Horse Girth Check Video

okay so I decided to take a little video

of how I check for girth tightness at

the sternum on my horse Harley say hi to

everyone Harley all very sweet a ham as

usual so he's already been tacked up

he's got his saddle on and I've already

tightened his girth

so for him

I put the girth up five holes on each

side okay and he's got a contoured girth

which curves towards his nose you could

say we're going to see that and that's

to prevent the saddle from being pulled

into his shoulders oh there you can see

the curve okay so anyway what I was

originally taught to do is to pull on

the girth here at the side to see if it

needs to be tightened you can see he

doesn't mind that it always actually

looking into ink so I can fit my hand

under here easily and I can pull it away

from his body he's lazy since you're

poking me it's um sorry boy and I can

easily pull it away from his body I mean

it's not like his hanging loose but it's

easy to pull away in the old days I

would have said put it up a hole then if

I come down here I can get my fingers

under there but it's not so easy to get

them under there see it's pretty tight

in fact it's quite snug tight enough to

keep this out in place especially for

his build since he's a rather light

horse not around not around guy

got some withers up here not huge

withers but definitely enough to keep

the saddle on he's a little he's a

little tent shaped his back go around to

the other side same thing I put it up

evenly on both sides this hole doesn't

bother him is licking and chewing again

see how easy that is away under here

much snugger okay I could really can't

pull it away at all very tight very

tight here with a buddy came here and he

does have elastic on both ends it's


hey buddy okay so that's how I do the

sternum test make sure my girth is tight

safe but not so tightly to turn my horse

all right bye bye Harley