How is a howler monkey adapted to the rainforest will be available soon

the mantled howler for golden metal

howling monkey is a species of howler

monkey a type of new world monkey from

Central and South America it is one of

the monkey species most often seen and

heard in the wild in Central America it

takes its mental name from the long

guard hairs on its sides the man told

howler is one of the largest Central

American monkeys and males can weigh up

to nine point eight kilograms it is the

only Central American monkey that eats

large quantities of leaps it has several

adaptations to this foliage diet since

leaves are difficult to digest and

provide less energy than most foods the

man told howler spends the majority of

each day resting and sleeping the

mailman told howler has an enlarged

hyoid bone a hollow bone near the vocal

cords which amplifies the calls made by

the mail and is the reason for the name

howler howling allows the monkeys to

locate each other without expending

energy on moving or risking physical

confrontation the man told holder lives

in groups that can have over 40 members

although groups are usually smaller most

mental howlers of both sexes are evicted

from the group they were borne in upon

reaching sexual maturity resulting in

most adult group members being unrelated

the most dominant male the alpha male

gets preference for food and resting

places and mates with most of the

receptive females the man told howler is

important to the rain forest ecology as

a seed dispersers in terminator although

it is affected by deforestation it is

able to adapt better than other species

due to its ability to feed on abundant

bleeps and its ability to live in a

limited amount of space

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