Interesting facts about red howler monkey by weird square

howler monkeys are among the largest of

the new world monkeys 15 species are

currently recognized previously

classified in the family sippy D they

are now placed in the family eight led

these monkeys are native to South and

Central American Forests threats to

howler monkeys include human predation

habitat destruction and being captured

for pets or zoo animals these monkeys

are famous for their loud howls which

can travel three miles through dense

rainforest howler monkeys have short

snouts and wide set round nostrils their

noses are very keen and they can smell

out food primarily fruit and nuts up to

two kilometers away their noses are

usually roundish snout type and the

nostrils have many sensory hairs growing

from the interior they range in size

from 56 to 92 centimeters 22 to 36 in

excluding their tails which can be

equally as long in fact in some cases

the tail has been found to be almost 5

times the body length this is a prime

characteristic like many new world

monkeys may have prehensile tails which

they use for picking fruit and nuts from

trees unlike other new world monkeys

both male and female howler monkeys have

trichromatic color vision this has

evolved independently from other new

world monkeys due to gene duplication .

they have lifespans of 15 to 20 years

how the species are de morphic and can

also be dichromatic

males are on average 1.5 to 2 pi