not everyone remembers the Cold War but

for nearly a 40 year period from 1947 to

1991 the entire world was on edge as to

nuclear capable superpowers held one of

the scariest and longest lasting

dick-measuring contest the planet has

ever seen and before the Berlin Wall

came down and the Soviet Union collapsed

a lot of the Cold War was fought in

sports arenas as the two ideology

squared off to show which nations were

better at supposedly inconsequential

events and there was no more a symbolic

battleground than the frozen ice as the

Soviet Union set upon a mission to

dominate the world in hockey and on a

cold January night in 1976 in the

Philadelphia spectrum the most insane

violent and bizarre of hockey games took

place and we're gonna learn all about it

right after this in the 70s the Russians

began asserting themselves as a world

power in hockey and in 1972 played the

Canadiens in the Summit Series which

provided plenty of drama hard-hitting

action and a very close finish as the

Canadians edged the Russians in a battle

of loaded teams fueled by the anger

brought in that controversial series the

Russian set out on a mission to dominate

international hockey and in 1974 the

Soviet Red Army team whipped up on a

team mwha all-stars and was generally

regarded as the best team in the world

with amazing talent like Valery Carmel

off Vladimir Petrov Boris Mikhailov and

standout goalie Vladislav Tretiak the HC

CSKA Moscow team engaged the NHL in a

series of exhibition games which were

not treated as exhibition games at all

the Russians had already ran through the

Rangers 7-3 tied the Canadiens 3-3 and

whipped the Bruins 5-3 and up until then

nobody had really whipped the Red Army's

ass on any ice you had to bring it just

to tie these dudes the Western bloc's

last hope came down to the defending

two-time Stanley Cup champion

Philadelphia Flyers who were led by the

imposing Canadian Bobby Clarke all of


and Canada pinned their hopes on the

Broad Street Bullies he knows much more

than a hockey game when even Ranger and

Bruins fans wanted to see the Flyers win

this game meant a lot however it was

unknown whether the Flyers physical

style of play would be able to match up

with the highly skilled Russians but the

bullies had a plan and the plan was to

beat the everliving out of the

Soviets with gritty rough hockey that

had a lot of stank on it and get as much

rubber as they could on Trek who was on

fire during the Russians North American

barnstorming tour and before the game

even started rumors of how the Russians

were gonna behave started to swirl they

knew the Flyers were gonna throw the

kitchen sink at them they wanted to get

under the fans and players skin and they

knew how to do it I think it'll be worth

dying starting a puck drop the Flyers

came out hard finishing checks

dominating play using a system designed

not to chase the Russians but rather

engage them and the Flyers overwhelm

them taking 12 of the first 13 shots and

leaving them dazed from the physical

beating they were taking and then the

incident happened with the score tied

0-0 flyers defenseman Fred van impe

delivered a hard check to Carmela the

same player who had his ankle broken in

the summit series four years earlier no

penalty was called on this play and

Carmela played on the ice for a

significant amount of time as the fuming

Russians began vocally protesting and

showing their discontent and that led to

them walking off the ice and protest

saying they would not return because of

the Flyers dirty dirty tactics and sit

in the locker room they did for many

minutes as the stunned crowd and

international audience all quietly said

to themselves what the hell is going on

here especially with the game tied and

it looked like the Russians would simply

walk away from the last game like they

blocked the Flyers on Twitter but leave

it to capitalism to fix everything

Flyers chairman ed Snyder saw the

situation and knew how to get the

Russians back onto the ice by not paying

them Snyder told the Russians that the

200k that they were owed for the entire

trip wouldn't be paid to them unless

they completed the game ideology aside

money as money

after 17 long awkward and tense minutes

the Russians came back onto the ice and

17 seconds later the Flyers popped in

their first goal when Reggie leach lured

five minutes later they made it to


the Flyers didn't change a thing they

were doing they continued to pound the

Russians with even more anger than

before seemingly agitated that they had

to wait to resume the beatdown they were

putting on them the Flyers went up three

nothing and ended up winning 4-1 out

shooting the Russians 49 to 13 and had

it not been for the outstanding play of

Trek check probably would have been a

much greater domination it would be the

only when the NHL would muster against

the Russians however since it was done

in such a convincing style a small flaw

in the iron curtains hockey Armour was

revealed after the game the rhetoric

from both sides was intense Russian

coach with Constantin low-cap called the

Flyers a bunch of animals built Donal of

the Toronto Star had written this

hilarious comment about the Russians the

Moscow Musketeers had to put a big fat

zero on their aptitude test by pulling

one of the dumbest tricks and sports

they hauled their team off the ice lo

calf knew the conditions before he came

nobody loves playing in Philadelphia

loketh wanted to know what it's like to

play the Flyers in Philly under NHL

conditions well that's what it's like

not much has changed in that last

statement but for one night Americans

Canadians even Ranger fans actually

liked the Flyers and perhaps it was on

that night that some young Americans

believed they could do the impossible -

as four years later The Miracle on Ice

happened and after the Cold War ended

Russia has remained an international

hockey powerhouse producing outstanding

NHL talent and still making an impact on

the world scene recently winning gold in

the Olympics it's wonderful to think

that as time has gone on hockey is no

longer being used as a sport to showcase

political might and competing nations

militaristic superiority and that it is

all about hockey now and that two

powerhouse nations aren't at each

other's throats with their fingers on

the nuclear trigger both sides learning

that indeed weakened codes

but on one cold night in 1976 all of

North America agreed on one thing nobody

comes into our house and pushes us

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