't really get good then taking

your clothes here to happen on occasion

they tend to be small affairs and not

very large this is big this is big