GUY FLAWLESS (Dude Perfect Parody)

welcome back to totally true documentary

where today we spend a day in the life

of God flawless the most perfect

trickshot artist in the world and see

the harrowing dark side of having to be

perfect all the time I'm Skylar Scotty

and I'm perfect guy flawless ten years

ago and since then it's become the most

perfect YouTube channel 36 million

subscribers 7 billion views and zero

missed shots

we started off with simple basketball

trick shots and just kind of escalated

from there what's up guys welcome back

to guy flawless today we're doing the

skateboard halfpipe boomerang tennis

court challenge the frisbee 10th hit

fireball poisoned dart challenge the

blindfolded razor scooter drone football

paper airplane backflip pool challenge

and this is gonna be crazy because I

can't swim

well how many takes does it take to make

each shot I'll never do one Skylar never

misses a single shot it's like he was

blessed by Jesus or something he

actually was blessed by Jesus after he

beat him at a game a horse at church


behind-the-back yeah you suck at

basketball which is surprising because

you're good at everything else I guess

oh man no it's nothing but love dude

thanks for your time for my sins dude

thank you dude yes and after that my boy

Skylar doesn't miss a shot and I'm not

even talking about trick shots like he

doesn't miss anything

it's sicky-sick gnar gnar that's like we

take the word sick and gnarly put it

together sticky sticky gnar gnar I don't

know I'm just the one that looks like

the other one I don't really do anything

else it transcends our videos too you

know people miss the bus I don't I can't

really miss my mom even after she died

in that terrible accident and I can't

step foot in the state of Mississippi to

legal issue I don't really want to talk

about it I have five children guess how

many times I've had sex with my wife

five four times we used a condom every

time and I was on birth control

that's right one time we didn't even

technically have sex I was in the

upstairs bathroom blessing myself and my

load perfectly bounced down the stairs

into the bathroom where my wife was he's

decorate me with child can't miss ever

you all right Matt yeah I'm perfect just


make another shot Skylar make another

shot you're perfect Skylar flawless

making another shot doesn't mean

anything if you don't feel the low of

missing you I'm sorry I'm done


fine tomorrow

I'm gonna miss for sure I want to die

no no what was that I said I'm a perfect

guy guy flawless what's up guys today

we're gonna be throwing a basketball

into a hoop two miles away that's over

an entire neighborhood wall a giant

geese migration flies overhead creating

for a nearly impenetrable obstacle it

should be impossible to make this hoop

but uh just to be sure

keeps trapping a 30-pound oh there's no

way that's gonna go in now wait the

games yeah they're carrying the ball

they like the way although got now

they're reinflates

they're dropping it


dude it was awesome the key save you

it's like the smell of your natural body

odor mixed with the basketball in the

chlorine and it created a perfect

recreation of a young gooses family yeah

the geese must have thought that you

were a tiny little goose bay because

they picked you up out of the water flew

you up high and then dropped you through

the basketball hoop perfect shot

yeah dude perfect yeah perfect can't

miss mr. scone E while you were in your

coma unfortunately we had to amputate

your right leg

I'm sure that this news must be very

difficult for you to hear so you're


that I'm missing a leg yet correct just

god best it's the best day of my life

all right drinks on me all dude he fell

directly in the trashcan you're a


behind the back these are real Pagar




swish guys thank you so much for

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