okay so the hair that I'm gonna be

working with today for this video is

from Seelye hair on Aliexpress you guys

I have heard so many good things about

this hair company so if you personally

purchase hair for them definitely let me

know how you liked it so I'm gonna be

showing you how to make your very own

lace frontal wig a few of you guys have

asked to see this video so here it is

I'm just showing you guys what the knots

look like after I bleached them I just

used my bw2 bleaching powder and a 40

volume developer and then I followed up

with the neutralizing shampoo and the

shimmer light shampoo and this is pretty

much how I came out now the very first

thing that I'm gonna be doing is

customizing the front so I'm not gonna

go too in depth on how it is that I do

this if you guys would like to know it's

pretty much the same exact process that

I did on my how to make your closure

look like a frontal video so definitely

refer to that video I will leave it

linked down below so that you guys can

it know in depth of exactly how it is

that I do that that video is a lot more

detail because I'm pretty much gonna be

breezing through this part for the most

part so what I will say is that it's a

lot easier to plug your friends hole

when it's wet and this is after it was

freshly washed and then I immediately

went into plugging it

okay so now I'm pretty much to showing

you guys what the frontal stuff looks

like I'm always cautious not to over

plug so I'm pretty much gonna stop there

at that point now the first thing that I

want to get into is these little t-pins

that you're gonna need and of course

you're going to need a needle and thread

and then most importantly this is a size

22 wig canvas head I just want to let

you guys know that this is very

important if you're gonna be making your

own ways that you need to know how to

measure your around your head properly

so that you know what size canvas had to

get now me personally I've made waste

before on styrofoam heads but these

canvas has are just so much better so I

definitely recommend that you guys

invest in one of these I use a mesh dome

cap you can use the regular kind but I

personally prefer the mesh dome caps

they come in size regular in size large

I always use a size regular so once you

just put that onto the canvas head then

it's time to go ahead and tack down the

frontal so that we have it in position

to go ahead and sew it down so on the

sides of the front so you'll notice that

there's the very edge of the front so

and then there's the line of demarcation

rather where the hair stops on the front

so so that little extra part that's

padded that's the part that you want to

tack down right there and sew it onto

the edge of the wig cap what you don't

want to do is sew down the edge of the

frontal itself on there because then

your frontal wig is not going to fit at

all so that edge of the frontal should

be hanging off so I'm just gonna do the

same thing on the other side I'm gonna

make sure I'm pulling it tight to get it

stretch all the way across because you

don't want to have any bulges or

anything like that in the wig and then

when it comes to the front part I know

this part kind of threw me off when I

first started making frontal wigs is the

front part is not gonna lay completely

flat it shouldn't be lined up with the

wig cap either what you're gonna want to

do is pull it forward about it inch so

that it's like in front of the wig cap

as you guys can see so by doing that

it's gonna make sure that your wig is

going to fit you if you line it up

completely then your wig will fit kind


or might not even fit you at all trust

me after you're about to sew on the

bundles and then find out that the wig

doesn't even fit can be a real like

hassle and disappointment so when it

comes to the back of the front so if you

did everything right in the front and on

the sides then the back should be laying

completely flat if you notice that your

back is like a little bulging out then

you definitely want to stop and do it

all over again because it's very

important that everything lays

completely flat so at this point I'm

just gonna be removing the tea pan and

then just going ahead and sewing on the

frontal itself now what you don't want

to do is this here and go through the

entire elastic band you're gonna want to

only go through the first layer of it so

don't go through the entire wig cap just

go through the first part of the mesh

that's in front of the elastic band

because if you go through the elastic

band then your wigs not gonna fit

properly because the elastic band is

what causes it to be able to stretch to

fit your head so that's very important

you'll notice that along the sides of

the way like as you can see it they also

have some type of stretchy elastic thing

going on there and you're not gonna want

to sew on there as well so I'm just

going to go ahead and let you guys watch

this part and then once I move on to the

next step I'll come right back


okay now that that is already sewn down

and secured what I'm gonna do is be

taking the first track and I'm gonna

place it as front as close rather to

that edge of the front so as possible

now some people choose to start I've

seen above the elastic band part and

start sewing above that part I sew on it

because I like for the longest Bhonsle

that I have to be the longest bundle I

like to just put it as low as I can

well in this case I'm working with

bundles that are all the same length but

me putting it further to the bottom will

