Howler Monkeys | National Geographic

these are howler monkeys their habitat

spans from southern Mexico to northern

Argentina looking at them you may find

it hard to believe that such small

animals can make a sound that's like a

combination air-raid siren and heavy

metal guitar solo

the fact is howler monkeys are

considered to be among the loudest

animals on earth well you be the judge

hell where monkeys have what's called a

hyoid bone in their throats that serves

as a kind of amplifier plus their semi

saggy throat pouches further amplify

their orations why do they howl like

this only the male's how they probably

do it to let other howlers know where

they are they're very territorial

so the howl is as much keep away as it

is Here I am

Howler's live in the canopies of trees

feasting on leaves flowers buds and


they have long prehensile tails that are

used as a kind of fifth hand to help

them identify things they can weigh up

to about 15 pounds and sleep up to 15

hours a day which is good news for their

jungle neighbors I mean you wouldn't

want this going on 24/7 and it drive you