How To Use Houseparty App: Tutorial - Feature Guide [Houseparty] 2020!

yo what's going on guys I'm Bazzi and

say I'm back for a brand new video on my

channel wow it's been a really long time

since I've said that and I'm glad to be

back I'm sorry I've been gone for so

long I'm not gonna explain just now in

this video why I was absent for such a

long time but I'll leave that for a

future upload today I just want to bring

you guys a really quick tutorial and an

in-depth beginner's guide on how you can

use the social media application

house-party now if you're like me and

you're stuck in lockdown right now you

probably want a way to interact with

your friends and loved ones and this

application is the perfect solution

regardless of if you're on iOS or

Android this is gonna be an in-depth

guide on how to use all of the different

features on house-party I'm sure a lot

of you are familiar with this as lots of

influences are actually using this

application right now and it's a really

big trend so I do hope you are excited

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further ado let's get right into the

main tutorial alright so I'm gonna start

by showing you guys what you'll see when

you login to the application you're

gonna see a menu just like this and I'm

gonna show you the controls to navigate

through the application so starting by

clicking on the plus icon in the top

right hand corner it's gonna bring up

the friends menu from where you can go

ahead and add your friends search for

them by their house party username or

through other social media applications

such as Facebook or even connect your

phone contacts if that's something you

want to do now once you've actually

searched for them like I'm doing in this

example right here go ahead and click on

the green Add button and it will send

them a friend request where they can

accept it if you do want to cancel it

before they've accepted it go ahead and

click on the pending text and then yes

to cancel your friend request now if

you're on the receiving end and you

actually want to accept a friend request

you're gonna see a little red square

icon in the top left-hand corner of your

screen showing the number of

notifications you have if you go ahead

and click that it's gonna bring up the

friends menu and it will show you all of

your friend requests that you've

received so from here as you guys can

see I've got one from John Smith I can

go ahead and click on accept or ignore

if I do not want to accept their friend


I'm gonna go ahead and accept it just

now to show you guys how this works from

here you can go ahead and click on my

friends and he will now appear

in your friends list so you can go ahead

and interact with them with the other

features I'll showcase later on now

moving into the bottom corner of the

screen you're gonna see a icon just like

this which is the three little dots from

here you can do some features which I

will show later on in the video in more

depth but you can go ahead and disable

your camera for example if you want some

privacy temporarily you can also go

ahead and use these standard controls

such as flipping your camera to switch

between your front and your rear camera

on your device you can also use the

center icon which is the lock button

what this is gonna do is lock the room

or the video call that you're in this

way other people can't join unexpectedly

and it will basically be just like

closing a door in real life you can also

go ahead and mute your microphone with

the mic icon if you do want to

temporarily mute the sound so the other

person can't hear what you're saying

which once again is a privacy feature

now there are also some gestures within


such as swipe up to bring up the friends

menu that we explored earlier on the

next feature I'm going to show you guys

is actually how to interact with your

friends so the first thing is waving at

your friends if you go to your friends

menu dessert to a hand icon and this is

similar to poking someone on Facebook it

basically just sends out a notification

that you want to talk and notifies the

person that you're ready for a

conversation if you're on the receiving

end and you click on the notification it

will put you in a video called chatroom

with the person where you can also

invite your other friends now another

part of interacting is sending messages

or passing notes is what it's referred

to within house party so if you go ahead

and click on the actual friend it's

gonna bring up this menu where you can

go ahead and type a message to them and

it will basically send it to their inbox

if you're in the receiving end and you

want to reply to a message you're gonna

get a little notification at the top of

your screen in the form of a banner if

you missed that there's actually a blue

square icon similar to sending a friend

request if you click that it brings up

your inbox and from here you can go

ahead and click on the individual

messages you've received and replied

house party also allows you to call your

friends so if you want to get their

attention maybe a bit better

just like phoning a friend this is what

it comes up as if you're receiving a

call from here you can reject equal by

clicking not now or

except enjoying and once again it puts

you in a chatroom video call with the

