Difference Between A Keto Diet And A Low Carb Diet 🧐

what is the difference between the keto

diet and a low-carb diet so they're

coming across all kinds of information

on the internet and they're just not

sure what the difference is you know

when you can even bring that into versus

Atkins right so a keto diet at the the

basis you know the most basic way to

explain it is a keto diet is any way of

eating that puts your body into a state

of ketosis it is not a certain set of

foods or really anything else it's a

diet that puts you into ketosis

typically that has to be a low-carb diet

or a what we might even say a very low

carb diet a low-carb diet could be

described as somewhere around you know

eighty to a hundred grams of

carbohydrates a day now that's low

compared to the standard American diet

yes quite a bit you know like standard

American diets probably closer to 300

grams of carbohydrates a day so 100

compared to 300 is very low but it's not

enough to get you into ketosis so it is

not a ketogenic diet so now within the

ketogenic diet there is a broad spectrum

of diets there's everything from

therapeutic diets that are designed to

stop seizures to what they call dirty

Kido like where I'm going to Hardee's

every day and getting a double loaded

omelet fast food fast food P though yes

yeah yeah so so with the keto diet our

goal is to reduce inflammation right to

normalize blood sugars keto diet is

excellent for people with metabolic

disorders of all types so you're looking

at reducing the insulin load as much as

we possibly can to increase our insulin

sensitivity yes so you know that insulin

maintenance is probably one of the most

important things that we get out of

being in ketosis it helps you stabilize

your glucose levels it helps you manage

like the water in your body and because

of all that the weight comes off really

really easily

but you know the main thing we're doing

is managing really low levels of insulin

and making ourselves more insulin

sensitive which just has really really

amazing knock-on effects for building

muscle and combating inflammation and

you know heading off lifestyle diseases

like you know diabetes or cardiovascular