make it seem like it's a little bit

longer than what it is but it's totally

a personal preference now I do double my

tracks once I get to the beginning then

I will start to single them out and

before the most part while I'm in the

back area because I want it to be nice

and full I do go ahead and double my

tracks I'm not gonna be cutting the

tracks at this point I'm going to be

doing the fold-over method and making

sure that I just get it to lay really

really flat now when I get to the top I

do tend to cut like maybe one or two

tracks but even when I get to the top as

you guys will see and start to single

the West out I will still continue to do

the fold-over method until I feel like I

need to go ahead and cut the tracks just

because I always want to make sure that

my wigs are laying nice and flat


okay so just for video purposes I don't

normally do this but I'm just gonna go

ahead and use a little bit of mind

concealer to go ahead and draw a line

that's gonna tell me at what point I'm

gonna stop and start to lay the tracks

straight across so I've already reached

that mark as you guys can see so at this

point like I said I'm not going to be

doubling the wefts anymore I'm going to

be singling them out and I'm going to be

laying them exactly straight across


ok so now it's time to go in head and so

on the last and final track so what I'm

gonna be doing you guys is I'm gonna be

going through the back of the for the

edge of the frontal and then I'm gonna

be also going through the weft and then

as I pull the thread tight then it

should meet perfectly side-by-side what

you don't want to do is sew on top of

the frontal because then you'll have a

little bit of lumpiness and it won't lay

right so I'm gonna be literally taking

the needle going through the edge of the

frontal and through the weft itself and

then once I pull the thread together

then it should lay perfectly flat just

like this so now that we are finished

what I'm gonna do is go ahead and peel

back this frontal part because this

excess cap underneath where the frontal

is needs to come off so you want to just

be very very careful with as far as you

can see you can see the thread you're

gonna be able to see the thread but you

just want to make sure that you do not

accidentally cut any of the thread

otherwise all that hard work you just

did becomes ruined and we don't want

that so once I cut off that access

thread and then I can finally scoot my

wig back and see what it's looking like

I'm just gonna show you guys really

quickly how it is that I'm able to get

the edges to lay extremely flat so I'm

just taking a look at it making sure I'm

satisfied with it and whatnot I'm gonna

of course style it later I'm not gonna

do any baby hairs with this union I may

or may not later on but as you can see I

didn't cut any out or take any out so

what I'm gonna be doing is I'm gonna be

wearing this in the side part more than

likely so I'm just gonna go ahead and

map out my part and then what I'm gonna

do which i think is a very important

step which is why it's good to work with

your wigs on a mannequin head I'm gonna

go ahead and mold this into place so I'm

gonna be taking some most this one is

buy a lot of body it's probably my

favorite one as you guys can see I'm

almost out

but I'm gonna be taking that and I'm

literally gonna be molding the hair down

so I'm just gonna smooth it out with my

comb all over it the edges all over

where the part is and all that good

stuff I know it seems like a lot but

trust me it's all necessary and then the

key to making everything just stay in

some place and just mold so perfectly

and nicely is

handy-dandy hot comb now I got this one

off of Amazon I've been using it for

quite a while now it works perfectly

fine I do not let these electric hot

combs pull you guys this one gets up to

450 degrees it gets just as hot as my

Flatiron so you want to make sure you

definitely be careful and what I'm gonna

do is I'm basically just gonna press the

heck out of the edges out of everywhere

why apply the moves that I want to just

lay extremely flat if you're going to be

wearing any type of frontals

even I use my comb on mine closures

you're definitely gonna want to invest

and getting yourself a hot comb it is a

game changer


so once you are done using the hot comb

your ways to be laying nice and flat all

around the edges and on the sides and

whatnot depending on if you're doing you

here in the side part or a middle part

this technique works for it

either one so what I want to do really

quickly is just go ahead and throw some

curls in this hair now if you guys would

like to see a video on how I installed

this wig definitely leave me a comment

down below to let me know I don't think

I've ever did a wig install with not

having any baby hair so if that's

something you guys are interested in let

me know and I will go ahead and do a

video on how I install this way so yeah

I just threw some really quick loose

curls in it really quickly this hair is

really full it's really soft it's very

easy to work with I've heard so many

good things about this hair company so

like I said if you guys have personally

purchased from them definitely let me

know how you guys like the hair I don't

think I've heard anything bad about this

hair company so I'm totally looking

forward to wearing this hair and letting

you guys know how I feel about it so

thank you guys so much for watching and

I hope that you guys found this video

extremely helpful and I'll catch you

guys in my next video