person so actually when you click on the

person there's a lot of different things

you can do and you can interact with

your friends in several different ways

another really cool feature which is

pretty unique about house party is face

mail now this is similar to sending a

classic voice mail

when a person misses your call but in

house party it's similar to sending a

snap or a Instagram story for example

where you can record a short video

message and from here save it to your

camera roll if you maybe want to keep a

record of it or you can just send it to

them and they'll receive it and they can

view it at a later point in time so just

like a voicemail it's a pretty cool

feature and something unique as part of

the house party features if your friends

are online you can actually go ahead and

join their chat room that they're in by

going to your friends menu and clicking

the purple join button which will show

up next to their name this will put you

in a video room just like I showcased

earlier and you can go ahead and talk to

them face to face just like you would in

any other video call on things such as

FaceTime or what's that video calls etc

etc and you have access to all of the

menu navigation items I showcased

earlier so in more detail you can

actually use things such as share screen

so this is basically going to allow you

to record a what you're seeing on your

screen and save it to your camera roll

if you want to keep a record of the fun

you're having with your friends you can

also do obviously the other things such

as wit such as flip your camera front

and rear and you can also go ahead and

lock the room if that's something you

want to prevent other people from being

able to join and you can invite your

friends other friends by go ahead and

clicking on the plus icon now another

really cool feature within house party

is playing games these are interactive

multiplayer games that you can play with

your friends

if you want something to do and keep

yourselves occupied so to do this click

on the two dice icon and then there's a

list of different games you can play if

we go ahead and go into the first

example of heads up there's a bunch of

free games and also some paid ones that

you can buy for around 99 P or one

dollar if you're outside of the UK once

you go ahead and select a game item you

can go ahead and play this of

I can't do it in this example because I

haven't got any friends online this

however isn't the only game there's also

a trivia quiz game that you can actually

play alone if you don't have any friends

online at the time so this is just a

simple style trivia game as you would

find in any other application but it is

pretty fun just with the addition of

having a video call happening in the

background which is really really cool

now if you're in a game and you want to

invite your friends go ahead and once

again click on the plus icon in the top

right hand corner and then click on the

name of the friend from the friends menu

and invite and from here on out you can

play the game together which is really

really cool now finally I'm gonna go

ahead and show you guys the settings

menu with some other hidden features so

to access this click on the smiley face

in the left-hand corner of the main

screen then the settings cog and you're

gonna see this list from here you can do

things such as edit your profile to

change your profile picture on your

house party user you can also connect

your snapchat account if you want to use

your bitmoji etc etc you can access the

permissions list to see what this

application is asking of and connector

of the social media accounts there's

also this cool private mode feature

which I highly recommend if you like

your privacy when you enable this it

basically prevents other people from

being able to join your room and without

you wanting them to because all the

rooms you're in will always be locked

and no matter if you're alone or with

other people it's just a really cool

privacy feature and I highly recommend

you turn that on if that's something

you're interested in you can also

automatically save all your face mails

to your camera roll just if you like to

keep a record of them you also find that

you can access the what's new and house

rules tabs from the settings menu this

is just an outline of the individual

features if you're unclear on something

from this video definitely go ahead and

check that out now you can access the

privacy tab to see the privacy policy if

you want to read that or you can go

ahead and delete your account from this

part of the menu as well if you don't

want a record of your account existing

go ahead and remove it by deleting it

and lastly there is the logout option

potentially if you want to switch to

another account or register a new one go

ahead and click this and it will sign

you out of your house party login so

that's basically all of the house party

features cut down in less than nine

minutes I really hope you guys did enjoy

this video I found that there's not many

videos on house party like this showing

different features and how to you

but since it's gaining so much

popularity I wanted to make a tutorial

so you can send it to your friends to

show them how they can also use this

application so if you did enjoyed

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